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We at the Bundesliga Fanatic are constantly looking to expand our team and content.  As a result, we welcome new contributors and ideas with open arms and encourage you to jump on board and get involved.

What to write?  Well, that is entirely up to you.  German football is as broad as your imagination allows.  We feature match reports, interviews, historic pieces, editorials, news updates,etc., but anything pertaining to German football or the Bundesliga is welcome, whether it is satire, humor or anything else that may apply.  Let your mind run as wild as Oliver Kahn in a penalty shoot-out.  Look through our features if you need a reference point.

If you have an idea for a piece or something already prepared, simply get in touch with us at editor@bundesligafanatic.com to share it with us.  In your e-mail use the following in the subject field, “Article Idea” if you have something in mind you want to write about, or, “Finished Article” if you have it ready and simply attach it (preferably as a word file or via google documents).  Describe your idea or piece, provide us with a two to three sentence thesis and we will gladly take a look.

Fan Corner

As a fan, do you something to say about your club? Are you fed up with your team’s coach or the performace of your players?  Or are you proud of your team and feel they deserve some praise? Or maybe you want to highlight a player or performance that you feel is underrated or has gone under the radar.

Our newest feature, the Fan Corner, allows you to chime in with your opinion as a fan.  The idea is to keep it brief (500-1000) words and let your voice as a football supporter be heard without the retraints of journalistic objectivity.  Just e-mail us at editor@bundesligafanatic.com and put “Fan Corner” in the subject line.


The Bundesliga Fanatic is read widely across the globe.  With thousands of readers every day from all corners of the world we have a truly global audience and a global reach.With the brand of the Bundesliga growing exponentially and an ever increasing interest in German football as a whole, this is the ideal place to raise and extend your profile.  If you are interested in advertising with us or want further details about our diagnostics please contact us at business@bundesligafanatic.com to become a part of one of the fastest growing football sites on the internet.

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