Chemnitzer FC play down threat against fan group wanting to stand up for tolerence and open-mindedness

All is not well at Chemnitzer FC. As we recently reported, the club are currently in a state of chaos. And now CFC have again made negative headlines all around Germany after an incident that occurred during the recent cup tie against HSV.

A member of the fan group “Sektion Vielfalt” (translation: section for diversity) was threatened by right-wing supporters 15 minutes into the game. The Sektion Vielfalt fans had put up a banner including the words “open-minded” and “tolerant”, with the club name being written in rainbow colors, according to Spiegel Online.

During the match against HSV, however, one of the 11 members of Sektion Vielfalt was approached by a man who told him:

“Regarding that flag. If that is hanging up there once more, we’ll finish you off.”

Two other men reportedly came by to support the individual making the threats, and the supporter was told to “get lost and get out of the city”.

Chemnitzer FC: There isn’t danger around every corner

The members of Sektion Vielfalt would have liked the club to take a clear stance on this matter. Their flag was removed during the match against SV Meppen. It stayed on the fence during the entire game against HSV, but it was moved away to a much less visible location by an orderly.

The club themselves told Spiegel that they welcomed initiatives such as Sektion Vielfalt. A spokesperson for CFC informed the magazine:

“We have to see to that we protect people who stand up for the values of the constitution.”

However, the spokesperson went on to state that this incident wasn’t something that the club considered to be a danger to the fan. He told Spiegel that this was a case of  “a few people not sharing the same political view or maybe having a had a beer too many. Because of that one shouldn’t believe that everybody in Chemnitz is opposed to the work of Sektion Vielfalt or that there is danger around every corner. That is not the case.”

Hooligan expert Robert Claus disagreed with the club’s view, telling Spiegel:

“This should be taken very seriously. It’s not just about the threat from right-wing supporters during a visit to the stadium, but about the everyday safety of CFC’s anti-racist fans.”

More trouble for Sektion Vielfalt

Chemnitzer FC were asked to read a statement condemning the threats ahead of the home match against 1. FC Magdeburg. The club decided against doing so,  however, stating that they didn’t want to burden the players with the tensions created by this current situation.

Furthermore, the club has continued to express doubts over whether there was any real threat to the safety of the fans making up Sektion Vielfalt.

The supporters themselves then wanted to display a new banner during the match against Magdeburg reading: “0% violence – 100% Chemnitz”. The request to showcase the banner was sent in too late, though, according to CFC.

In the end, the fans have felt let down by the club, while Chemnitzer FC have been fumbling in their response to another right-wing outburst from some of their supporters.

Whether or not Sektion Vielfalt continues to show its flags and banners around the stadium depends on the club, according to the fan who was threatened by the right-wing supporters. He told Spiegel Online:

“If there is no reaction, the flag won’t be flying here in a little while.”

More controversies during CFC’s last match

In their latest game, the Saxony side’s supporters made more negative headlines. Following the 2-2 away draw against Bayern München II, the team refused to salute their fans. That’s because during the second half of the match, Chemnitzer sporting director Thomas Sobotzik was labelled a “Jewish pig” by the travelling CFC supporters.

In addition, the fans also sang “At least Daniel Frahn isn’t a negro”. If that wasn’t enough, it has been reported that erstwhile Chemnitzer captain Frahn is taking his former employers to court over his departure earlier in August. Frahn apparently wants to be re-instated at the club, claiming that his dismissal was unlawful.

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  1. Thanks Niklas, I’m a fellow Werder supporter, but also a Chemnitz native… I knew this was there, but shocked it’s making international news. Utterly disgusted by what’s going on

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