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Tradition in Trouble Part 2: Rot-Weiss Essen Is Lost Without Helmut Rahn

04112015_Rot-Weiss Essen knit logo_header

The most famous moment in German sports broadcasting history goes like this: Kopfball! Abgewehrt! Aus dem Hintergrund müsste Rahn schiessen. Rahn schießt…TOR! TOR! TOR! TOR! That translates to: Header! Cleared! From the background Rahn has to shoot. Rahn shoots…GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Herbert Zimmerman, the West German radio announcer, just described the unthinkable. The man who ripped the shot from […]

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Friday Night Coface – Malli Inspires Mainz to Magnificent Win


Late evening kick off under the floodlights, the warm buzz of anticipation in a mostly-full stadium, the knowledge that you’re about to see two teams of highly talented players go head to head in a game everyone at home’s also watching. Is there anything better when it comes to football? Not much. On Friday I made the very short trip […]

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A 3.Liga Road Trip to Wiesbaden

wehen wiesbaden

In the midst of the international break for domestic fixtures, one might imagine that there’s absolutely nothing football-wise happening on the domestic front in Germany right now. It’s a fair but incorrect assumption, as Germany’s national third tier and Regional leagues below it have continued to play host to a number of games – and it makes sense, given that […]

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An Englishman’s Early Season Bundesliga Weekend


Since diving head first into Bundesliga football during the autumn of 2011, my brother and I had made regular biannual trips to Germany that at their most chaotic had seen us squeeze as many as 8 games into 10 days. The subsequent years had seen us cover the full length and breadth of the country as our appetite to seek […]

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A Journey off the Beaten Track to Unterhaching


Having booked my trip to Munich to see FC Bayern take on Borussia Mönchengladbach at the Allianz Arena, I started to consider my schedule for the weekend. With Bayern playing on the Sunday evening and my arriving on the Saturday morning, my immediate thought was to look for a game taking place in the city that afternoon. Having trawled through […]

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An Englishman’s Football Excursion into Eastern Germany


Our previous four trips had seen my brother and I conquer vast swathes of the West, the North and the South of Germany, so it was inevitable that we’d focus our next adventure on the relatively mysterious East. I use the word mysterious, because having grown up during the latter stages of the Cold War I’d always been intrigued by […]

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