We at the Fanatic love our German football, but also appreciate and follow the game worldwide and recognize the many great football blogs and websites that we enjoy. Because we believe that “sharing is caring,” here are just some we thoroughly appreciate and wholeheartedly recommend.

Official Club Sites

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German Football

Bundesliga Classic –  A History of German football through its most iconic images.
Bundesliga Official Website – The Official website of the Bundesliga
11Freunde – Online and print magazine about German football culture (in German)
Raphael Honigstein Guardian column – The weekly column of one of German football’s most renowned correspondents.
Spielverlagerung – A German language based website focusing on all things tactics.
DFB – The official website of the German Football Association.
Uli Hesse ESPNSoccernet Column –  A weekly column from one of German football’s greatest historians/writers.
Kicker – Germany’s leading sports magazine, covers everything from news, matches, interviews, etc (in German).
Chucrute FC Podcast – the only Brazilian-based, Portuguese podcast devoted to the Bundesliga.
Hey Eintracht Frankfurt Podcast – Die Adler talk in English from Brian and Nathan, both Missourians, so of course we love it here
Writing Fussball — Nik Wildhagen and Terry Duffelin combine for a new site and a different look on Germany’s game
Talking Fussball Podcast – Weekly Bundesliga podcast hosted by Matt Herrmann and featuring our own Abel Meszaros.
vollraute abroad – English language Borussia Monchengladbach podcast
NeverkusenPodcast – The only English language podcast focusing on Bayer Leverkusen
MIASANROT Podcast – All Bayern talk hosted by @fussballsusie
Fell in Love with a Girl Podcast – All things FC St. Pauli, in English, from Canada
Gegenpressing Podcast  A fine English-language podcast about German football
Yellow Wall Pod – All the fascinating BvB news in English
FC Schalke 04 Podcast  All the latest Royal Blues news in English
The 2.Bundesliga Podcast — Unique English language discussion of Germany’s 2nd division
Radio Free Weser – A fine Werder Bremen podcast in English
The Challengers Podcast – A good mix of BuLi, EPL and MLS talk
Deutsche Welle – Germany’s international broadcaster, bringing you the latest sports news in English.
Fox Soccer – Great global coverage of the beautiful game.
Schwarz und Weiß – An English language site focusing on the German National Team.
American Geissbock – Everything and more about 1.FC Koln in English
The Set Pieces – This English site looks to cover the game away from the world of news, match recaps, and heat maps, focusing on interviews and storytelling for a unique entry into the football world.
Union in English – Great English blog about Union Berlin and host site of the new English Union Berlin fan club.
Bayern Central – All Bayern, all the time
The Blue Miracle – Hoffenheim and more Hoffenheim

Other Football

The Short Pass – A new site from many of the folks from the IBWM staff
Zonal Marking – A website geared towards the tactical analysis of the game, always insightful and informative.
backpagefootball – A football website covering the game from all corners of the world.
Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game – A site devoted to exploring the game from the stands, including German matches
Dirty Tackle – Yahoo Sports blog about world’s football’s most interesting and idiosyncratic moments.
The Swiss Ramble – The go to blog for the business and financial aspect of the beautiful game.
TotaalVoetball Central – Tactical analysis of big matches around the world.
This Day in Football – A blog updated daily covering “football’s milestones from the mundane to the magnificent.”
The Blizzard – The brainchild of author/journalist Jonathan Wilson, a quarterly publication feat. in depth pieces, stories, history and analysis.
Jonathan Wilson’s Guardian Column – The column of noted football writer and tactics expert.
When Saturday Comes – Britain’s leading independent football magazine, offering a serious and humorous view of football.
Soccer Nostalgia – A great site for soccer news from the past
Howler Magazine – “A new magazine about soccer covering the global game from the perspective of North American fans” Beautifully laid out & designed.
Whoscored – Website specializing in in depth analysis and detailed football data
Transfermarkt – The greatest database of results, scores, statistics, players, and teams all collected in one site.
Snap, Kaka, Pop – A blog following and covering Brazilian football.
Twohundredpercent – Collecting a variety of engaging and thought provoking football stories.
Sambafoot – A website dedicated to the beautiful game in the land of samba.
FrenchFootballWeekly – The premier blog for french football news for the English speaking audience.
Regista Blog – A football blog covering a wide variety of topics and issues concerning the beautiful game.
The Center Circle – A unique website specializing in new kit and equipment reviews.
Historic Soccer Videotapes – A great source for purchasing or trading vintage classic soccer dvds including World Cup, international matches and club matches from around the world.
Fussballdaten – Comprehensive database of football scores, competitions, squads & players
Squawka – A brilliant web application delivering real time data on football matches, full of great stats and analysis
ChampionsLeague.ca – Analysis, discussion, and news from the top European clubs.
Czech Up – A home of Czech football in the English language.
Benefoot – The best of Belgian and Dutch Football in English.
LG1 – A site dedicated to analyzing French Ligue 1 games.
World Soccer Talk – An outstanding site covering the beautiful game.
Futbolgrad — An outstanding site devoted to football in the post-Soviet regions
Futebolcidade – Sister site of Futbolgrad, great coverage of futebol in the Americas

Sports – General
The Classical – An independent sports site delivering insightful and informative sports coverage
The Score – Comprehensive sports coverage from around the world
Sport is Our Story – An intellectual and unique take on sports by Travis Timmons

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  1. Good sites but do you have one for Borussia Monchengladbach? I am a Gladbach fan and that’s why I am asking. I love the Bundesliga.

  2. Good website, and good to see a fellow English Bundesliga Blog. Was wondering if you would mind adding our website to your list, if you have a chance to have a look.

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