MSV Duisburg – Fortuna Düsseldorf preview

Straßenbahn-Derby in Duisburg

MSV Duisburg hosts Fortuna Düsseldorf after the debacle in Kiel, where they managed to create a single scoring chance, while permitting ten (5 goals). They will face a somehow similar system, so they should be better prepared for a 2v3 midfield disadvantage and two wingers who often appear in finishing positions. Last round, both strikers failed to drop and create balance in midfield, as they couldn’t keep up with Kiel’s fast paced, refreshing game. That midfield disadvantage was so obvious that Duisburg barely appeared with consistent attacks in the opposite half. The game on the wings could be the solution this time, both Engin and Stoppelkamp are very fast and can be very dangerous in 1v1. We can see Stoppelkamp on the ride side together with Engin, in order to create numerical advantage. It is also well known that Fortuna’s wingers don’t always help the defense or regroup late, so Duisburg could benefit from this. The full backs will provide support, but they should also be cautious with the guests’ threat from the wings. The strikers, especially Tashchy is very good at creating space for forward runs. The defense is not in top form after several forced changes in the last 6 rounds, allowing 2.5 goals and 5.5 scoring chances per game. This statistics looks only slightly improved if considering the last 3 home games with an average of 2 goals and 4 scoring chances conceded. During the first part of the season, when the defense offered constantly solid performances, although there was the 1-6 against Nürnberg, there were 1.36 goals conceded per match.

The horror defeat in Regensburg seems ticked off at Fortuna, which is again front runner and seems it is heading in the right direction. The performance against St Pauli, especially from the second half, should provide great morale and self confidence, although the conversion rate was rather poor. Funkel has no reason to change much from the tactical point of view, although he could, as usual, make some changes in his stating XI, in order to keep everyone happy and motivated. The guests should be playing in the same 4-2-3-1 system, with very flexible players in midfield and on both wings, so we could see them in different shapes when attacking (4-3-3 or 4-4-2). Captain Fink plays an important role, trying to provide superiority both in defense and attack. We can see him almost in line with the double six when defending. He moves on the wings, or even as false 10, when attacking. The two sixes, Sobottka and Nuehaus enjoy forward runs in the space created by Hennings, so they could also be a threat. Not to mention the wingers, where Funkel has several options – very offensive, fast pacecd and technically strong Haraguchi, Usami, Raman, or the more defensive Zimmer, in case he doesn’t play as right back. Although being first in the table, Fortuna is far from having the safest defense, with an average of 7 scoring chances (and 1.8 goals) conceded in the last 5 games.

Considering the two out of form defensive lines, one would expect a football festival similar to the first leg. But we should also consider a better tactical preparation from both sides, so we might not see so many goals in this derby.

Missing players
MSV Duisburg: Wiegel, Oliveira Souza, Bomheuer (injured)
Fortuna Düsseldorf: Wiesner (injured), Rensing (not fit)

Possible lineups and shapes

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