Bayern Munich Charged After Ticket Price Demonstration

Ticket Protest Delayed Start of Champions League Match

Bayern Munich have been charged by UEFA after last week’s game in Belgium against Anderlecht where the fans protested about the prices.  The Champions League game ended 2-1 to Bayern but their fans launched fake money onto the field which delayed the start of the match.

Translated into English the Bayern fans had banners which stated “I$ your gr€€d now finally $ati$fi€d?” and “Are your necks not full?”, obviously not happy with the prices for the match. Whilst the cost of tickets for the match and highlighted that £70-£80 for a match ticket is high it is not extreme when comparing it to Premier League prices.

How Ticket Prices Compare

“The average price of a Premier League match at Arsenal is more than £60, maybe we could learn something from Germany and hold similar protests each week at the prices. Premier League fans successfully fought for away prices to be capped at £30 but we still continue to have some of the highest priced tickets in Europe. ” stated Wade Williams from football ticket compare website Fan Seats.

German Bundesliga

Compared to the English Premier League, the cost of Bundesliga season tickets are much less expensive:

Borussia Dortmund

Cheapest season ticket:   *£207     *Standing (Regular: £350)

Most expensive season ticket: £800

Bayern Munich

Cheapest season ticket: £550

Most expensive season ticket: £1,210

English Premier League

The top three most expensive tickets are all from clubs based in London with Arsenal leading the way in terms of pricing.


Cheapest season ticket: £750

Most expensive season ticket: £1,250

Average match ticket: £69.50

Tottenham Hotspur

Cheapest season ticket: £739

Most expensive season ticket: £1,895

Average single  match ticket: £56.90


Cheapest season ticket: £1,003

Most expensive season ticket: £2,014

Average single match ticket: £62

Bayern Munich fan group Club 12 released a statement:

“For today’s CL game, the host club RSC Anderlecht has set a price of 100 euros for 85% of the tickets, which were made available to the fans of FC Bayern. Even by the standards of the generally high-priced Champions League, this represents a new dimension for a preliminary round game.”

Banner Champions League
Banner shows a Bayern fan being wrung out by Anderlecht board member Michael Verschueren and UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin

Credit to Bayern Munich whom subsidized the prices to a cap of £34 however as the group stated that “subsidizing out-of-home tickets through your own club cannot be a long-term solution”.

European football’s governing body have charged FC Bayern Munich with an “illicit banner” and the “throwing of objects”, and the case will be heard by its ethics and disciplinary body on Dec. 7. Fans will be hoping for a similar scheme in the Premier League where away fans have a cap on the prices. It is unlikely Bayern Munich will escape punishment for the game delay but maybe now UEFA will take note that fans are not happy with ticket pricing for the matches.

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