Anticipating the End: Pep, “the Messiah,” suddenly becomes human


At some point a few years ago, we thought that Jesus Christ himself rose from the dead and everyone in Germany sang hallelujah. Jupp Heynckes had just ended his career at the side-line of the Allianz Arena and the most thrilling, exciting and maybe “best” coach (we will come to this later) in the world was knocking on the red-white […]

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Champions League title, or failure – Guardiola under pressure


Pep Guardiola has won the Bundesliga twice and the DFB-Pokal once. From Bayern’s point of view, it possible to think of the Bundesliga and the Pokal as useless. If you win the Bundesliga eight times in ten years, you would not be celebrating either. We all know what ambitions Pep Guardiola had when he came to Bayern. He wanted to infect Bayern with […]

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Borussia Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Then vs Now


April 28th 2015, the semi-final of the DfB Pokal between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. The hopes of millions hang in the balance. 75 minutes played, Bayern are a goal up and quite clearly the better team on the night but Dortmund were growing in confidence. Henrik Mkhitaryan’s delivery met by a skidding Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang levelled the game up for […]

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Pyros, Punishments, the DFB, and the Slippery Slope to “Modern Football”

Hessen Derby 2015 Feuer 3

The Hessenderby between Eintracht Frankfurt and Darmstadt 98 was one of my favorite Hinrunde matches. Eintracht hosted the long-dormant derby on matchday 15 (December 6th), and while the 0-1 scoreline in favor of visiting die Lilien underscored the match’s lack of final product and technical proficiency, the rowdy play and tempers on the pitch plus the loud and tense atmospherics were anything but […]

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Ex-Bundesliga Midfielder Thorsten Legat’s journey to reality television


It’s not often you see a former Bundesliga winner forced to chow down on insects and the slightly less edible parts of various larger animals, but for viewers of German television at present, this is an everyday reality. Former Bochum, Bremen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Schalke midfielder Thorsten Legat, a midfielder who made 243 Bundesliga appearances over a career spanning fifteen […]

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Why Hertha BSC Berlin is not a German Powerhouse (and Probably Never Will Be)


If you ask 100 random people who know about Germany but have no knowledge of German football where the biggest and most successful team is located, how many would name Berlin? At least 95%, probably. Then you ask 100 people who know the Bundesliga well that same question. Berlin would be mentioned exactly zero times. The explanation for that is […]

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