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Song of the Unsung Midfielders: Pirmin Schwegler


“Song of the Unsung Midfielders” is a series celebrating, well, midfielders who are unsung in the Bundesliga. The Fußballers who labor in a semi-anonymous state, orchestrating the dance between coordination and chaos that is football. I have a weakness for these players, as they toil away in large heat-map territories through the heart of the pitch. This series will celebrate their work […]

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Where Art Thou, Mario Götze?


Beside the final outcomes, it’s almost impossible to draw any similarities between Bayern München’s successive exit from the semi-finals stage of the UEFA Champions League. A year ago, Pep Guardiola’s Bayern was under a lot of pressure for possessing too much of the ball without penetrating the eventual champions Real Madrid, and conceding too much space at the back for Cristiano […]

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Wolves and an Angstgegner: Gladbach’s Climb to Qualification


What has following Borussia Mönchengladbach been like of late? Well, as they say, when it rains, it pours. That’s if the cliché had a more positive equivalent obviously; the club have raced into the Champions League spots thanks to the incredible job done both on and off the pitch by pretty much everyone involved with the club in recent years, […]

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Schalke Analysis: at Week 30, Questions abound in a Sinking Ship


Week 30 Result: Schalke 0-2 Mainz (Stefan Bell ’28, ’31) The state the Royal Blue are in now triggers endless questions and statements. Generally speaking, the questions come have rational origins, while the latter are the products of emotional outbursts from bitter and desperate fans. I am full of both in this article. I suggest that Schalke now has come to a cultural crossroad. The club must either […]

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Is the Party Already over for VfL Wolfsburg?


Football can be cruel. As I’ve written before, success itself is sometimes ironic – something I’m well acquainted with as a Borussia Dortmund lover. Increasingly in modern football, success contains the seeds of its own demise, unless you’re Real Madrid, Barça, Bayern, Man U, or possibly Chelsea (it’s too soon to judge for Man City and PSG). For everybody else, the party […]

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“It means nothing to me… Oh, Vienna”. Memories of FC Bayern v FC Porto, 1987


Ahead of FC Bayern München’s impending Champions’ League quarter-final against FC Porto, Rick Joshua provides his own memories of a match that still remains burned in the collective psyche of all FC Bayern fans who were around to experience it at the time. May 27th 1987. The Praterstadion, Vienna, and the European Cup final against first-time finalists FC Porto. A […]

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Last roll of the dice – Can Bruno Labbadia save HSV from relegation?


Once again, it’s been a tumultuous season for HSV – from start to finish. During the summer, the club had seemingly found its confidence again. The introduction of the “HSV Plus” concept was meant to change the club from being a sleeping giant with structural issues to becoming once again a team that could finish higher up the table. Additionally, Dietmar […]

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