November 22, 2017

The Mario Gomez Dilemma

May 28, 2013 Jonathan Harding 1

Uli Hoeness’ regret list is certainly growing. His well-documented tax “mishap” has stolen the headlines of late but one further back in the memory bank is his criticism of Mario Gomez after last year’s heart-wrenching, […]

Hummels has finally arrived for Germany

June 10, 2012 Jonathan Harding 0

Going into the EUROs both Germany’s and Mats Hummels defensive performances were questioned but following his and the team’s strong showing against Portugal, the Borussia Dortmund defender may have finally arrived at the international stage […]

Bernd Leno – After Messi

April 27, 2012 Jonathan Harding 0

Don’t let one match fool you, these were exceptional circumstances… As originally seen on In Bed With Maradona, a meditation on the abundance of young goalkeeping talent in German football. Lavish, extravagant and most importantly, […]

Hard Times at Kaiserslautern

February 27, 2012 Jonathan Harding 1

1. FC Kaiserslautern are a team in turmoil. There is now no doubting that. Last weekend, amidst the excitement surrounding Bayern’s clash with Schalke and whether Dortmund could keep their incredible winning streak alive, there […]