Bundesliga ticket prices stay put

Over the years the Bundesliga has established a reputation for its great fan culture and cheap match day tickets. The German portal sponsors.de has taken a closer look at the ticket prices. Most clubs, as it turns out, have decided to keep their pricing around the same level as last season. However, the magazine found that the league’s reputation might be better than the reality.

Average ticket prices decrease

Sponsors.de looked at the cheapest and most expensive match day tickets for their overview of ticket prices. This season Bundesliga fans have to pay €15 on average to gain access to a Bundesliga ground when they purchase the cheapest tickets on hand. Last season the average pricing for that ticket category was €15.20. This ticket category hasn’t been this cheap since the 2014/15 season. Back then the average cost was €14.90.

The average cost of the most expensive match day tickets amounts to €69.80 this season. Last season that price was at €70.60. This is the second year in a row that ticket prices in that category have dropped. The decrease in that category amounts to 4.3% over the last two seasons according to sponsors.de.

Among the low range price range Mainz 05 are the cheapest club in the Bundesliga, charging only €11 for their cheapest tickets. On the other side of the scale Hertha Berlin charge a whopping €99 for their most expensive tickets.

Six clubs increase ticket prices

Despite ticket prices going down on average, there have been six clubs that have increased ticket prices. Werder Bremen, 1. FC Köln and SC Paderborn have increased their prices in both categories. When it comes to the two promoted sides, the increase is understandable. However, given that Werder are also among the most expensive sides when it comes to the purchase of beer at the ground, one wonders if the officals at the Weserstadion are trying to milk their fans for as much as they possibly can.

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Gladbach and Freiburg have increased the cost of their cheapest tickets, whilst Schalke are now charging more for their best seats. The general decrease in ticket prices could possibly be traced back to the fact that Hannover, Stuttgart and HSV weren’t among the cheapest clubs last season.

How does the Bundesliga compare to the Premier League?

The clubs in England do charge a massive €30.75 for their cheapest tickets on average. However, that number is massively decreased by Liverpool FC only asking for €10.10 for the cheapest seats at Anfield. Jürgen Klopp’s club would actually be the cheapest side to visit in Germany if LFC were to play in the Bundesliga.

However, the most expensive tickets in England go at an average rate of €58.60, making them far more affordable than the tickets on hand in the Bundesliga.

Overview ticket prices

Here’s an overview what the clubs in the Bundesliga charge for their cheapest and most expensive tickets.

Club Cheapest match day ticket Most expensive match day ticket Place in the cheapest ticket pricing table(descending) Place in the most expensive ticket pricing table(descending)
FC Bayern München 15 70 8. 9.
Borussia Dortmund 17,40 56,60 1. 15.
RB Leipzig 15 85 8. 4.
Bayer 04 Leverkusen 15 68 8. 10.
Borussia Mönchengladbach 17 64,50 2. 13.
VfL Wolfsburg 15 70 8. 9.
Eintracht Frankfurt 15 88 8. 3.
SV Werder Bremen 17 75 2. 5.
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 14 73 15. 7.
Fortuna Düsseldorf 13 65 16. 12.
Hertha BSC 15 99 8. 1.
Mainz 05 11 95 18. 2.
SC Freiburg 17 67 2. 11.
Schalke 04 15,50 62 7. 14.
FC Augsburg 16 49 5. 17.
1. FC Köln 16 75 5. 5.
SC Paderborn 15 55 8. 16.
Union Berlin 12 40 17. 18.
Average 15 69,80
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