From Beckenbauer to Matthäus – German Footballers in America

Ahead of Germany’s friendly against Jürgen Klinsmann’s US national team to celebrate US soccer’s 100th anniversary traveled down memory lane and revisited four decades worth of German footballers who have made their way across the atlantic to kick the round ball in North America. From Franz Beckenbauer to Lothar Matthäus, some of German football’s biggest ever names made the move to the US, a tradition that will surely continue with the game growing faster than ever there.

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German footballers in professional football in North America:

Dietrich Albrecht (Philadelphia Spartans, Cleveland Stokers, Baltimore Bays/1967-1969)

Heinz Banschewitz (Chicago Spurs, Kansas City Spurs/1967-1968)

Franz Beckenbauer (New York Cosmos/1977-1980, 1983)

Horst Bertl (Houston Hurricane/1979-1980)

Hubert Birkenmeier New York Cosmos (1979-1984)

Horst Blankenburg Chicago Sting (1978-1980)

Manfred Bundschoks (St. Louis Stars/1968)

Holger Brück (Calgary Boomers/1981)

Willi Cryns (San José Earthquakes/1979-1980)

Manfred Eickerling (Boston Minutemen/1974)

Peter Enders Oakland Stompers/1978)

Hans-Günter Etterich San José Earthquakes/1979)

Volker Faß (Oakland Stompers, San José Earthquakes/1978)

Dieter Ferner (Chicago Sting, 1981-1982)

Herbert Finken (Pittsburgh Phantoms, New York Generals/1967-1968)

Arne Friedrich (Chicago Fire, seit 2012)

Torsten Frings (Toronto FC, 2011-2012)

Josef Fuhrmann (St. Louis Stars/1967-1968)

Franz Gerber (Calgary Boomers, Tulsa Roughnecks, Tampa Bay Rowdies/1981-1983)

Bernd Gersdorff (San José Earthquakes, San Diego Sockers/1979-1980)

Erich Geyer (San Diego Sockers/1981-1984)

Hans-Uwe Göbel (Pittsburgh Phantoms, Kansas City Spurs/1967-1968)

Wolfgang Glock (Chicago Spurs, Kansas City Spurs/1967-1968)

Karl-Heinz Granitza (Chicago Sting/1978-1984)

Volkmar Groß (Minnesota Kicks, San Diego Sockers/1979-1983)

Peter Gruber (Dallas Tornado, Tampa Bay Rowdies, Chicago Sting/1980-1983)

Rudi Gutendorf (St. Louis Stars/1968)

Erich Hahn (St. Louis Stars/1967)

Paul Hahn (Chicago Sting/1981-1982)

Klaus Heinlein (Edmonton Drillers/1980-1981)

Kai Herdling (Philadelphia Union/2012)

Lorenz Hilkes (Edmonton Drillers, San Diego Sockers/1979-1984)

Bernd Hölzenbein (Fort Lauderdale Strikers/1981-1982)

Hartmut Huhse (Rochester Lancers /1979)

Wolfram Kaminke (Detroit Cougars/1968)

Manfred Kammerer (Detroit Cougars, Atlanta Chiefs, Atlanta Apollos/1968-1973)

Willi Kiefer (Washington Diplomats/1981)

Eduard Kirschner (Edmonton Drillers, Fort Lauderdale Strikers/1980-1982)

Armin Klara (Houston Hurricane/1979)

Fabian Kling (San Antonio Scorpions/2012)

Rudi Kolbl (St. Louis Stars/1967-1968)

Horst Köppel (Vancouver Whitecaps/1976-1977)

Franz Krauthausen (Las Vegas Quicksilvers, San Diego Sockers, California Surf/1977-1979)

Helmut Kremers (Calgary Boomers/1981)

Gerd Langer (Chicago Mustangs/1968)

Peter Lechermann (San Diego Sockers, San José Earthquakes/1978-1980)

Florian Lechner (New England Revolution, 2012)

