The good, the Bild and the Unread. Second Edition

The Woman’s World Cup finally gets the recognition it deserves, while the world of the Bundesliga still is largely dominated by transfer rumors. All of us at the Fanatic can not wait until the 2. Bundesliga kicks off mid-July.

Arturo Vidal’s name has been mentioned a million times this week. Now it seems that every single European club, from AS Roma to Arsenal, are after the Bayer Leverkusen midfielder. Eurosport’s Ian Holyman called the latest rounds of rumors concerning Vidal ”ridiculous” on Twitter. And, rightfully so! But, let’s keep sight of the few good articles that were published this week, and let us collectively ridicule some of the bad ones that we did stumble upon.

Best in-depth piece

We are most impressed by 11 Freunde and their ”My favorite kit” series. Really a lot of Bundesliga history, and a lot classic Bundesliga kits revealed in that series. If we had to choose, 11 Freunde would probably be our favorite German football magazine. Take a look at the latest piece of the series here.

Best interview of the week

Former sporting director at HSV, Bastian Reinhardt, gave an interview to Morgenpost describing the club’s new focus on young talents and his new role at HSV. He stated that the youth teams of the club will play in a 4-3-3 formation, instead of the old 4-4-2 formation that the club has used for its youth teams for ages. Take a look at it here.

Worth knowing

1. Werder have officially declared the 6th spot as their goal for the season. If the team reaches its’ goal, Werder would be back in a European competition just one season after their nightmare season.
2. David Odonkor is planning to make a return to the Bundesliga. The winger became famous over night after Oliver Neuville put away his brilliant cross in the 2006 World Cup, but was soon forgotten after he left Germany for Spain and Betis Sevilla. He is currently negotiating with 2. Bundesliga side Karlsruher SC and newly promoted FC Augsburg.
3. Diego and Magath have decided that the Brazilian has to find another club. The Brazilian sides Santos and Botafago are currently interested in the playmaker. Sunday saw the world of Twitter touting a return to Werder Bremen as another possible scenario. We hold our breath on that last one…
4. Gerald Asamoah and Nicholas Pelestan are now free agents. Both players decided to dissolve their contracts with ”Die Knappen” after a meeting with sporting director Horst Heldt.
5. Ron Robert Zieler has extended his contract at Hannover 96 until 2015. His contract includes a buy out clause of the staggering amount of 15 million euros. Martin Kind told the German press: ”That should keep other Bundesliga clubs away from him. The only club that has the financial power to purchase a keeper for that amount just did.”

Best quote of the week

”There are clichés, but I don’t feel like I’m fitting into that role.”

The keeper of the Germany woman’s national team, Nadine Angerer, about women playing football, and the stereotypes that the media, and people, well, people with penises, have made up about female footballers. Germany’s girls showed once and for all that they could play football when they started their World Cup campaign with a great 2-1 win against Canada, in a highly entertaining match. Read the entire interview here.

Hissy fit of the week

The Cologne media and Bild went into Defcon 1, after they found out that Ståle Solbakken would not be present for the training start of the Billy Goats. The Norwegian did start his work this Sunday, and missed almost the entire first week of training sessions. Solbakken should get to know his surroundings, the new league, and the language the Cologne papers insisted, while Bild even asked their online users for their opinion on the matter. Solbakken’s family vacation was all right with most Bild users, and the fact that Solbakken had signed a contract from the first of July did somewhat get lost in this whole episode of manufactured drama.

Our advice to all future Bundesliga coaches: Make sure you start work 10 days before you get paid for it, otherwise Bild and the rest of the local media will tear you a new one!

News story with the least amount of substance

Yes, it’s our good friends of the Springer Verlag publication Bild again. This time around the interviewed Werder’s new signing of the week Mehmet Ekici, and he told them for the second time in one month: ”I don’t want to compare myself with Mesut Özil.” Sorry Bild, but as long as you don’t wish to cater exclusively to people with dementia you should make up new stories. And, if your stories aren’t more interesting than that, you’ll bore those poor people with dementia to death. Literally.

Most exaggerated story of the week

Arturo Vidal, and the many clubs who want to sign him. A number of German newspapers quoted international sources uncritically, without even asking the player, the club or anybody else about what was true. If the German media is to believed, Vidal is more popular than prostitutes (preferably launching on a chez-long) were in Victorian times.

Take a senex media people of Germany… Or, do some fact checking if drugs aren’t your thing. Is it so hard to place a phone call to some of the people who would be involved in the transfer(if the transfer were to happen?)

Most unaware story of the week

It is Bild, yet again. We are sorry, we would not like to dump on you like this dear journalists of Germany’s most tabloid inspired paper, but you guys should really start to write some pieces that are worth reading. This week Bild wrote that Marko Marin might leave Werder for Manchester City for 22 million euros, citing ”The Sun” as their source, and then taking an Allofs quote from an earlier article completely out of context. Bild, you are really crying for some editorial direction, more and more for every day that goes by…

This is it for our second edition of ”The good, the Bild, and the unread”. We hope that you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Niklas Wildhagen

Niklas is a 33-year-old football writer and podcaster who has been following the Bundesliga and German football since the early 90s. You can follow him on Twitter, @normusings, and listen to his opinions on @TalkingFussball.


  1. The rumors they print become more and more outrage for every day that goes by. God, how I miss the Bundesliga

  2. If we started a twitter rumor that Neymar also drew a 40 million euro bid from 1860, think Bild would latch onto that to begin a series on which Munich side will outsplash the cash of its rival?

  3. Oh, what happened to you, Odonkor. I was so impressed with your raw speed in 2006, and thought you’d be better than the 2. Bundesliga…

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