The Bundesliga Fanatic is an English language twist to German football.  Founded in September of 2010, our aim is to further publicize and spread the history, culture, quality,and competitiveness of the Bundesliga and German football to the english speaking world.

Our content ranges from match reports and analysis to historical and cultural pieces as well as interviews with prominent figures and players. Furthermore, we hope to create a platform for interaction with Bundesliga fans around the world and encourage discussion about the league, its coaches, players, teams and anything else pertaining to German football.

The Bundesliga is unique in its fan friendliness off the pitch and competitiveness and excitement on it.  We hope to capture and convey that excitement on our site and bring you the best and most up to date content while appreciating relaying the history and culture of German football.


Our all new redesigned website adds greater functionality and optimizes content utilization.  Our homepage is divided into three tiers; 1. Featured - which will display our three newest articles, 2. Spotlight - which allow us to highlight specific content pertinent to that time. This can be a series of match reports or topical editorial, and 3. Latest - which displays the rest of our finished pieces in chronological order.

All our content is also now organized in different feature categories to sort through efficiently and make older articles or specific pieces more readily available to the reader.

Site navigation has also been improved.   The fixed top menu allows for more efficient navigation, allowing you to make the jump whenever you want wherever you are with the click of a button.  Our calendar widget on the side allows you to sort through our content as precisely as you like, whether it is a specific month or even a specific day.

Finally, getting in touch with us is also easier now than ever via the contact page.  Whether you want to write for us, advertise or just say hello, it is just a click away.  Or you can link up with us through our social media outlets, which you can find on our “Stay Connected!” widget spread throughout the site.

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