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The Lineups They Carried: Reviewing the Bundesliga’s Tactical Formations from 2013/14

by Travis Timmons

The 2014-15 Bundesliga season starts in a matter of weeks. The transfer market is humming along to its usual dadaist tale, while our jangled nerves rest after the extra summer assignment of World Cup viewing. Meanwhile, in picturesque country towns, Bundesliga clubs are training and even playing friendlies. Bayern has even already won its first […]

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Does the Bundesliga’s Financial Fair Play System Add Up?

by John Fisher

The scenes these past weeks in Berlin as World Cup Winners Germany paraded the gold trophy in front of thousands of adoring fans have been well documented. Germany’s wonderful performance at the World Cup finals in Brazil has once again led to many people to believe that the German’s have not just got it right […]

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Franck Ribéry’s Race against Time

by Rahul Rangarajan

While a nation rejoiced in the city of Berlin as Die Nationalmannschaft returned home with the coveted World Cup for the first time since reunification, a calming aura was captured in the heart of Munich: Franck Ribéry completed his first training session with FC Bayern since an unfortunate back injury ruled him out of participating […]

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An open letter to FIFA regarding the 2018 World Cup

by Jason Motz

Although the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has just finished and supporters of die Nationalmannschaft are basking in the joy of Germany’s 4th championship, it’s not too early to look ahead and think about Germany defending its 4th championship in 2018. Supporters of die Mannschaft should already be excited about the players bursting through the […]

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Thomas Tuchel's modern tactics header

Thomas Tuchel’s Modern Tactics

by Lee Scott

Editor’s note: this piece, written by Lee Scott, first appeared in These Football Times in December 2013. With the author’s permission, we reprint it. If you don’t read These Football Times, you’re missing out. TFT‘s team regularly puts out original content covering the wide world of football. Give them a read; add them to RSS feed. […]

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Andreas Biermann suicide highlights struggle with depression in football

by Niklas Wildhagen

On Saturday night Andreas Biermann’s current club Spandauer Kickers confirmed that the 33-year-old had committed suicide. The former Union Berlin, Tennis Borussia Berlin and FC St. Pauli defender had struggled with depression for an extended period of time. Biermann himself had confirmed in 2012 that he had attempted to take his own life on three […]

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Thomas Tuchel’s Mainz: a Retrospective

by Adrian Sertl

With all of the press surrounding the World Cup that kicks off in Brazil this week, it bears repeating that Thomas Tuchel is currently unemployed as a football manager (well sort of, more on that later).  At the conclusion of the season, Tuchel, for reasons that are still unclear, resigned from his post as first […]

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Mario Goetze goal celebration header photo

Germany’s Narrative Hangs by a Final

by Travis Timmons

The narrative is crafted: finally, Germany has been rewarded for its fußballing makeover.  More specifically, the narrative unspools this way: over the last decade, Germany have transformed themselves from a stolidly “German” side of efficiency (and whatever other cliches apply) to one of exciting open football, thanks to revamping its entire development system. Like any […]

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Explaining the difference between Germany’s and Italy’s World Cup wins

by John Cavenaghi

This article was originally published on SerieAddicted.com, and excellent blog for all things Italian football. As Germany evens Italy’s four World Cups, Brazil 2014 teaches us a lesson on the difference between Germany and Italy: the former win when they should, the latter win when they shouldn’t. On the day in which Germany pulled even […]

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Social Media Agrees: Germany Deserves Win

by Elizabeth Eckhart

It seems to be the general consensus that yesterday’s match – while enthralling until the end – surprised no one. Though it is often difficult to pinpoint which team “deserves” a World Cup win more than another, there was no doubt across social media from both fans and competitors that the German win was a […]

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