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An Englishman’s Early Season Bundesliga Weekend


Since diving head first into Bundesliga football during the autumn of 2011, my brother and I had made regular biannual trips to Germany that at their most chaotic had seen us squeeze as many as 8 games into 10 days. The subsequent years had seen us cover the full length and breadth of the country as our appetite to seek […]

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A Journey off the Beaten Track to Unterhaching


Having booked my trip to Munich to see FC Bayern take on Borussia Mönchengladbach at the Allianz Arena, I started to consider my schedule for the weekend. With Bayern playing on the Sunday evening and my arriving on the Saturday morning, my immediate thought was to look for a game taking place in the city that afternoon. Having trawled through […]

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An Englishman’s Football Excursion into Eastern Germany


Our previous four trips had seen my brother and I conquer vast swathes of the West, the North and the South of Germany, so it was inevitable that we’d focus our next adventure on the relatively mysterious East. I use the word mysterious, because having grown up during the latter stages of the Cold War I’d always been intrigued by […]

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Frankfurt Derby Double, Part 2. SV Darmstadt 98 v FSV Frankfurt, 24/9/2014.


This article was originally published on the blog Adventures in Bundesliga. It’s the morning after the night before and we’re back at Frankfurt’s main train station. After the previous evening’s race against time to get to the Commerzbank Arena following an S-bahn cancellation, we’re hoping today will go according to plan. Standing on the platform, we watch the screen steadily counting down the […]

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Frankfurt Derby Double, Part 1. Eintracht Frankfurt v 1. FSV Mainz 05, 23/9/2014.


This article was originally published on the Adventures in Bundesliga blog. German efficiency. Rewind to the recent World Cup and take a look at any match report or article on Germany’s triumph and I will wager that nine times out of ten, the word efficiency is in there somewhere. German efficiency. The two words are synonymous with each other. After seven […]

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No fear, but loathing in Wolfsburg


It’s October 4th and the sun is shining down on the Volkswagen Arena. I’m sitting close to the pitch watching the match unfold amidst the Wolfsburg faithful. In the 58th minute Dieter Hecking’s men have finally managed to crack the Augsburg defence wide open. The Brazilian defender Naldo had taken the ball upfield and continued his run, then engaged in a […]

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The Lohmühle in Lübeck – Flashes of the past and promises for the future


There are certain things that you hang on to for the rest of your life, simply because of the sentimental value to these possessions which signify who you were at a particular period during your life. My first Panini sticker album was one of those items, I think to myself while sitting in the bar right next to the Lohmühle looking straight […]

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Danke Dolo

Steve Cherundolo Header Image

This is my first season of attending the Bundesliga. I did get hooked watching Dortmund last year in the Champions League and my first game this season was at the Westfalionstadion; however, as much as I enjoyed going there, I felt that I wanted to experience the football culture with a smaller club. I opted for Hannover 96, partly because […]

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On Becoming a Lüneburger SK Hansa Fan


Lüneburg is a small town just half an hour outside of Hamburg in northern Germany. Many of the buildings are from the Middle Ages with modern amenities to blend the brick and mortar of its time as a salt empire, with the handys and currywurst under Angela Merkel. There’s also a small university and plenty of breathtaking churches of different faiths […]

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An Englishman’s English Week in Bavaria


Having just returned from our third successive pre-Christmas trip to Germany, my brother and I had no desire to wait another year for our next dose of live Bundesliga action.  The upcoming “English Week” in March was too big an opportunity to miss and when the fixtures were finalised our preferred Bavarian excursion fell perfectly into place. We were fortunate […]

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