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The Bundesliga Fanatic is always looking to provide new content from a variety of perspectives. As a result, we welcome new contributors and ideas with open arms and encourage all interested to jump on board and get involved.

What to write for the site? Well, that is entirely up to you. German football coverage can be as broad as your imagination will allow. We feature match reports, interviews, historic pieces, editorials, news updates, etc., but anything pertaining to German football or the Bundesliga is welcome. Let your mind run as wild as Oliver Kahn in a penalty shoot-out.

If you have an idea for a piece or something already prepared, simply get in touch with us at editor@bundesligafanatic.com to share it with us. In your e-mail use “Article Idea” in the subject field if you have something about which you wish to write. Use “Finished Article” as the subject, if you have your piece ready, which you should then simply attach to the email (preferably as a word file or via Google Doc). Describe your idea or piece, provide us with a two to three sentence thesis, and we will gladly take a look.

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As a fan, do you something to say about your club? Are you fed up with your team’s coach or the performace of your players? Are you proud of your team and feel they deserve some praise? Perhaps you want to highlight a player or performance you feel has been underrated or gone under the radar.

Fan Corner allows you to chime in with your opinion as a fan. The idea is to keep it brief (500-1000) words and let your voice as a football supporter be heard without the retraints of journalistic objectivity. Just e-mail your work to us at editor@bundesligafanatic.com and put “Fan Corner” in the subject line.


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  1. Just found your blog about a week ago. I’ve been a fan of Juventus for about 10 years now but ever since fox soccer channel kicked the bucket, Serie A has gone to Bein. (And I’m not about to upgrade my dish contract just for one channel!) So ever since last year I have found myself enthralled by the Bundesliga on Fox Sports. Can’t get enough of it! I downloaded the app and have been looking for a blog to read articles that don’t just tackle the usual sports news. Don’t really have a favorite club….yet. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your site. And I just bought Uli Hesse’s TOR! to catch up on some history.

  2. Just wanted to say there’s a typo in the advertising section;

    “Thousands of readers daily provide potentiall advertisers”


  3. I would really like to know how can a normal person join a German club. I have been living in Offenbach, Germany since 10 months and I really want to join a club. I wanna see how good i really am at football right now. Please give me some advice. Thank you.

  4. Dear Bundesliga Fanatic,

    Having recently come across your blog, I’ve had the pleasure to read your insightful articles and interviews, the content is refreshing to read and shows your depth of knowledge on the German game.

    This is why I’m contacting you. Our developer team has created an innovate football trivia app and we’re inviting football specialists to collaborate with us a couple of months before our release.

    Using all your knowledge and insight in the world of German football, what we are offering is for you to make your very own ‘Bundesliga Fanatic’ trivia category. We would like to share an opportunity for you to showcase your stuff via our app in a trivia format; once we launch the app it could provide your readers the chance to play their favourite blog in a trivia format with questions that relate to your future blog content,

    Just a brief summary about who we are, Thinktoscore is based in Copenhagen and we’ve created a football trivia app that offers categories and questions from all leagues including most up-to-date football events and the 20th century era gone by. Every game is interactive and is aimed at football fans from all over the world who are able to challenge friends or random opponents to the category of their choice.

    We have created an on-line community where users can create their own categories to publish, so it is really easy to try it out and get going. A video prototype example can be shared with you if you would like a free demonstration.

    If this has sparked any interest with you guys, please let me know,

    many thanks

    Phill Boardman

  5. If you yearn for a first division side (which is understandable, considering it would be easier to follow), Borussia Dortmund is a good place to start a long-term relationship.

    While I am a proud Freiburger, I’m acquainted with a lot of Dortmund fans, and boy, their passion is endless.

    After the era of Jürgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel – former Mainz coach; will he repeat history with the Schwarzgelben? – has brought fresh air to Die Borussen. New players have been brought. Kevin Kampl, Julian Weigl and Roman Bürki are some of the names who have impressed this pre-season. And with his tactical flexibility (as opposed to ‘Kloppo”s outdated gegenpressing), Dortmund will surely have an exciting 2015/16 campaign. And maybe, they’ll even win the (Europa?) league! Who knows? Anything can happen in the Bundesliga.

    (P.S.: BVB is a famous, romantic club – Echte Liebe isn’t just a marketing strategy, it’s a real feeling. It’s the “passion” to Bayern’s “money”. Unfortunately, as a big club housing world champions, “bandwagons” – if you mean people who don’t know/care about the history of their club, or purely following them for the player’s “good looks” – are everywhere.)

  6. Don’t like Stuttgart? Then their rival, SC Freiburg, might be good for you! Sure, they were relegated last season, but it’s not too hard to find 2. Bundesliga matches on TV. While they’ve changed from charming European contenders to more defensive, inconsistent lot, we’ve started 2015/16 on a high note, winning 6:3 vs Nürnberg and 1:0 against the blue side of Munich with livelier football splashed with interesting new signings. Our star so far, though, is Nils Petersen, who took the brave decision to go down with Freiburg (and scored a hattrick in 5 minutes on MD 1 and the winning goal in Allianz Arena) – hopefully, he’ll fire the Badener back to the first division!

    Now, supporting a club isn’t merely an on-pitch matter. Some SC Freiburg fans may be “bandwagons” from our glorious, almost-UCL-season, but we stay true to our club and team – never will you hear an SC fan boo their players or whine at losses, as most fans of bigger clubs are wont to do.

    A calm, optimistic fanbase may seem boring, but as a club that struggles with inconsistency (and just look at the competition in the second tier! Recent playoff losers KSC with top scorer Hennings, FCK, even the inevitable rise of RB Leipzig)… Our rollercoaster season and our charming coach, Christian Streich’s antics will be part of an adventure. If you’re an SC fan, you’ll never have a boring day!

  7. I’m a long time bundesliga fan, but I never picked a team to support. I want to pick one, I have family in Germany but they are bandwagoners and support Bayern. I have taken out Bayern, Stuttgart and Hamburg out of the mix I don’t like any of them. I need advice on picking a team, any guide or words of advice would be nice. I’m of albanian descent but with family in Germany. Any advice would be nice what do you guys think??

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