Fan protest – DFB receives packages of cornflakes from all over Germany

6 points from 6 matches – the pressure is on at Kaiserslautern. The newly relegated side are currently fighting to get back to the Bundesliga 2 and things aren’t going well. Things were seemingly improving in the Red Devils last match against Zwickau. Kaiserslautern were in the lead with only moments left to play. However, in the dying moments of the game FSV Zwickau were awarded a dubious penalty.

What had happened? After a shot was kept out by keeper Jan-Ole Sievers the ball came back to FSV striker Ronny König. A duel between the 33-year-old striker and ‘Lautern’s Jan Löhmannsröben ended up with König taking out his opponent with his elbow as he tried to volley the ball towards goal. During the scene Löhmannsröben lost his balance, his arms end up in the air and the ball hit his hand as he fell over. In the end ref Markus Wollenweber awards FSV a penalty which leads to a late equalizer.

Löhmannsröben’s furious post match interview

Given the importance of the match and Kaiserslautern’s current struggles it is understandable that the FCK players were a tad ticked off after the match. The 28-year-old Löhmannsröben went off the rails in hist post match interview, saying:

“If that isn’t a foul you can kiss my ass. I’m elbowed straight into the face. How is it possible to overlook that?”

The midfielder had some more or less well-chosen words of advice for the ref:

“He should count cornflakes. He should go back to refereeing in the Kreisliga and start opening his eyes.”

The harsh words of the former Carl Zeiss Jena and Magdeburg player didn’t go down well with the DFB. Löhmannsröben is now facing the possibility of a fine administered by the German FA.

Cornflakes for Herr Grindel

FCK fans Peter Hammerschmidt and Matthias Gehring smiled after Löhmannsröben’s statement, but they didn’t see the funny side of the DFB fining a player for an emotional outburst after a match. Emotions are part of the game, after all, according to the FCK fans. Hammerschmidt penned a post on Facebook asking fans to send packages of cornflakes addressed to the DFB.

Fans from all over Germany came through and decided to send packages of cornflakes addressed to the DFB and Reinhard Grindel.

So far 700 boxes have arrived….

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Niklas Wildhagen

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