Luka Jovic: What Could Happen to Eintracht’s Star Striker?

Luka Jovic has had quite a path in his young career. Going from Red Star Belgrade, to Benefica, to Eintracht, his journey has been full of twists and turns. Once a promising young player, he couldn’t get any minutes with the first team at Benefica. Luckily for all parties involved, he was exactly the type of player that Eintracht Frankfurt and Freddy Bobic were looking for.

In the summer of 2016, Freddy Bobic had just taken over as Eintracht Frankfurt’s Sporting Director. A club with marginal talent, and needing to quickly turn things around on a budget, Bobic sought after young talent that he could bring in on cost effective loans, with an options to purchase the contracts at the end of the loan. Other players where aquired in similar fashion such as Ante Rebic, Marius Wolf, and Jesus Vallejo.

Fredi Bobić was able to sign Luka Jović on a loan-to-buy deal. Frankfurt paid €200,000 for a two-year loan deal and has the option to make the deal permanent for €7 million. Jovic, who only had 4 appearances with Benefica’s first unit during his two years there seemed to be the type of low risk, high reward target that Bobic was looking for. And high reward it has been. “We negotiated well when we completed the deal,” Sporting Director Bruno Hübner said in an interview with German TV station HK, and Eintracht now has one of the best young strikers in Europe for a very affordable price.

Is Jovic Frankfurt’s Best Striker?

Eintracht has the best trio of talented young strikers up in Germany, and possibly in all of Europe. The three are as different as peanut butter, bacon and jelly. However, they also make just as wonderful and unique combination. Their skill sets compliment each other, they play off each other, and they push each other. While each are different in style of play, they all Three have things in common: 1)They have all flourished under Adi Hütters attacking scheme 2) They have all had their share of transfer rumors this season. Part of Eintracht’s affectionately named “Buffalo Heard” the three have been in the spotlight all season long.

Sebastian Haller: a guy who can win any ball for you at any time. Haller is dominating the Bundesliga this year in Aerial duels won, is turning those duels into chances. Haller has been a work horse in the final third for The Eagles this year, trailing only Marco Reuss (22) and Robert Lewendowski (22) in total points (19). He leads the Bundesliga in overall duels won (370, 58 higher than the next in line), and has made a careers worth of highlight plays this season alone. Haller has been their answer to creative, attacking play in the middle of the pitch. He has done it with both skill, and gritty effort plays. Already posting his best numbers for Bundesliga goals and assists, you can only wonder how much longer Eintracht can afford to keep him around.
Transfer Rumors: Dortmund, Newcastle, Bayern Munich.

Ante Rebic: No stranger to transfer rumors himself, Rebic came into the season much like Jovic. Making his mark late last season, his star shone brightest on the big stage of the DFB Pokal Final against Bayern, and in helping Croatia to the World Cup Final. Rebic is a tuff, gritty player who only knows one speed: Full Throttle. He plays with fire, passion, and determination. A very good defender, his ability to take the ball from the opposition is vital to Eintrachts attack. Rebic’s hard charging runs, combined with his deceptive crossover step and heavy right foot have wreaked havoc on teams already dealing with Jovic and Haller up top. He has had a knack of finding the key area and banging one in from deep. Like Haller, Rebic makes gritty effort plays in the final third that lead to chances. Not as gifted a passer, and not the aerial threat that Haller is, Rebic makes the most out of his strength and speed. After Eintracht made the loan permanent last May for on €2mil, Rebic then signed an extension in October to stay in Frankfurt long term. With 7 goals and 3 assists in 16 Bundesliga games so far this year, Frankfurt’s investment has more than paid off. While rumors still surface about Rebic, the decision by both sides to commit to Die Adler is paying dividends for both sides.
Transfer Rumors: Bayern Munich, Sevilla, Arsenal, Tottenheim, Mannchester United.See Rebic’s Backstory Here:

Luka Jovic: Jovic came into this season with the title “Super Sub,” and as this video shows he can put the ball in the back of the net from anywhere, with either foot, at any time. A Bundesliga Leading 14 Goals (in 19 Matches), along with 5 goals (in 6 Europa League Matches) has Jovic showing all he needed to produce was playing time. Jovic has lethal accuracy on goal, he makes smart, quick runs into open space. His first touch is excellent, and he is constantly working to find open space for himself. When not finding ways to get open, he is excellent at creating voids for Haller and Rebic to run into. His presence as a goal scorer alone has vastly opened up holes in the final third. Only 20, he is playing like a player much older. His game is not solely based on athleticism or skill, but he is also very crafty and his timing is superb. Add that with his ability to finish fantastically off the volley and Jovic has all the tools of a World Class Striker.

While I’m not willing to say Jovic is the best all around player, he is the by far the most lethal goal threat of the three. Jovic scores goals with ease, and at an extremely high rate. Since joining Eintracht last season, Jovic has managed 28 goals in 55 games. Jovic scores goals off the bench, in the starting eleven, to win games, in losses and in blowouts. His goal breakdown shows 6 right footed, 6 left footed, and 2 off headers. And don’t forget one of the most spectacular goals you will ever see with his Tasmanian Devil style finish against Düsseldorf.

With all that ability, comes calls from Europe’s Elite. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Liverpool and others reportedly have shown interest. Monday, rumors were circulating that his agent had already reached an agreement with FC Barcalona, although financial terms where not disclosed.

Jovic is saying all the right things at the moment, deflecting any attention that the latest rumors could draw away from his club. “I feel flattered to have such important clubs interested in me but right now I’m focused on Frankfurt and I’m really happy here,” he said. In a recent interview with  Bild in December that he his interest lies in Frankfurt. “If we reach the Champions League then they will never get rid of me,” Jovic says, adding “It’s nice to have such big clubs thinking of someone like me. But I stand with both legs on the ground and think only of the next game. ”

What happens now?

Frankfurt is desperately trying to get into the Bundesliga’s and Europe’s elite. With a budding core, and solid pieces at extremely affordable prices, everything is in place for Jovic to stay in Frankfurt for the time being. Jovic likes to play in Frankfurt, and the club both rallies to him and thrives off of him. Jovic will stay in Frankfurt, at least until the seasons end. Bobic is willing to spend money on players already in house, as he proved with the Rebic deal in August. Unless a deal in the upwards of $65 million are actualized, Jovic will get his chance to help Eintracht into the Champions league this season, and most likely next season as well.

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