The Case for Joel Veltman Replacing Mats Hummels at BVB


FC Bayern have struck again! Mats Hummels returning to his former club Bayern Munich and the Bavarians have agreed on a 35 million euro fee for the German International, making him the third player high profile player to move from Dortmund to Bayern in the space of four seasons. Although Borussia Dortmund are known for their ability replace their departing players quite […]

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The Five Biggest Bayern Transfer (Robberies) of my Lifetime

bayern munich44

After hearing about the “Mats Hummels to Bayern” breaking news, young Bundesliga fans were outraged, veteran fans just thought “Damn, it has happened again, hasn’t it?”. Bayern (again) gets two jobs done in the move: they will improve an already superior roster and weaken their fiercest rival. While I respect that Bayern only does what’s best for them and isn’t […]

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“Lewa… who?” – Dortmund and the ability to replace everyone


It is over. No, seriously. Over. O.V.E.R. Borussia Dortmund will log out. The “Schwarzgelben” will not participate next Bundesliga-Season. The things just get too hard and there is no fun anymore. Maybe it is possible to find another club. Maybe Bayern or Barcelona… Winning titles and stuff. Stop! You may find one or two pieces of irony in the first […]

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SV Darmstadt 0 – 2 Borussia Dortmund: Guests Do Their Part to Keep Title Race Alive


Intro Going into the match, Darmstadt clung to the bottom of the midtable, while Dortmund tried to avoid a classic “trap game” scenario with huge matches against Bayern and Tottenham Hotspur (Europa League) looming large. The guests broke through when Adrian Ramos scored (38′, Aubameyang assisting), then sealed the deal when Erik Durm scored (53′, Ramos assisting). As the match […]

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Like a Diamond, Borussia Dortmund Need Pressure


There is a saying that may explain Borussia Dortmund these days: diamonds only can be created under pressure. Thomas Tuchel’s squad needs pressure to be good. That was and has been the motto for the first half of the 2015/16 season. Fans should be glad that the annoying group-stage of the Europa League is finally over. It seemed that Dortmund could not perform consistently […]

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What does England’s plundering of the Bundesliga mean for the future?


Liverpool’s €41 million signing of Roberto Firmino has certainly grabbed the headlines this week as the Brazilian’s move set a new record for a transfer fee paid to a German club. The accountants at Hoffenheim will be pleased, but does the financial clout of the English Premier League pose serious consequences for the Bundesliga? The sale of Firmino to Liverpool […]

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Ten Bundesliga Doppelgängers


They say there is a person out there somewhere that is your exact likeness- your doppelgänger. The Bundesliga too is rife with players, trainers and presidents who bear an uncanny resemblance to another famous person. Take a look at these pairs separated at birth for a bit of light-hearted merriment. First up we have Hannover 96 president Martin Kind. Aside […]

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