March 22, 2017

Takeaways from Wednesday’s Bayern Munich 3-0 RB Leipzig Matchup

Hello, beauties and gentlebeauties!

Before I start, let me say “Oh my god!” in a valley girl accent, because I’ve finally gotten the chance to write for Bundesliga Fanatic! That’s, like, my ultimate goal in life!
…okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m ecstatic, nonetheless. Especially since both of my clubs won the last match of the year!

Anyway, now that I’m done fangirling, it’s time for something related to the title of this piece! Enjoy.

Bayern fans are entitled brats

You’ve probably seen this ‘takeaway’ from other articles, but I’m going to say it here as well, because I admit I am an entitled brat. Or was. I mean, just look at the starting XI!
Neuer – Alaba, Hummels, Martinez, Lahm – Alonso, Thiago, Vidal – Costa, Lewandowski, Robben legit looked like an 4-3-3 on paper (which, as you know, has made Bayern’s life difficult in the first half of the season).

I try to be as patient as I can, and being a Freiburg supporter has tempered me a little from my evil gloryhunting ways, but as much as I convinced myself that Carlo Ancelotti knows what he’s doing, it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to.

But boy, did he prove me wrong!

Bayern looks like Bayern again!

I predicted a Bayern-Dusel 90th minute goal after a match dominated by the Leipzigers, saying it was a ‘bold prediction’ to even hope for a small victory after being more-or-less owned by Rote Laterne Darmstadt, but Don Carlo had other ideas – they played a 4-2-3-1 and utterly crushed the soda cans, because as the wise @FCBayernUS said, Red Bull may give you wings, but Paulaner gives you wins. 😉

The back four did awesomely, dismantling the Leipzig midfield like angry old men do to kids ruining their lawn (which RB kinda are, moreso after Emil Forsberg was sent off for stepping on Philipp Lahm’s achilles), and Alonslow, a player whose presence in a Startelf I always rued, wasn’t slow at all, moving so high up the pitch he scored from inside the box. He and Vidal were a great double-six too, and despite the missed opportunities, Lewy was a force in attack, and so was Douglas Costa. The Brazilian played one of his best matches Wednesday night, dribbling in a deadly way reminiscent of the Flying Dutchman (who was sadly sort-of average when he was on the field, but that’s okay — he needs rest) and even having a shot or two on goal, including a beautiful free kick.

But all that doesn’t even compare to Thiago. Yes, he’s been consistently impressive this term, but this… this is much better, even by my Entitled Brat Standards.

Despite a weird moment where he thought Santa Claus was his teammate, his performance was absolutely breathtaking. Put in a playmaker position, the Spaniard gave me sweet, sweet dreams when I finally slept at 8 AM the next day (What? I’m six hours ahead of Germany) with lovely passes, chances, and die Roten’s first goal.

Now I wonder what would’ve happened if Thomas “Not a winger” Müller had played in his place…
If Carletto’s side continues their fine form, a second treble won’t be impossible.

Experience matters.

RB Leipzig, with the same 4-4-2-Doppelsechs formation they’ve used the whole season, came to Allianz Arena filled with determination to steal Bayern’s crown.

But determination – and dangerous early chances – wasn’t enough for the Red Bulls to keep the hipsters happy and retake first place. Fortunately, Peter Gulasci’s perseverance paid off – his saves proved crucial to keep the scoreline 3-0, especially in the second half. Poor guy had to compensate for Leipzig’s shitty defense… no matter how much you hate this Saxony club, you’ve got to appreciate this guy’s skills.
Back to the point, whose fault was this, really? RBL have played refreshing, fast-paced football all Hinrunde. Their formation is almost foolproof, and their young guns are firing on every cylinder without the DFB Cup to distract them.

Was it due to the coach’s lack of flexibility, the inability to adapt to an opponent as strong as Bayern? Was it complacency, or was it just a matter of experience?

It seems to be the last one, at least for this not-Topspiel. Which brings us to the last takeaway…

But this may not be a hint of what to come…

Will German football be safe from the energy drink team?

The signs are saying no. Unless other teams exploit their weakness like the Bavarians did, this trailblazing-but-not-really-a-fairytale Aufsteiger, who will certainly train hard and recruit new players to further their world domination schemes, will stay close to the table’s summit. Not to mention that the 3-point gap between them and Bayern are the closest in five years!

Secondly, their nearest competition will play three competitions in the Rückrunde, which may help them even more.

Fate is funny, isn’t it? All our lives, we’ve been dying for someone to stop Bayern’s domination, but when that someone came along this season, we all complain. Not that it’s not justified, but I suppose it reveals a certain part of our character… The entitled brat one, to be exact.

Too harsh?

Sorry, my lovely readers. I digress.

Despite the odds being all in Leipzig’s favor, anything can happen in the next eighteen matchdays. Whoever gets the Meisterschale this season, it will be a fight to the end.


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