Dynamo Dresden – SV Darmstadt preview

Will Dynamo confirm the good form against ailing Darmstadt?

Uwe Neuhaus seems to have finally found the winning formula for Dynamo. It’s almost certain that Dresden will play again in a 4-4-2 system. Röser and new signing Koné complement each other in attack — the first is good at creating space, the latter has great pace to run into space. Dynamo has shown a variable offensive game, starting the buildup play from the defensive line, luring the opponent into high pressing and suddenly accelerating in the free space. They have enough quality to do this on the wings or through the middle, or even play the long passes to Röser, who creates space for Koné. Very important to note is that Uwe Neuhaus also has a lot of quality on the bench to put pressure on the starters.

Darmstadt plays in a 4-2-3-1 system, with Ji on the ten, trying to move between the opposition’s lines to create numerical advantage or find space to play the ball. This way they created some good chances lately, but their finishing rate is extremely poor. When playing against the ball, Darmstadt regroups in a 4-4-2 system, Ji joining Platte for the early pressing, with the wingers (Jones and Kempe) dropping in line with the double six. Despite satisfying appearances lately, Darmstadt didn’t win enough points because of the weak defense (only 3 clean sheets in 24 rounds and an average of allowed scoring chances away from home greater than 6). And they still have a lot of problems in this area. The double six, without stabilizer Niemeyer (injured), has moments when looks like a foreign part of the team, with poor positioning and not enough defensive support. Darmstadt’s attacking style is based on balls down the flanks and lots of crosses into the box, or long passes for the strong Platte or Ji.

It will to be exciting to see whether Dynamo’s elaborate passing game will overcome Darmstadt’s tactics based on high balls and strength, or it’s going to be the other way around.

Missing players
Dynamo Dresden: Testroet, Gonther, Hartmann (injured)
SV Darmstadt: Niemeyer, Sirigu (injured), Bregerie, Medojevic (questionable), Höhn, Großkreutz (suspended)

Possible lineups and team shapes

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