DFL-Supercup – Another Preparation Match

Finally football is back. The Bundesliga starts in two weeks. The DFB-Pokal starts in one week. Fantastic matches are waiting and maybe this season will be more exciting than the last boring year. FC Bayern München, at least it felt like this, won the title in October.

The DFL Supercup

gotze bvbv
Comeback in Dortmund – Part I

Wait a second. Actually the season begins on Sunday with the so-called “DFL-Supercup” between Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München. I know the headlines. “German Klassiker” and stuff. The match between the two best German Football clubs was exploited by the German media in the last couple of years but I do not want to complain. It is, I have to admit, the best match Germany has to offer. Although I do not share opinions that this is the only match that matters. Leverkusen, Mönchengladbach, Schalke and Wolfsburg still belong to the elite of Germany. Mainz, Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Berlin and Köln are really working hard to be successful and deserve to be mentioned more often. Nevertheless the match on Sunday seems to be representative for German football. But… sorry to disappoint many fans!

(Hummels homecoming -- he came up in the Bayern system, and was with the club from 1995-2009, seems inevitable)
Comeback in Dortmund – Part II

It is nothing but another preparation match

Of course. Some of the players will be in good, early shape. Others won’t be. Does this so-called “title” have any importance? Let’s look at the facts. No, it is totally unimportant. It has a certain “raison d’etre”, no doubt. After all – BVB and Bayern are facing each other. But it is more or less an invention of the DFL and seems to extract its importance out of the fact that there is money to be gained. For the DFL.

Thomas Tuchel said this week: “I could live without the Supercup.” No surprise. After the preparation it seems that Borussia Dortmund is not in shape after all. And FC Bayern? The players seem to send out a certain kind of anticipation. Is it true or just a role played for the media, I cannot tell. Of course the winner gets about one million euros. But what is one million euros compared to the tons of million both clubs earned in other ways?

“Until now our team is not in shape”, said Thomas Tuchel

Opinion of BVB-Fans in Dortmund

There is one topic that spices that whole thing a lot. Mats Hummels (FC Bayern München) and Mario Götze (Borussia Dortmund) will change the jerseys and the fear is omnipresent that both players will be booed by parts of BVB-Fans. It is their own fault, I would say, and just underlines the “very hard life of a professional football player”. (I will explain my lack of compassion in another article next week). They can console themselves with their salary.


So I was wondering. I talked to many fans and football lovers this week (meanwhile I work in the centre of Dortmund) and they all have the same opinion. It is just another preparation match between two good teams. The real season begins one week later.

Supporters in larger German society banner
There are more important matches than this so-called “DFL-Supercup”

What about other countries? What about England, Spain or Italy? If you know the importance of the Supercup-matches – please feel free to discuss in comments.

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Dennis Liedschulte

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