Serdal Celebi – The first blind footballer to be nominated for the goal of the month award

German broadcaster ARD has allowed the viewers of the popular sports show “Sportschau” to vote for the goal of the month ever since 1971. The competition has featured goal scorers from several divisions over all these years. This month, however, represents a change, as the blind footballer Serdal Celebi was the first blind footballer to be nominated for “The goal of the month award“.

Celebi plays for FC St. Pauli’s blind football team and scored his goal in the final of the German blind football championship in August. His goal was The Buccaneers only goal in their 2-1 loss against MTV Stuttgart.

After his nomination Celebi told German paper Süddeutsche Zeitung:

“I was, of course, overjoyed when my coach Wolf Schmidt told me about it. But, I wasn’t surprised. After the match I was told by several people that my goal was beautiful and that a video of it should be sent to Sportschau. Well, in the end the clip of the goal was seen on Saturday.”

Some facts about blind football

Generally speaking, the rules of blind football are very similar to the rules of futsal. However, there are a few differences. All players are blindfolded(except the goalkeeper) and the ball is designed to make a rattling noise. Players who make a move for the ball are supposed to say “voy” or “go” in order to alert their opponents. Additionally there is a guide positioned on the outside, giving the players instructions.

Some facts about “Tor des Monats”

The goal of the month competition has been popular ever since it started. Lukas Podolski is the player with most wins(8). A list over the winners of the competition can be found here and a detailed account of the competition’s history can bed found here. If you have some spare time on your hand you should take a closer look at the result for the Youtube search for Tor des Monats. Loads of iconic moments from German football history and a boatload of great goals are to be found here.

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