New Year’s Treat — Schalke and Leverkusen at the Florida Cup

Florida Cup 2016 Header Image

It’s winter break time for the Bundesliga, and although we fans miss the weekly matches, for me winter break is a good thing.  It provides the opportunity for players and coaches to relax, visit family and friends for the holidays, and in many cases heal from the accumulated knocks and bruises from the season’s first half.  And we fans across […]

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Tradition in Trouble Part 2: Rot-Weiss Essen Is Lost Without Helmut Rahn

04112015_Rot-Weiss Essen knit logo_header

The most famous moment in German sports broadcasting history goes like this: Kopfball! Abgewehrt! Aus dem Hintergrund müsste Rahn schiessen. Rahn schießt…TOR! TOR! TOR! TOR! That translates to: Header! Cleared! From the background Rahn has to shoot. Rahn shoots…GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! GOAL! Herbert Zimmerman, the West German radio announcer, just described the unthinkable. The man who ripped the shot from […]

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Friday Night Coface – Malli Inspires Mainz to Magnificent Win


Late evening kick off under the floodlights, the warm buzz of anticipation in a mostly-full stadium, the knowledge that you’re about to see two teams of highly talented players go head to head in a game everyone at home’s also watching. Is there anything better when it comes to football? Not much. On Friday I made the very short trip […]

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A 3.Liga Road Trip to Wiesbaden

wehen wiesbaden

In the midst of the international break for domestic fixtures, one might imagine that there’s absolutely nothing football-wise happening on the domestic front in Germany right now. It’s a fair but incorrect assumption, as Germany’s national third tier and Regional leagues below it have continued to play host to a number of games – and it makes sense, given that […]

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