Uli Hoeness and Pep Guardiola – A special relationship

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Describing Uli Hoeness, the person, is a difficult task, as author Juan Moreno notes in his excellent biography, Alles Auf Rot. Hoeness’ trial for tax evasion is certainly testimony to the fact of how much the perception of Bayern’s former president varies within the German public. On one side, there are those who protested outside the court, holding up signs stating Hoeness […]

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Bundesliga fanatic exclusive: Angela Merkel worried about Bayern’s dominance


Many Bundesliga fans have been annoyed by Bayern München’s dominance in the domestic league over the last couple of seasons. The Bundesliga Fanatic can now exclusively reveal that Angela Merkel is one of them. Dispatches from the NSA files which Edward Snowden had leaked have been recently obtained by the Bundesliga Fanatic. The files clearly show that Merkel fears Germans are […]

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Uli Hoeness – The verdict, its consequences and reactions


The trial regarding Uli Hoeness’s tax evasion lasted four days, and in the end the judge Rupert Heindl handed Bayern’s president a 3 and a half year jail sentence. Hoeness had disclosed his undeclared taxes to the authorities at the beginning of last year, which would have saved him from a jail sentence according to German law. However, the prosecution […]

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Taxing times as Bayern board backs Hoeness


Despite an on-going tax evasion investigation, under-fire Uli Hoeness is set to remain as president of the supervisory board of treble-seeking Bayern Munich until at least the end of the season. The Bavarian club’s supervisory board voted unanimously in favour of Hoeness staying on, declining to bow to increasing public pressure for the Bayern supremo to resign. Members of the board […]

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Uli Hoeness and the Swiss Bankers


The Bavarian bandwagon shows absolutely no signs of slowing down on the pitch with the seemingly all-conquering record German champions Bayern Munich remaining on course for a potential treble-winning season (German League, German Cup and Champions League). However, perhaps Munich’s momentum will be stalled somewhat by the shock news that President Uli Hoeness is under investigation for tax fraud. Hoeness, […]

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Interview: Dieter Hoeness


Dieter Hoeness has spent most of his time of late in the shadow of his older brother Uli. The public hasn’t seen or heard much from the former Wolfsburg, Hertha and Stuttgart manager after Felix Magath wanted to create his new, improved and successful version of VfL Wolfsburg without Hoeness.  Bild interviewed the former Bundesliga manager, here is our translation […]

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Bundesliga Rewind – Bayern München vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach – 1973/74 – A Bundesliga Fairytale


German football was at its peak in the 1970’s and no two teams epitomized the Bundesliga’s golden era more than Bayern München and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Between 1969 and 1979, Bayern and Gladbach won ten of the eleven league titles and set the standard for the rest of the league. In those  years, both teams played many legendary matches against each […]

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Financial Fair Play Explained – and the implications for Bundesliga clubs

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Europe’s most prestigious club tournaments, the Champions League and it’s little brother the Europa League started up again weeks ago. Great anticipation was evident for the enticing matchups, the world’s greatest players, its drama, its action – and its money. The total pot of earnings stands to be divided by the 32 teams in Europe’s finest competition, and has now […]

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Uli Hoeness’s flirts with Werder Bremen


Some marriages aren’t meant to be. Most German football fans think about the epic feuds between former Werder manager Willi Lemke and Uli Hoeness when they think about the Bayern president’s relationship with Werder Bremen. Lemke and Hoeness are polar opposites in many regards. Lemke is a northerner with a dry sense of humor, and a member of the Social Democrats. Hoeness […]

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