Antisemitic Chants During Eintracht Frankfurt Match

Israeli referee Orel Grinfeld was subjected to antisemtic chants during Eintracht Frankfurt’s Europa League match against Racing Strasbourg.

German CDU politician Markus Eichmann told German newspaper Jüdische Allgemeine that the referee was labelled a ‘Judensau’ (Jew pig)  by the crowd.

“I sat in section 14B, not far away from the dugout. When the match officials from Israel returned to the pitch, there were some idiots who started the chants, and suddenly the entire section joins in,” said Eichmann. “There were a few people behind me who joined in. I turned around and said clearly ‘Stop that nonsense,’ and shortly afterwards it stopped.”

Security forces at the match didn’t intervene, leaving Eichmann bitterly disappointed.

Grinfeld had enraged the crowd by sending off Ante Rebic. Upon leaving the pitch after the first half, the ref was booed, whilst several Eintracht Frankfurt fans threw beer glasses towards the match officials.

Eintracht Frankfurt responded to the allegations, saying, “We are taking the matter very seriously and we’ll be taking a careful look at it. The scenario mentioned hasn’t been brought to our attention so far. Given our club’s DNA there is no tolerance for antisemitic acts, and we’ll be going against such acts in a firm manner at any given time.”

Not the entire section?

Ina Kobuschinski of the Eintracht Frankfurt fan club association says the shouting was not as widespread as some reports claim, telling Frankfurter Rundschau, “These insults weren’t chanted by entire sections of the crowd.”

She goes on saying that several fans shouted “Schiri, du bist ein Hurensohn.”(Ref, you are a son of a whore). Kobuschinski says that Eichmann simply might have misunderstood the chants.

Insults from the Stands

Frankfurter Rundschau goes on writing that there were several reports of antisemtic insults on social media. Omid Nouripour, member of the German parliament for the Green Party, states that he had received several reports of antisemitic insults being shouted from the stands.

Nouripour went on to state that he hoped that Eintracht and the German police did everything in their power to find the fans in question. Fans like these should be banned from the stadium and face legal consequences, according to both the politician and Eintracht Frankfurt.

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