Lothar Matthäus (New York Metro Stars/2000)

Bernd Messing (Cleveland Stokers/1968)

Horst Meyer (New York Cosmos/1971)

Hans-Werner Moors (Houston Hurricane/1980)

Karl-Heinz Mrosko (Oakland Stompers/1978)

Horst Mühlmann (Kansas City Spurs/1968)

Gerd Müller (Fort Lauderdale Strikers/1979-1981)

Robert Neubauer (New York Cosmos/1972)

Axel Neumann (Boston Minutemen, Team Hawaii, Las Vegas Quicksilvers, San Diego Sockers, California Surf/1975-1980)

Holger Osieck (Vancouver Whitecaps/1977)

Peter Nogly (Edmonton Drillers, Tampa Bay Rowdies/1980-1983)

Peter Nover (Boston Minutemen, Team Hawaii, San Diego Sockers/1976-1980)

Dieter Perau (Pittsburgh Phantoms, New York Generals/1967-1968)

Ingo Peter (Chicago Sting/1980-1984)

Wolfgang Rausch (Dallas Tornado/1979-1981)

Willi Reimann (Calgary Boomers/1981)

Jürgen Röber (Calgary Boomers/1981)

Frank Rost (New York Red Bulls/2011)

Manfred Rummel (Pittsburgh Phantoms, Kansas City Spurs/1967-1968)

Helmut Schäfer (Toronto Metros/1973-1974)

Manfred Schellscheidt (Philadelphia Atoms, Hartford Bicentennials/1973-1976)

Walter Schuberth (Houston Hurricane/1979-1980)

Fred Szczepaniak (Pittsburgh Phantoms/1967)

Manfred Seißler (Pittsburgh Phantoms, Kansas City Spurs, Rochester Lancers, Montreal Olympique/1967-1974)

Lothar Skala (Chicago Sting/1979)

Lothar Spranger (Los Angeles Toros/1967)

Willi Steinrotter (Rochester Lancers/1973)

Kai Steffen (California Surf/1981)

Arno Steffenhagen (Chicago Sting, Toronto Blizzard, Vancouver Whitecaps/1978-1983)

Jürgen Stars (Calgary Boomers, Tampa Bay Rowdies, Tulsa Roughnecks/1981-1984)

Heinz Stickel (San Diego Sockers/1978)

Peter Stollwerk (Vancouver Whitecaps/1977)

Dirk Stülcken Detroit Cougars/1968)

Dieter Suchanek (San Diego Sockers/1980)

Wolfgang Sühnholz (Boston Minutemen, Toronto Metros, Vancouver Whitecaps, Las Vegas Quicksilvers, Los Angeles Aztecs, California Surf/1975-1980)

Horst Szymaniak (Chicago Spurs/1967)

Christian Tiffert (Seattle Sounders/2012)

Klaus Toppmöller (Dallas Tornado, Calgary Boomers/1980-1981)

Gert Trinklein (Dallas Tornado/1979-1980)

Dieter Versen (San José Earthquakes/1979)

Lothar Wardanjan (Toronto Metros/1973)

Detlef Webers (San José Earthquakes/1979)

Hans Weiner (Chicago Sting/1982-1983)

Jean Willrich San Diego Sockers/1978-1984)

Heinz Wirtz (Washington Diplomats/1981)

Egwin Wolf (Dallas Tornado/1979-1981)

Klaus Wolf (San Diego Sockers/1978)

Gert Wieczorkowski (San Diego Sockers/1979-1983)

Gerhard Wiedemeier (Pittsburgh Phantoms, Kansas City Spurs/1967-1968)

Willi Wrenger (St. Louis Stars/1968)

Hans Wulf (Rochester Lancers/1978)

Gerd Ziemann (Chicago Spurs, San Diego Toros/1967-1968)

Gerd Zimmermann (Houston Hurricane, Calgary Boomers/1980-1981)

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