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Medic! FC Bayern’s Injury Crisis and Guardiola’s Decisions

by Adrian Sertl

FC Bayern fans all across the world held their collective breaths when the news came down that team captain Philipp Lahm had injured himself in training earlier this week – they expected the worse but hoped for the best. The verdict, a broken ankle requiring surgery and a 3 month layoff. If there is any […]

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The Bundesliga’s Narrative Arcs by One Third

by Eskender Tamrat

Before the season kick-off, if someone told you Borussia Dortmund will be sitting in the very bottom of the standings ahead of the Borussia derby in a match roughly marking the end of the season’s first third, it’s a safe imagine that you’d not take the prediction seriously. Yet Jurgen Klopp’s two-faced side lost five league […]

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Song of the Unsung Midfielders: Zlatko Junuzovic

by Travis Timmons

‘Song of the Unsung Midfielders’ is a series celebrating, well, midfielders who are unsung in the Bundesliga. The Fußballers who labor in a semi-anonymous state, orchestrating the dance between the coordination and chaos that is football. I have a weakness for these players, as they toil away in large heat-map territories in the heart of the […]

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Uli Hoeness and Pep Guardiola – A special relationship

by Niklas Wildhagen

Describing Uli Hoeness, the person, is a difficult task, as author Juan Moreno notes in his excellent biography, Alles Auf Rot. Hoeness’ trial for tax evasion is certainly testimony to the fact of how much the perception of Bayern’s former president varies within the German public. On one side, there are those who protested outside the court, […]

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Germany’s clash with Gibraltar raises “Minnow Issue”

by Conor Garratt

Friday night’s match in Nürnberg between Germany and Gibraltar may appear a mismatch, but this latest addition to the ‘David and Goliath’ collection is no better or worse than any of its predecessors, and is a necessary part of a fair tournament qualification process. Being a mismatch doesn’t diminish the match’s importance as a game […]

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Counter- or Gegenpressing

by Rene Maric

This article was originally published on spielverlagerung.com and was translated from German into English by @rafamufc. Gegenpressing has been a buzzword in football tactics for the last five years and has garnered more and more attention in the media recently. Because of the success of FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, gegen- or counterpressing has been […]

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Suppose Bavaria Broke Free …

by Kai Dambach

After Scotland came within a few percentage points of leaving Great Britain in September, it made me think about what other places could think about breaking away from their motherland and setting out on their own, like a recent college graduate trying to start their own life (hey, that’s me!). The most obvious example is […]

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Viktor Skripnik: Changing Fortunes in Bremen?

by Adam Nilsson

Viktor Skripnik couldn’t have asked for a better start at his new job at Bremen. 2-1 against Mainz away, after being down 1-0, was followed up by a 2-0 victory against Stuttgart at home showed that the new coach already had created a moral strength in the dressing room that wasn’t there when Robin Dutt […]

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VfB Stuttgart: One Of Europe’s Great Underachievers?

by Ryan Hill

VfB Stuttgart, a team boasting three Bundesliga crowns and two more top-tier titles, have spent a only two campaigns outside of the top flight Bundesliga since its inauguration in 1963. They are now, however, up to old tricks once more. Anyone who follows German football will tell you that ‘inconsistency’ is a term virtually synonymous […]

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German football’s legends and reality

by Niklas Wildhagen

In all areas of life, we’experience at some point the difference between what we perceive as reality and the actual truth. At times, we are ignorant or simply not all that interested in the matter; other times history has been re-written over the years and the perceived reality has been agreed upon by vast groups […]

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