Werder Bremen Debut Automated Beer Delivery System

Anybody who has been to a Bundesliga match has probably experienced this problem: It’s half time and you and your friends are in desperate need for another drink. However, around 30 000 – 80 000 people are thinking the exact same thing. The queues are long and the wait can be excruciating. If things don’t go your way, you might actually miss valuable minutes of Bundesliga football. Additionally, you might even get a beer that was tapped a few minutes ago, leaving you with a warm beer in your hand.

Werder Bremen and their beer supplier AB Inbev are thinking of new ways of handling this very problem! The company is going to install 8 beer stations in the Weserstadion’s Nordkurve. Said stations are containers that allow fans to tap the beer themselves by swiping a beer card.


After the card has been swiped the fans can choose how many beers they want. Afterwards the beer delivery system delivers just that number of beers at 2 degrees Celsius and with a bit of foam on top. The beer cards are pre-paid by the fans ahead of the match.

Impressive pace

The containers have been developed by AB Inbev and have been used in the States for the last seven years. So far, the beer delivery system has only been used once in Germany. During the music festival Wacken Open Air, AB Inbev debuted the system and received good feedback from their customers.

AB Inbev are awaiting the feedback of the Werder Bremen fans before deciding upon if they want to make this system a permanent solution at the Weserstadion. However, this system is not going to replace the workers who are currently employed in the drink and food stands the at the stadium according to Claudia Hauschild, a spokesperson for AB Inbev in Germany, who told Weser Kurier:

“With this drink delivery system we are aiming at relieving the pressure during high frequency periods.”

The beer containers are capable of serving around three liters of beer per minute, which means that 500 spectators could get served within 60 minutes. Given that Werder Bremen have installed 8 of these containers in the Nordkurve, this means that around 4 000 fans could get their drinks from these stations during the match against Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Expensive beer

Whilst the Werder fans might get served the quickest and with the coldest beer in the future, the cost of the beer at the Weserstadion might be a thorn in the eye of many fans. The Green and Whites charge the most out of all clubs in the Bundesliga alongside Bayern München, Eintracht Frankfurt, Hertha BSC and RB Leipzig. Half a liter of Haake Beck costs €4.40, which is a staggering 50 cents more expensive than the beer being served by Borussia Dortmund (the cheapest beer in the Bundesliga).

To find out how much a beer costs at your club, check out FussballMafia.de’s overview of the beer prices in the Bundesliga.

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