FC Union Berlin – Jahn Regensburg preview

Very difficult match for Union, doubled by offensive problems – one key player (Polter) injured and another one (Hedlund) highly questionable. Coach Hofschneider is struggling to find the ideal formation and has converted his system in a very offensive minded 4-1-4-1, which sometimes becomes 4-1-2-3 when in possession. Skrzybski and Gogia often appear in more central, scoring positions, which allow more space on the flanks for the offensive full backs. Unfortunately, the target man, Polter, is not in the middle of the area to head the crosses towards the goal and his replacement, Hosiner, is not so strong in the air. Prömel’s forward runs, unmarked, can also bring numerical advantage up front, but his finishing skills are rather poor. One problem in attack, as seen against Aue last round, is they need too much time to take the right decision and lose the favorable moment. This offensive approach is risky, as it leaves space behind and Jahn Regensburg is a team that can take advantage of this. Berlin still needs to find the right balance on the pitch, it is to be seen how successfully they managed to work on this during the training sessions. An advantage could also be the new turf, replaced at the beginning of this week, which should help their ball possession oriented game.

Jahn Regensburg are very close to a historical and unique performance in German football, three consecutive promotions, as they are fighting for the playoff spot. Of course, no one talks about this, but they are only 2 points behind 3rd place. Coach Achim Beierlorzer uses the same system every match, a flexible 4-4-2, which can become 4-2-2-2, or even 4-2-4 and is not expected to make many changes comparing to last round. Their kick and run style is not very common for Germany, but this is how they have got their points – high risk – high reward passes. This is why they have a low passing completion rate, only 67.98% in 2018, compared to Berlin’s 81.20% in the same period. Jahn usually impresses with the fighting spirit, as they are always going into the duels and with their mentality to never give up, no matter how bad is the situation. The only drawback is that their performance dropped in the last two rounds. Could this be a sign that the other teams in the league are slowly adapting to Regensburg’s game?

Missing players
FC Union: Parensen, Schönheim, Polter (injured), Hedlund (questionable)
Jahn Regensburg: –

Possible lineups and team shapes


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