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The Incredible Lightness of Now Being… a Bundesliga Fanatic

by Gerry Wittmann

Being a fanatic, a fan, a supporter of a sporting club entails the duality of lightness and heaviness.  The heaviness occurs, for example, in being a suffering supporter of a club that seems too often clueless in its decision-making ie perhaps like a certain North German red-shorted side or a Swabian club from the South. […]

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Five Years On: A Personal Reflection on the Legacy of Robert Enke

by Kai Dambach

The middle of November has plenty of meaning to Germans. The Berlin Wall fell on November 9, and plenty of important birthdays on November 10. Martin Luther, the guy who told the Catholic Church they’re not right in the head and formed Protestantism, Friedrich von Schiller, the composer of the EU’s anthem “Ode to Joy” […]

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Screaming in their silence: Union Berlin fans deliver strong protest against RB Leipzig

by Janek Speight

As Sebastian Polter races towards goal and calmly slots the ball past RB Leipzig keeper Benjamin Bellot, close to 20,000 fans erupt in a cacophony of emotion at the Stadion An der Alte Försterei. Good has prevailed over evil, and order has been restored, if only temporarily. It’s a Sunday afternoon in September, and the […]

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Circumventing “Second Team” Taboos: Six Bundesliga Options

by Will Sharp

Within the context of any form of entertainment it is intrinsic for us, as spectators, to direct our support towards one particular camp, to root for one distinct winner, whether this be the protagonist of a film or an athlete in a race. This is how any spectacle is made to be entertaining because by […]

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The Ever-Increasing Allure Of The Bundesliga

by Will Sharp

As one of the many millions of football fans who call England home, I consider myself to be spoilt by my country’s top domestic league. Every year sees no fewer than three major broadcasters compete with intensifying fervour for the rights to televise the league’s biggest games, meaning that no blockbusters go unwatched, and with […]

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Dynamo Dresden beat Schalke 04 in DFB Pokal

Another Missed Fortune: Analyzing Schalke’s Pokal Cup Loss to Dresden

by Tim Snoddon

Schalke’s true beginning of the 2014/15 campaign began with a first round DFB Pokal defeat Monday to third division foes SG Dynamo Dresden, 2-1. It is important to remember that the season has just begun and yes it’s long and hard, but this mighty setback to Schalke just brings back up the questions that can […]

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A Fan’s View on the Pokal’s First Round

by Tobias Knöthig

This weekend the German teams will start to compete for the DFB Pokal, the national cup, for the 72nd time. Making it to the next round is not only important for prestige purposes but for financial reasons as well. Especially for the 2nd or 3rd division teams the money for making it to the next […]

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From Bangladesh to the German National Team: Thank you

by quazi zulquarnain

I still remember vividly the first time football made me cry. It was during the wee hours of a stifling hot July night twenty years ago when a game played in the other side of a world I had never seen, bought unrequited tears to the eyes of an 8-year-old boy in Bangladesh. Germany were […]

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An Englishman who fell in love with Die Mannschaft

by David Morris

On the eve of one of German football’s biggest nights in recent memory, I, an Englishman, must make a shocking admission. I love German football, and more shockingly, the German national team. While most other neutrals, including a large majority of the English football followers will be craving a romantic win for the Brazilian hosts, […]

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An Englishman’s English Week in Bavaria

by Jon Godfrey

Having just returned from our third successive pre-Christmas trip to Germany, my brother and I had no desire to wait another year for our next dose of live Bundesliga action.  The upcoming “English Week” in March was too big an opportunity to miss and when the fixtures were finalised our preferred Bavarian excursion fell perfectly […]

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