Chewing gum in the Bundesliga

Chewing gum has been used by used for over 3,000 years and it comes in all shapes and forms these days. Every now and then the public is warned about the possible unpleasant side effects the overuse may have, but despite all the migraine warnings which have been issued over the years chewing gum has remained a popular item. Many coaches in the Bundesliga are using it to calm their nerves, whilst watching the action on the pitch unfold in front of them.

Jürgen Klopp was most likely not at his calmest during the cup match between Borussia Dortmund and VfL Wolfsburg this Tuesday night. After the match, however, he was able to relax a bit more and chose to spit out his gum. One of the fans sitting near to him chose to ask a steward to pick up that gum for him, and now Klopp’s chewing gum has found its way onto eBay. In the item description Klopp’s chewing gum is labelled as a “must have item for every football fan”.

The auction has created a buzz in the German online media, but the bids haven’t been sky rocketing so far. At the moment the highest bid for this peculiar item was at 54€(at 1551 CET). Those who are interested in the item have the chance to put in a bid until 1126 CET on Friday. The final offer for the chewing gum is probably going to be a bit higher than the current price, however, it isn’t likely to get anywhere near to the selling price of Sir Alex Ferguson’s chewing gum which was in the United legend’s mouth during his last match in charge at Old Trafford.  A staggering 460,000€ was the highest bid for that peculiar bit of sporting history. The money was put to good use by the Manchester United Foundation(an organisation supporting underprivileged youth in Manchester).

Chewing gum artists

Over the years a number of players have shown that gum can be put to better use than stress relief. Werder Bremen’s Andi Herzog famously juggled his pre match gum and somehow managed to kick it back into the air before catching it with his mouth.

Mesut Özil caught the world’s eyes due to his brilliant performance during the 2010 World Cup. Ahead of Germany’s match against Uruguay his handling of his gum resulted in this YouTube favourite.

Whilst Özil went for the simple option of kicking the gum into the air and Herzog almost lost control over his gum, Mario Götze showed his Dortmund teammates how to juggle a gum properly.

Former Dortmund player Alexander Frei went for the spectacular.

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