Thomas Müller To The Premier League? The Pros and Cons


It seems it was only yesterday when the ‘silly season’ of the summer transfer window ended, but the countdown to the next period of transfer speculation, rumour-mongering, and downright made-up lies has begun. The summer saw the almost-unthinkable actually happen when Bastian Schweinsteiger ended a 14-year relationship with Bayern Munich and switched to Manchester United. The Red Devils also reportedly made a […]

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Netherlands 0 – 0 Germany – A Conversation Imagined


The phone call imagined, earlier this week.. Louis van Gaal:  Hallo, Jogi?  This is Louie. Jogi Löw:  Ahhh, Louie, how are you? LvG:  Fine, fine.  We have that friendly Wednesday evening, you know…. JL:  Yes, I do recall.  A friendly….we hate each other (chuckles) LvG:  Yes we do (chuckles).  The pressure is on here, though, after our Euro debacle. JL: […]

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THE CURIOUS CASE OF FC BAYERN: Its Continuing Problems and the Gomez Paradox


The first match day of the 49th installment of the Bundesliga came to a close this past weekend and Bayern Munich were at the forefront of the round’s biggest upset.  The 0-1 home loss to Borussia Mönchengladbach was their first opening season loss in 10 years and the first time the visitors had beaten them at home in nearly two […]

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Ghosts of 2001 – memories of the last European Champions to come out of Germany


It will be with a heavy heart and the bittersweet tears of nostalgia that the red half of Munich will look on as Manchester United and FC Barcelona do battle at Wembley tomorrow evening. At the final of dreams, between arguably the two best teams in Europe, FC Bayern will be notable only by their absence, if at all. With […]

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Bayern’s myopic policies a product of Uli Hoeness’s whims


  How quickly things change. Just a little under two months ago, everything looked about as rosy as it could possibly get for a stony-faced Amsterdammer residing in a leafy suburb in Munich. Louis van Gaal had just guided German giants Bayern Munich to a 1-0 win over Inter Milan in Italy, going part of the way to avenge their […]

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Bayern München 6 – 0 Hamburg: Robben and Ribery rampant as Bayern record biggest win of the season


Introduction – Battle of the Lame Ducks The last two weeks have been the low point of Bayern season, and one of the worst in recent memory.  Bayern had not lost 3 consecutive matches in over 10 years and the media fiasco surrounding Van Gaal’s summer exit and replacement as a result was inspiring anything but stability to a team […]

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Inter Milan 0-1 Bayern München: Bayern patience pays off – A tactical analysis


Introduction A lot has been said in the run up to this match.  Most notably, the fact that this was a replay of last year’s final and that inevitably led to the many narratives pundits and journalists espouse in such instances.  Would Inter be the same without Mourinho?  Can Bayern take their revenge and redeem themselves?  Both teams have struggled […]

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Bayern München 4 – 0 1899 TSG Hoffenheim – Robben and Ribery make the difference as Bayern dominate


Introduction When Arjen Robben was signed at the beginning of last season pundits across the world immediately put their brains to work to come up with a moniker for what was to be one of Europe’s best wing pairings.  “Robbery” emerged in numerous publications and on the lips of commentators world wide but rarely ever where it really counted.  Because of their reoccurring injuries […]

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