The Worst XI of the Bundesliga Rückrunde – Part 1 – Goalkeepers


Bayern were finally crowned champions after Dortmund’s chase ultimately fell short and thus the Bundesliga season has concluded. That only means the beginning of awards season, and pundits and websites have been churning out a steady stream of best of lists. Well, that’s all well and good, but instead of writing the 937th best of list that purports to be edgy – because […]

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Ten Talking Points on the 2015/2016 Bundesliga Season Part 1


The Bundesliga’s 2015/2016 season is just about over, with only the second legs of the two promotion/relegation playoffs yet to come, with Bayern Munich doing the double by winning the Pokal on penalties Saturday.  As always, it’s been another great Bundesliga season, but these first three of these ten narratives explain the special flavor of German football during 2015/2016 and how the league […]

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Marco Russ – First fighting relegation, then cancer


There’s an awful lot at stake in tonight’s relegation play off match between Eintracht Frankfurt and 1. FC Nürnberg. However, only hours before kick off there’s another bit of news that once again shows why football isn’t the most important thing on the planet. Eintracht defender and captain Marco Russ has been diagnosed with cancer ahead of the match. Russ […]

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Viktor Skripnik – Should he stay or should he go?


When security forces at the Weserstadion opened the gates, there was no holding back from the fans’ side. They stormed onto the pitch and celebrated the fact that Werder is staying in the Bundesliga for another season. Even the Green-and-Whites’ coach Viktor Skripnik had shown an uncharacteristic outburst of emotion on the sideline as his squad managed to escape the relegation […]

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The final Bundesliga MatchDay 2015/2016 Team of the Week


“Why do all good things come to an end?” That is the question, as noted contemporary thinker Nelly Furtado pondered but they do and we have arrived to the end of the 2015/16 season in which the final matchday of the Bundesliga brought us 29 goals and a lot of weird results. Bayern lifting the trophy and Robert Lewandowski breaking the […]

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