MSV Duisburg – Fortuna Düsseldorf review

Fortuna wins the derby and increases the lead over Nürnberg

Ilia Gruev sent his team on the pitch in the expected 4-4-2 formation, with Bomheuer fit again replacing Blomeyer. Frontzek arranged his team in a 4-1-4-1 system. Raman was out of squad, not completely healed after a flu, while Neuhaus stayed on the bench, with Bodzek playing from the beginning.

Duisburg was more focused on the defense from the first minute, with the strikers pressing only around the halfway line. The early offensive plans of the hosts relied on long balls for the strikers, easily lost without much support from behind. Fortuna benefited from this and played a very patient possession game, with Bodzek moving between the central defenders to start the actions and outnumber Duisburg’s attacking duo. Sobottka was the next passing option between midfield and attack, with Fink more offensive and constantly appearing on the flanks.

MSV seemed to balance the possession after the first quarter and tried positional attacks on the right side, where Stoppelkamp moved several times. Fortuna’s defense was not fooled by this move, as Haraguchi dropped to support the defense, the same did Fink and Sobottka. With this defensive behavior, all passing paths tried by Duisburg were blocked and their offensive actions got stuck before reaching the penalty area. With more offensive positioned hosts, Düsseldorf tried faster attacks and looked very dynamic up front. Haraguchi repeatedly moved to a more central position, creating numerical advantage for Fortuna in Duisburg’s double six zone. There was more space on the flanks for the full backs, but Düsseldorf couldn’t find solutions in the last third, the last pass was missing.

As the break was approaching, the game had periods with several bad passes between the two sides, with no team able to control the ball efficiently. Duisburg strikers struggled again and again for space, trying to drop back or move to the flanks to be able to receive the ball. Five minutes before the break MSV lost possession after a corner kick and Fortuna hit on the break. Nauber stumbled twice when having the opportunity to remove the danger, Fink sent a first touch pass to Hennings, who dribbled past Wolze and didn’t need much time to place his shot at the far post – 0-1. It was still Fortuna controlling the game after taking the lead, Duisburg simply couldn’t find space to increase the passing speed.

The scenario was the same after half time. Duisburg couldn’t move higher up on the pitch, as Stoppelkamp’s movement on the right, or in the center, as well as Tashchy dropping deep were easily blocked. The full backs didn’t push high enough and couldn’t create pressure. The wingers were often in 1v2 situations and easily lost possession. Bodzek brilliantly defended the area between the defensive and midfield lines, so MSV couldn’t destabilize the guests’ defense. Once Fortuna regained possession played with high speed forward, in case the guests were in advanced positions, otherwise there was a lot of patience in their game. After a quick attack conducted by Haraguchi, again in a central position, Hennings (who was the one to regain possession in their own half) was close to score again, but his shot bounced wide from the crossbar.

Gruev changed with Onuegbu, who stepped in for Iljutcenko and missed a huge chance after using his strength to win the duel with Ayhan, but shot wide. The hosts’ positional attacks were still unsuccessful, as they were closed down by Fortuna’s midfield trio, with Fink and Sobottka often dropping in line with Bodzek.

Fortuna increased the lead after a superb move from Hennings on the left flank, Bomheuer followed him but stayed too far, couldn’t put any pressure, so the head pass went in the central zone, in the way of Lovren’s run. Fortuna was 2v1 in that zone and Usami didn’t forgive.

Duisburg’s final attacks were without lucidity and were dangerous only from two set pieces, first of them being capitalized by Tashchy, after the guests’ defense couldn’t clarify. The second one was the last scene of the match, but Onuegbu, after fooling Ayhan, didn’t get the balance to properly shoot from close range.

Key scenes

32nd min: Haraguchi easily fools Engin on the left wing, runs with the ball inside on his stronger right foot and shoots from the edge of the penalty area. Flekken doesn’t catch the ball, which jumps at Sobottka, who is in a very advanced position (7-8m far from goal), without marking. With great effort, Duisburg’s goalkeeper saves the shot.


40th min: Fortuna clears the ball from their own half, Nauber is well placed, but under pressure, as Haraguchi is very close to him. The defender losses possession but manages to delay the counter attack. He has the opportunity to clear the ball, which is too short, at Fink. After a one touch pass the ball arrives at Hennings, who fools Wolze with his first touch. He doesn’t need much time, he benefits from the space created by Usami and thunders the ball in the back of the net, as Nauber is too late to block him.

65th min: MSV losses possession in advanced positions. Hennings clears the ball, Haraguchi follows it, he’s faster than Nauber and has possession. The defender cannot put any problems on Haraguchi and Duisburg’s defense is in a 3v4 situation. The Japanese passes to Hennings at the edge of the penalty box, Bomheuer doesn’t attack him, stays far, Frode doesn’t get there in time, but the shot hits the crossbar and jumps wide.

69th min: Stoppelkamp cannot control an easy ball cleared by Bomheuer, ~35 meters far from their own goal, and Bodzek intercepts. He quickly passes to Haraguchi, he turns a shoots lightning fast, but the ball goes over. There was no time for Duisburg’s defense to react, so nobody attacked Fortuna’s winger.

72nd min: Hajri takes a throw in from the right side into the box. Hoffmann miscalculates the trajectory of the ball and jumps under it. Onuegbu is much stronger than Ayhan, easily wins the duel 7-8m far from the goal, the first touch is perfect to take the shot with his second touch, but the ball goes wide.


84th min: Throw in for Fortuna this time, from the right wing. Schauerte plays it to Usami. Sobottka is also on that flank, creating 3v2 superiority and confusing Duisburg’s defense. Poggenberg stays close to Sobottka, Stoppelkamp doesn’t know what to do, and no one attacks Usami. He crosses at the far post, Bomheuer is too far from Hennings, who heads over from ideal position.

88th min: Another throw in for the guests, from the left side, close to the halfway line. Hennings moves left to receive the ball from Gießelmann, Bomheuer follows him, but, again, stays too far. Hennings heads inside, into the path of Lovren, who runs in the freed space, while Hajri is only spectator. Suddenly Fortuna is in a 2v1 counter attack. Poggenberg doesn’t know who to attack, the pass goes right to Usami, who scores from the edge of the area – 0-2.

90th min: Engin sends a free kick from the halfway line, central position, into Fortuna’s penalty area. Ayhan is the first on the ball, but clears poorly at the edge of the area, in the feet of Stoppelkamp, who is faster than Schauerte and Usami. His first touch pass arrives at Tashchy, who immediately fires at the far post. Wolf sees the ball late, has no reaction and it’s 1-2.


94th min: Last chance for Duisburg – Engin plays a right corner kick at the near post, Stoppelkamp is the first on the ball and heads to the far post. Onuegbu fools Ayhan, is 1v1 with Wolf, but loses his balance after the duel with the defender and cannot put enough power on his shot. Wolf clears and the referee blows the final whistle.

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