“Who will love me?” – Mario Götze’s silent suffering!

Mario Götze can take a deep breath. Thank god, international matches are coming. Right now the German press tortures us with repeating headlines. Almost every week we read news about Pep Guardiola and his final Bayern days, Borussia Dortmund and all those players who will not be part of the squad next year and finally the failed “Wunderkind” Mario Götze. It is time to raise some questions about one of the most expensive-bench-players in Europe.

Götze – the greatest German talent at the top of his performance in Dortmund

No Bavarian”love-story”

Mario Götze wanted nothing more than to leave Borussia Dortmund in 2013. He wanted to be trained by Pep Guardiola. It was not a secret hat Guardiola preferred to sign Neymar instead of Götze. The “Wunderkind” must have felt like a high-school-kid who left a pretty girlfriend (BVB) for an even prettier girl (FC Bayern). Problem was just that the “even prettier girl” had more than just one lover and Mario was not able to become number one.

But he could not just go back to where everything was fine. We have to say it like this. Mario Götze did not perform really well in one single match during the last three years. Even the World Cup 2014 is misleading. He played a poor World Cup as a substitute but had one great moment, which of course will be stuck in football history forever. It should. in all fairness be mentioned that Götze had injuries and that the situation at the “Säbener Straße” is more competitive than in Dortmund. Saying that, though, the 23 year-old never quite arrived in München, and now it seems to be the time for a change.

There were good moments but never a long period of brilliant performances in München

“Die Mannschaft” as an oasis

Joachim Löw is not like Pep Guardiola. Löw wants Götze and he even thinks that he needs Götze. Developments in German football under Löw suggest that football can be played without a classical Number 9. So called “half-strikezr” such as Thomas Müller and Götze are more in favour than players like Stefan Kießling, Mario Gomez or the SGE-Player Alex Meier. Obviously Götze is a player who needs a friendly environment. In the last couple of years “Die Mannschaft” was a sheltering oasis for players who could not reach top-level at their clubs – Lukas Podolski, Götze, even the oft-injured Bastian Schweinsteiger! Löw knows who to trust and he knows that he can count on them. There is no problem at all with that attitude. (Götze did appear as a 78th minute substitute Saturday for Mario Gomez in Germany’s 2-3 loss to England).

The “principle of performance” is pointless

But in Germany there actually is supposed to be the so-called “principle of performance”. It ought to be quite simple. Players who perform well will be nominated to the national squad. Players whose current form is lacking will not be nominated. Although Löw tries to express this principle every time possible it is obvious that this principle is inconsistently applied. But who cares if you win the World Cup, right?

“Who will love me?”

Mario Götze’s time in München is over. Nobody really believes that he will be able to earn a permanent place in the Bayern-line-up. He’s had chances, many chances. It is useless to write that Götze may not have the same attitude like Müller. On the other hand it is obvious that Götze is a player who needs to be treated more with kid gloves. He is sensible, though rumors circulate that he is (not for the first time) a step closer to depression, although such speculation is only just that. It would be wise for him to change his environment.

But where to go? Borussia Dortmund will never take him back. Sahin and Kagawa are two cautionary examples that indicate that BvB would not want to buy a failed player back. And the fans… let’s just not imagine that possibility. Another option mentioned in the press is FC Liverpool with Jürgen Klopp.  Götze became a brilliant player with Klopp and from a financial point of view it would make sense due to the enormous power of English football clubs. Thus far incoming Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti hasn’t offered a word about the German midfielder, and neither have Bayern officials Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Matthias Sammer, indicating to the German press that it is ‘good bye’ time for the 23 year-old.

gotze with boateng twins and reus jersey
One perfect moment disguised a poor World Cup 2014 – Götze in Rio

“Die Mannschaft” is his chance

Mario Götze will be without any doubt part of the German squad in summer. I doubt that he, howver, that he will be part of the regualr line-up. Löw thinks that it is always a good sign to be able to substitute a player like Götze. For the talented midfielder, the time at “Die Mannschaft” will provide the chance to recover and showcase his skills to the world and find a new club. The question will be – is there any club, any coach and any squad who will “love him”? But more important – will he ever find the same top-level he had in Dortmund?

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