Match Report: RB Leipzig vs SC Freiburg

Bundesliga Matchday 2 came with both RB Leipzig and SC Freiburg looking to improve on their previous performances. Leipzig had a disappointing outing against Schalke where they lost 2-0, and Freiburg were limited in chances in their game against Frankfurt. It wasn’t the most exciting match to watch. Both Leipzig and Freiburg were looking to earn their first three points Sunday to carry them through the international break.

The whistle blew and Freiburg set off on the front foot with a solid start to the game. Wearing their funky purplish/black away kit, Freiburg looked to put an early identity on the match. Primarily attacking down the right in the opening stages, Freiburg were looking to drop in behind the opponents defence and exploit the situation. The away team’s first chance came from Florian Niederlechner. A few minutes later and the home side had their first chance coming from a Timo Werner chance that went wide. Freiburg looked to limit RBL’s rhythm which resulted in Leipzig struggling to gain any momentum.

Slowly the home side gained some influence in the game after new signing Jean-Kévin Augustin had a good chance on goal, only for it to be saved by Freiburg keeper Alexander Schwolow. The game livened up.

Looking to take advantage of their chances, Leipzig gained confidence and were starting to put pressure on Freiburg. Despite the pressure, Freiburg were able to deal with what presented them and were compact and combative when needed. The away side were able to keep last year’s Bundesliga assist leader, Emil Forsberg. relatively quiet, limiting an important area of Leipzig’s game. Despite this, Leipzig continued gaining influence. But it was the visitors who got on the scoreboard first, as Freiburg replied with a well worked goal from Florian Niederlechner.

As a result, the away side looked to sit back and protect their lead. They needed to do just that as Leipzig started to gain more chances, coming from Augustin and Forsberg. A great tackle by Marc-Oliver Kempf stopped a Leipzig counter attack, but the home side were upping the pressure and pinning Freiburg back. Winning the ball on several occasions, Leipzig were making the most of it. Since their goal, Freiburg had limited opportunities on goal, but were able to withstand the pressure going into halftime.

Following intermission, Leipzig set out on the front foot. Almost immediately they were rewarded. A beautiful delivery from Forsberg from a corner made it easy for Werner to head the ball in the net.

Leipzig clearly set out to improve on their first half performance. Building in confidence,  Ralph Hasenhüttl ‘s boys were upping the pressure and stretching Freiburg. All was falling into place for Leipzig, and they were rewarded yet again for their efforts after captain Willi Orban slotted it into the back of the net, giving RBL a 2-1 lead.

The home side showed no signs of slowing down. It’s clear that the halftime team talk changed the way Leipzig played. It was just what they needed. Looking for more, Leipzig had the pedal to the floor, and in typical fashion Werner netted his second goal. It was all Leipzig. Despite being in the lead, Leipzig kept up the pressure on Freiburg, leaving them no chance of getting into the game. After a solid game, Augustin came off for his fellow newcomer Bruma, who provided a scintillating strike —  the perfect way to make an entrance. Leipzig  played with the freedom and equality that we saw last season. It was complete domination from the home side in the second half as Christian Streich’s young Freiburg did ecouldn’t find a way to get back into the game.


Halftime – The team talk from Hasenhüttl completely changed the game for Leipzig. From the get go in the second half Leipzig dominated the game and were much more clinical, scoring four goals to get their first win of the season.

Man of the Match

Timo Werner – He loves scoring against Freiburg and he did just that. 2 goals, 7 shots, 2 chances created, 2 take ons, Werner must be happy with his performance.

An honourable mention has to be given to Augustin, the 20 year-old from PSG.

Key Stats

  • RB Leipzig: 29 Shots and 26 Chances Created – The first half was full of opportunities for Leipzig but they weren’t clinical enough. They changed that in the second half where they dominated the game. In the second half they had 18 shots and created 17 chances. It was game over for Freiburg.
  • SC Freiburg 2 Shots, 1 Chance Created, and 27.7% Possession in the Second Half – The second half was a game changer for both Leipzig and Freiburg. After a solid first half, Freiburg would have been looking to improve their lead, but unfortunately for them that wasn’t the case. Leipzig severely limited Freiburg’s opportunities and ultimately they paid the price.

Talking Points Leipzig

  • Chances – Throughout the game Leipzig had a number of chances, with most them coming in the second half. In the first half they were less clinical but Augustin looked like he was moments from scoring. Despite being down, Leipzig came out flying in the second half and were sure to make the most of their chances coming out as the victors.
  • Passing and Possession – 82% Pass Accuracy and 67.3%, Leipzig used passing and possession to their favour, especially in the second half where they dominated the game.
  • Halftime – It can’t be said enough, halftime was game changing for Leipzig. The team talk from Ralph Hasenhüttl put Leipzig in top gear

Talking Points Freiburg

  • First half – Freiburg put up a solid display in the first half. The initial stages of the game showed that they were able to put their own fingerprint on the game and could influence the way in which it panned out. Their efforts were rewarded with a goal from Niederlechner.
  • Second half – The second half was full of disappointment for Freiburg. They weren’t able to build upon positive aspects of their first half performance and were simply dominated by Leipzig in the second half. Freiburg were limited to only 2 shots and 1 chanced created in the second half, they will be severely disappointed with their performance in second half.
  • Dominated – It was a half of two tales and unfortunately for Freiburg it didn’t work in their favour. They were completely dominated in the second half. Leipzig had the pedal to floor and didn’t lift off. Freiburg will be hoping they can improve going into their next game.
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