Ishak Belfodil played five matches with a cruciate ligament rupture

Some people are more immune to pain than others. Hoffenheim’s striker Ishak Belfodil seems to be able to carry on playing whilst being in a considerable amount of pain it turns out. Today his club announced that the striker needs surgery for a cruciate ligament rupture. What was most surprising about the news, was the fact that the striker had sustained the injury last season.

During the last match day of the 2018/19 season against Mainz 05 the 27-year-old was injured. Back then Belfodil was diagnosed with a lesion of the frontal cruciate ligament. The striker spent the summer in rehab and missed the African Cup of Nations (which his country Algeria won).

Upon returning from rehab Belfodil has been used in a total of five Bundesliga matches.

Hoffenheim’s response

A player receiving a wrong diagnosis, playing five matches with a cruciate ligament rupture sounds rather serious on the onset. However, the club announced that the striker’s injury in the area of the cruciate ligament only returned after the match against Wolfsburg. Sporting director Alexander Rosen told the club’s own home page:

“Since the end of last week it has become clear that Ishak needs a knee surgery.”

However, it doesn’t seem like the matter was as straight forward as one might have thought. The injury the striker sustained on the last match day of the season was a rather complicated matter to treat according to Rosen:

“The subject is rather complicated, because the injury is complex and there is differing medical expertise, which I can’t evaluate fully myself nor do I want to commentate on it.”

It remains to be seen if Belfodil comes back this season. The Algerian striker has scored 20 goals in 59 Bundesliga matches for Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen.

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