Bundesliga Fanatic’s diverse team of contributors and editors includes writers from from all corners of the world. Our passionate and knowledgeable writers seek to provide our readers with compelling football content. Stretching from St. Louis, Missouri to Bangladesh and from Norway to New York City, our globe-trotting team is committed to providing the most-compelling and up-to-date information on the Bundesliga and German Football.

Current Staff

Gerry Wittmann

Founder/Columnist – A native of St. Louis, MO., Gerry started the Bundesliga Fanatic in 2010 with the purpose of spreading the word about what he feels is the best league in the world. In the past he has written about American soccer for The NASL Fanatic, IMSoccer News and was co-host of IMS’ NASL Podcast. His others
interests include bike riding, pets, gardening, history and music.

Niklas Wildhagenbf_team_niklas_v2

Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Columnist – Niklas currently resides in Norway and has been part of the Bundesliga Fanatic team since early 2011. His passion for the beautiful game extend to tactics, history and subjects that are off the radar of the main stream media. Other interests include music, literature and politics. You can find his personal blog Norwegian Musings here.


Travis Timmons

bf_team_TravisEditor/Columnist – Raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Travis has lived in various corners of America – his current home is Pittsburgh. Travis is an experienced college English instructor. He loves reading, coffee, and coaching his son’s soccer team. The Bundesliga occupies a deep pocket in Travis’ heart, as do unsung midfielders. His footy interests are analytics and cultural / philosophical commentary. He used to blog about sports and the meaning of life here. You can follow him on twitter.

Randall Hauk

bf_team_randall_v2Editor/Columnist – Randall is a Michigan-born, Seattle-based father of two young boys and writer with a relatively unhealthy obsession with German football, particularly his own club 1. FC Köln. Having grown up in a small town, his primary contact with big-time sports was through the columnists of Detroit newspapers, giving him a fondness for the art of sports writing, with hopes of providing service similar to what he received in his sports-fan infancy to folk looking for a way into German football through a language barrier. Come along for the German ride over at Twitter or learn all about the Effzeh over at his blog.


Max Regenhuber
Abel Meszaros – @VanbastenESL
Edin Halilovic – @edinh_96
Dennis Liedschulte – @NummerSieben7
Alex Lynch
Jamie Walker – @jay_walker_83
Brook Genene –  @brookbvb
Anas Ali Molla – @anasdieborussen
Noel Shallum
Sathesh Alagappan –  @sathesh1992
Sam May – @Sam95May
Kai Dambach – @Kai_Dambach
Andrew Smith – andsmith_46
Linus Vedmar – @LinusVedmar
Jody Strauch – jodelld
Ollie Miller – @olliejoemills
Jack Grimse – @JackGrimse 
Martin Krag – @martinkrag
Jonathan Lines – @JonathanLines1
Eskender Tamrat – @eskeBMG
Jonathan Harding – @jonbloggs
Ansgar Löcke – @Ansgarius_90
Adrian Sertl – @AdrianSertl
Jobst Elster –@TheRealFutboler
Ben Loder –@nextmegswins
Muhammad Mustafa Tousif
Rick Joshua – @fussballchef
Ben Loder –@nextmegswins
Daniel Jefferson – @DanJeffersonSP

Staff Photographer

Liam Newberry – @CLENewberry

Hall of Fame

Cristian Nyari

Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief/Columnist –was one of the first to join the Bundesliga Fanatic team and has been working for Bayern Munich USA for the last few years. He has been a football writer and analyst based in New York City. Growing up all across Europe, he developed a fascination for the cultural subtleties and tactical nuances of the beautiful game, particularly those of the Bundesliga and German football as a whole. He is also an avid music, comedy, history and global affairs enthusiast. You can also follow him on Twitter.

Daniel Nyari

bf_team_daniel_v2Designer/Columnist – Daniel is a New York City based Graphic Designer & Illustrator with a passion for Football. Daniel’s favorite people include David Lynch, Slavoj Zizek, and Alan Moore. His favorite player is Mats Hummels. In his spare time he obsesses over Avant-Garde Film, Heavy Metal, and Nutella. You can view his personal work here You can also follow him on Twitter.


Aleix Gwilliam

bf_team_aleixEditor/Columnist – Aleix was born and raised in Barcelona, still living there today. His passion for the Bundesliga and German football is rivalled only by his love for Shrewsbury Town FC. Other interests include history, politics, literature and travelling around Europe watching football, all the better if they all come together as one. You can also follow him on Twitter.


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