March 30, 2017

The Thrill is Gone- Champions League fatigue

September 7, 2016 Max Regenhuber 1

Our favourite European football mafia UEFA will “evolve” its premier competition again in 2018. OFFICIAL: The top four teams from the four highest-ranked leagues will enter the #UCL group stage from 2018. — Champions […]

Toni Kroos among the Galacticos

September 1, 2014 Chalkontheboots 0

When the opportunity arises to sign a player of the calibre of Toni Kroos for around £20million, it’s not really a difficult decision to make. And when you’re the President of Real Madrid, you don’t […]

Verzweifelt und Verflixt

April 30, 2014 Rick Joshua 0

On the way to work this morning I’d be stuck in traffic, and and after fiddling a bit with the car’s in-built MP3 player I’d randomly spin the control to a random track. It would […]

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