Dortmund squanders chances in 1-0 win

Michael Rensing’s brilliant performance wasn’t enough to give Cologne a point. Friday night’s match saw champions elect take on a in form Cologne side.

Borussia Dortmund took charge off the game from the start and controlled the action for the first 45 minutes.  Central defender Subotic had a crack on goal from 35 meters out in the 10th minute, and forced former Bayern goalie Michael Rensing into a great save. Eight minutes later a beautiful Dortmund combination put star striker Lucas Barrios four meters in front of the goal, but his finish lacked power and was cleared off the line by Cologne defender Pezzoni.

Heroic defending

Cologne lost the battle for midfield, and the first 45 minutes saw Cologne defensive midfielder Petit outpaced by the far younger Dortmund players. It was Petit who had just managed to clear a promising looking cross from Götze for a corner.

The corner was taken by the same Dortmund player, who found Brazilian defender Felipe Santana five meters in front of goal. The central defender placed the ball well, with a lot of power, but was denied by Michael Rensing’s lightening reflexes.

Hammer blow for Cologne

The 44th minute saw Dortmund finally get their first goal. Nuri Sahin chipped the ball upfront from his deep position in midfield, and found Mario Götze 20 meters in front of goal. The youngster managed to steer the ball on to Robert Lewandowski who took the ball on the half volley from just outside the area. Cologne keeper Rensing was baffled by the shot of the Pole, and the ball flew past him and into the net and made it 1-0 just one minute before half time.

Rensing keeps Cologne in the game

Michael Rensing: Heroic Performance

The second half saw Dortmund pressure Cologne for 45 minutes. However, a brilliant Michael Rensing had the best performance of the season and denied Dortmund their second.

Felipe Santana forced Rensing into another brilliant safe from a corner after 54th minute. The same defender had the chance to make it 2-0 when he was four meters in front of goal, but Rensing’s good reactions kept Cologne in the game.

Both Barrios and Sahin hit the bar towards the end of the game. First Barrios didn’t manage to get the ball across over the line after he had shot from a Götze delivery in the 79 minute, while Sahin placed a beautiful shot from 17 meters out was also denied by the bar.

Cologne’s poor away form continues

Going into the game Cologne had only gathered six points on the road, the least amount of points out of all the teams in the Bundesliga. In the entire course of the game Cologne managed to get one chance, that was wasted by Novakovic in the 56th minute. Alone in front of goal, the Slovak managed to put the ball to the half a meter outside the right post.

Not getting any points away against Dortmund means that the Billy Goats are stuck in the battle against relegation for a little while longer. Furthermore, Lukas Podolski had to be substituted in the 54 minute with an injury. At this point it is unclear how serious the injury of the Cologne captain is.

Dortmund are on their side getting closer and closer to securing the championship. After their Friday night win the blacks and yellows have 15 point lead over Bayer Leverkusen, who play Wolfsburg tomorrow 09:30 ET.


Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller – Piszzcek, Subotic, Santana, Schmelzer – Bender, Sahin(Kehl 90 min), Götze(da Silva 90+2 min), Grosskreutz(Blaszczykowski 73 min) – Lewandowski – Barrios

1. FC Koln: Rensing –  Brecko, Pezzoni, Mohamad, Eichner – Jajalo, Petit(Ionita 76 min), Lanig, Clemens(Freis 81 min) – Podolski(Ehret 54 min), Novakovic

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Gerry Wittmann

Gerry is the founder of the Bundesliga Fanatic. Besides loving German football, he also enjoys the NBA, collecting jerseys and LPs, his pets and wishes he had more time for fishing, bicycling and learning the bass guitar.


  1. I agree that Cologne have looked much better then in their Hinrunde, no doubt. Furthermore, I think that your analyzes of how Schaefer has reorganized the team is spot on.

    Their defense has been brilliant so far, buying Rensing and Eichner has certainly strengthened their defensive efforts. Dortmund are pretty good in defense as well, but Bayern could mos def learn a thing or two from watching Cologne play.

    I have to respectfully disagree on Cologne deserving a point that night tho. I just went back to see the stats from that night, and Cologne were hammered in almost every department. If Dortmund were my team, and they would have only gotten a point from this match, I would have felt robbed. But, I suspect as a Leverkusen fan you hoped that Cologne would get a result.

    Thanks again for your comments. I always appreciate the input from our readers.

  2. of course, its tricky with all the close points. but i feel like they have something good coming.

    the new manager has reorganized the team, reintroducing novakovic and playing podolski as a 2nd striker instead of a winger. this was a boost, as can be seen by their goal tally

    and then the defense. wonderfully organized. leverkusen and bayern could take a leaf out of their book.

    and no worries, i watch koeln for entertainment, my team is actually leverkusen. but ive just wanted to read somewhere about the collective effort that koeln made on that pitch to deny dortmund a larger lead. they definitely deserved one point that day.

  3. thanks for your comment, and I agree, Köln have done very well in the spring season, so far. But, taking just 6 points away from home is a problem, and puts them in the bottom half of the table.

    Cologne are currently 4 points ahead of Stuttgart, and 7 of Gladbach. 4 points are easily lost over the course of 9 games, so I wouldn’t celebrate avoiding relegation, yet.

    Maybe I was too critical of Cologne, but I promise I will make it up to you over the course of the next couple of weeks. My next piece on the fanatic will be about them, and I promise I will write something that is far more flattering.

    Thanks for reading my article, and thanks for that comment. Appreciate it Mitze.

  4. koeln arent stuck in a relegation battle anymore. havent you checked the table?
    theyre currently sitting on the 11th spot and their recent surge in form/defense is helping them this half of the season.

    theyre doing really well, better than anyone expected. give them some credit.

  5. Dortmund impressed me as a team. They have done so for the entire season. On Friday the only one who impressed me on a very weak Cologne side was Michael Rensing. He was certainly the best man on the pitch for them.

  6. How great it would be to be there watching Dortmund in person. And I agree, in the end the result is the main thing — another 3 points for a thrilling team to watch.

  7. I was one of the 80,720 who watched Dortmund miss loads of chances, but in the end 3 pts is all that matters and another step closer to Deutsche Meister BvB, c’mon

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