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Schalke display their Champions League finest in honourable defeat


Real Madrid 3 (Ronaldo 25′, 45′, Benzema 53′) Schalke 4 (Fuchs 20′, Huntelaar 40′, 87′, Sane 57′) During Tuesday’s match, several tweets from both neutral and Schalke fan sites paraphrased the same message: “Not the same Schalke side.” Not the same Schalke side that was woefully inadequate in losing the Revierderby 3-0 to Dortmund. Not the same listless Schalke side […]

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Christoph Kramer is unquestionably returning to Leverkusen . . . unless he isn’t.


“Leverkusen? Nothing has been decided.” That is the quote Kicker.de attributed to Borussia Mönchengladbach midfielder Christoph Kramer in a story published Wednesday. “I am under contract to play in Leverkusen as of summer 2015,” quotes Bild.de, “As it currently stands, I’m headed there to play, as of this summer. And not just because I must, but because the ‘concept’ there has me completely […]

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Pep’s admiration for world chess champions Magnus Carlsen


Franz Beckenbauer famously said that “Football isn’t chess”; however, these days the word Rasenschach is to be found in many German dictionaries. Translated word-by-word, the expression could be broken down into lawn chess, but – before you start thinking about chess pieces standing in a park being moved around by old geezers – the actually meaning of the phrase translates to a battle between […]

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Verzweifelt und Verflixt


On the way to work this morning I’d be stuck in traffic, and and after fiddling a bit with the car’s in-built MP3 player I’d randomly spin the control to a random track. It would land on the Tyrolean folk group Die Ursprung Buam – and a typically foot-tapping ditty called Verzweifelt und verflixt – crudely translated, “desperate and confounded”. These two words would […]

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Real Madrid Brush Aside Disappointing Bayern Munich


Real Madrid produced a master class in how to play total football as they totally dismantled a rather embarrassing Bayern side Tuesday in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal meeting, ending the Bavarians’ dreams of a second consecutive treble with a 4-0 humbling at the Allianz Arena. No real chances were produced in the first half until Real […]

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