The forgotten legacy of Jimmy Hogan – Part 5


When Jimmy Hogan died in January 1974 at 91-years-old he could look back on a long and very productive career as a coach. He had started early as 28-year-old man and stayed with it until his mid-70s. Most who knew him tell a story of a man who was well-mannered and polite, but who had very little else beside football on his mind. Even after he retired Hogan continued to work for Burnley and Aston Villa as a scout, turning them onto young promising players. The impact Hogan has had on […]

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Jimmy Hogan’s Dramatic Escape from Germany – Part 4


After turning Dresdner SC into a force to be reckoned with within German football, Jimmy Hogan and his family thought it was time to move on. Hogan had fallen out with some of the officials at the club. Once again, his argument was financial in nature. In the past, he had left several clubs because he thought he wasn’t paid well enough. This time, there was also the ever-changing political scene in Germany at the beginning of the 1930’s. Both Hogan and his good friend Hugo Meisl saw and worried […]

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Five Memorable Borussen Derbies


Every time Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach go head-to-head, many people predict a high scoring, pulsating and entertaining game. Here’s a look back to five of the most memorable matches between these two sides. #1 Hosts humiliate Dortmund (11/04/15) Borussia Mönchengladbach 3-1 Borussia Dortmund With both sides entering the game without a few of their star players, both teams acknowledged that this wasn’t an easy game and most of all, neither one of them could afford to lose. The first goal of this nerve-racking game came via Borussia Mönchengladbach’s left-back: Oscar Wendt scored the […]

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Jimmy Hogan takes charge of Dresdner SC – Part 3


After leaving the German FA for his new coaching position, Jimmy Hogan once again had the challenge of teaching a new group of pupils his footballing philosophy. Over the years, he had seen how eager the Germans were to take in all that he could teach. Later on, Hogan would describe Germany as the most-industrious country he had ever worked in. When arriving at Dresdner SC in 1928, Hogan was impressed by the fact that club was actually willing to make considerable investments to develop its infrastructure and facilities. There […]

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Richard Hofmann: One of Jimmy Hogan’s Discoveries – Part 2


Developing youngsters at the club and turning them into first-team players was one of Jimmy Hogan’s top priorities. The Englishman had a knack for finding talent where nobody else would bother to look. Despite being employed by the DFB to hold lectures and training sessions after arriving in Germany, Jimmy Hogan never stopped looking for talented youngsters. On one of his journeys he came across Richard Hofmann, who at the time was playing for Meerane 07, a club just outside of Zwickau in Saxony. Hogan discovered quickly that Hofmann was quick, […]

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Jimmy Hogan and the Art of Communicating with Your Feet – Part 1


Communicating by simply showing the players what they are supposed to do and how it is done has long been a tactic used by football coaches who don’t speak the same language as their pupils. Former Bolton and Burnley player Jimmy Hogan became a master of employing that tactic upon embarking on his remarkable journey onto the continent. Few coaches have had an impact in as many countries as the Englishman who was born in Lancashire in 1882. After his decent playing career was cut short by injury, Hogan embarked on […]

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Bundesliga Snapshot: Timo Konietzka’s scandalous reunion with his former teammates


Kicker magazine called it “Skandalspiel der Giganten” – a scandalous game of the giants. The giants in question were 1860 Munich and Borussia Dortmund that played in an infamous grudge match on Matchday 8 of the 1966-67 Bundesliga season. Both clubs had been two of the more successful teams in German football in the early years of the Bundesliga. When the national league began in 1963 there was no dominant force in the game. Bayern Munich’s rise was only a few years away but in the meantime the Bundesliga title changed […]

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The one that got away- Preben Elkjaer-Larsen


Sometimes things just don’t work out for a player at a club and it is best for all concerned to part company and move on. However, when that happens and the player concerned goes on to become one of world football’s most explosive talents, it does beg the question of what could have been and whether more could have been done to iron out any problems. This is just the scenario that affected 1.FC Köln in the late seventies and how they must be kicking themselves knowing what they now […]

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Tull Harder and Asbjørn Halvorsen – A friendship torn apart


Picture caption: Asbjørn Halvorsen talking to club president Karl Martens (left) and the NS party’s sports representative Egon-Arthur Schmidt (right) after his farewell match.(Rights to the picture are held by the HSV Archiv) Steam was already coming out of the train engine as Asbjørn Halvorsen waited to leave Hamburg after having served HSV as both a player and a coach for more than 12 years combined. He had left his home country of Norway in 1921 and travelled to Germany to learn the German language and to work for Sloman, a […]

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When it goes wrong, they are the first to cop the flack and find their job on the line. When it goes right, they get the credit, but it’s the players who bask in the glory. Who’d be a Bundesliga trainer? Well, actually ex-players that’s who. Including the two promoted sides, there will be 14 former players taking charge of Bundesliga sides next season. Here at the Fanatic we’ve dredged up some rather embarrassing photos of the ex-kickers with more than a few dodgy hair-do’s on show. Pep Guardiola needs […]

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Borussia Mönchengladbach’s Bundesliga Breakthrough: 50 Years On


It’s odd to think that one of the clubs who defined the Bundesliga’s early era, Borussia Mönchengladbach, weren’t actually one of those originally included in the league upon its 1963 inception. Instead, it took them a few years to reach Germany’s national top flight, eventually achieving promotion to the Bundesliga, a league they have gone on to win three times, having only missed three of the subsequent seasons, on the 26th of June 1965. A Changing of the Guard In the years immediately preceding and immediately after the creation of […]

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Bayern Munich – 50 years of Bundesliga football


“It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play’. But it was fifty years ago today that Bayern Munich made it into the Bundesliga and set in motion half a century of trophy winning both at home and abroad. It was the 26th June 1965 and Bayern Munich knew that a win over Tennis Borussia Berlin would seal their long-awaited promotion to the top-tier of German football. The wrong they felt had been done, by denying them a place in the debut Bundesliga season, was to […]

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