Bundesliga Match of the Week 10: Hannover 96 vs Borussia Dortmund

Match: Hannover 96 (Jonathas, Bebou x2, Klaus) 4-2 Borussia Dortmund (Zagadou, Yarmolenko)


Borussia Dortmund’s start to the Bundesliga season had been one of great success. Going on a seven game unbeaten streak, the team from the Ruhr were out to impress. But all good things come to an end. Dortmund’s first defeat in the league came against RB Leipzig. Since then, they have yet to register a win in the Bundesliga. Hannover, the newly promoted side, has re-joined the Bundesliga on fine form. Sitting in 6th going into their clash at the Niedersachsenstadion Saturday, Hannover had the prospect of climbing up the table.

With Hannover looking to continue their form, and Dortmund looking bounce back with a win, their clash at the Niedersachsenstadion was going to be full of action. Initially both teams were looking to implement their style of play on the game. Evenly matched in the opening stages, Hannover and Dortmund were looking for a breakthrough. The first side to register a shot, the team from Lower Saxony were hungry to score. Progressing further, Hannover were able to limit Dortmund’s attacking ability, while going on attacks of their own. However, both teams were struggling to put together accurate passing, resulting in breakdown of plays.

Hannover would find their breakthrough in the 20th minute when they were awarded a penalty. Stepping up to the spot, Jonathas made sure he put the 96ers into the lead. Advantage Hannover, Peter Bosz and Dortmund needed to find a way to respond. Dortmund’s answer came in seven minutes later when Dan-Axel Zagadou slotted it home. Bringing it level, Dortmund were hoping they would be inspired to take the initiative. Despite possession starting to favour the away side, Dortmund’s passing accuracy was lacking, leaving their attacking proficiency at a low level. But Hannover had a chance to make the most of their home advantage. They did just that in the 40th minute when Jonathas found Ihlas Bebou in the box. The Togolese forward made sure to put the ball in the back of the net. The story of the first half was clear, both Hannover and Dortmund struggled to string together accurate passing, despite this the home side made the most of their opportunities.  An unlikely victory was on the horizon for Hannover.

The second half gave Dortmund a mission, a mission to correct their mistakes and press forward. Responding to their deficit, Dortmund responded via an impressive strike from Andriy Yarmolenko. Seven minutes into the second half, it was exactly the response Peter Bosz wanted from his team. Full of confidence, it was expected that the away side would fight for their next goal. However, it was becoming apparent throughout the game that Dortmundwere really struggling defensively. Combined with difficulties in passing, the team from the Ruhr were make things difficult for themselves. Realising their potential to exploit the situation, Andre Breitenreiter’s Hannover, despite limited possession, were able to make the most of their opportunities going forward. After a combination of short and accurate passing in midfield, the 96ers received a free kick outside of Dortmund’s box after a challenge from Zagadou, who was sent off.

Stepping up to take the free kick, Felix Klaus was preparing to test Roman Bürki. A perfectly placed free kick provided the hosts with the lead. Down to 10 men, Dortmund had a battle on their hands. Despite the disadvantage, BvB still won the possession battle. Passing around the back, Dortmund found themselves looking to create chances and take the battle to Hannover. Multiple shots on goal, two that had to be saved by Philipp Tschauner, put Dortmund  in a positive position. But the issue that was becoming apparent was the fact that the away side couldn’t finish off their chances, something teams will be punished for if they are unable to do so. Close, but no cigar. Having a number of chances of their own, Hannover were keeping Bürki busy. Channelling their advantage, Hannover went on the front foot in the final 10 minutes of the game. Stepping up to the plate, Bebou, already with one goal to his name, was searching for his second. The 86th minute saw Hannover put the final nail in Dortmund’s coffin. Bebou’s strike gave the home side a two goal advantage, leaving for the game to be seen out. It was all smiles for Breitenreiter and Hannover.



Hannover 96:

  • 33.3% Possession
  • 4 Goals
  • 13 Shots
  • 44.4% Duels Won
  • 271 Passes (198 Short Passes, 58 Long Balls, 1 Through Ball, 14 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 3)
  • 56% Pass Accuracy
  • 460 Touches
  • 8 Chances Created
  • 14 Crosses
  • 13 Take Ons
  • 10 Interceptions
  • 33 Clearances
  • 14 Blocks

Borussia Dortmund:

  • 66.7% Possession
  • 2 Goals
  • 10 Shots
  • 55.6% Duels Won
  • 525 Passes (429 Short Passes, 73 Long Balls, 1 Through Ball, 22 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 4)
  • 75% Pass Accuracy
  • 712 Touches
  • 8 Chances Created
  • 22 Crosses
  • 21 Take Ons
  • 16 Interceptions
  • 18 Clearances
  • 11 Blocks


Borussia Dortmund’s rocky period continues after their 4-2 defeat at the hands of newly promoted Hannover 96. Peter Bosz was in a situation where a road win would provide a lift that would help solve the problems at Dortmund, as well as being able to move on and remain at the top of the table. This wasn’t the case, however. Their display against Hannover was poor, and showed the situation that is developing at the club. From the possession based football, mixed with accurate passing and pressing, this was far from what Bosz has looked to implement previously.

The scene was set at the Niedersachsenstadion, Hannover fans were in for a treat in coming away with three points to climb the table to 4th. Not bad for a newly promoted side, albeit on spending only a season in Germany’s second division before rebounding back to the top division. The opening stages of the game was fairly even, with both teams looking to implement their style of play. Initially passing war poor for both sides, with Hannover having a pass accuracy of 50% and Dortmund with 65%. This became the story of the game. With passing being an issue, opportunities would have to be seized upon in order to take the advantage. The first chance fell to Hannover, with Marvin Bakalorz’s shot sailing wide. The game was wide open and either side could have put their identity on the pitch. Hannover dealt damage first, after being award a penalty as a result of Bürki’s challenge on Felix Klaus. From the spot Jonathas put his team in the lead.


Yet to register a shot in 25 minutes, Dortmund need to establish the well worked style of play that has become a joy to watch in the past.  Bosz had a task on his hands. Hoping to solve Dortmund’s passing inefficiency, The BvB coach looked to get his side pressing and creating spaces for attacks to occur. On and off the ball movement is essential in implementing attacks. The away side’s response came when they had a corner headed on by Marc Bartra to Nuri Sahin. Putting the ball back into the box, the Turkish midfielder found a Hannover player whose poor clearance fell to the feet of Dan-Axel Zagadou. The French defender found the back of the net. Dortmund responded and now looked to establish a foothold on


Confident after their goal, the away side soon found themselves bring the ball forward and apply their attacking prowess. Scoring 25 goals in 9 games, surely this task would be familiar to the team in black and yellow. A great opportunity fell to the away side in the 36th minute. Dispossessing the ball, Christian Pulisic drove the ball forward down the left into the box. Seeing the incoming run of Andriy Yarmolenko, the American offloaded the perfect pass to the Ukrainian. With the Hannover defense nowhere to be seen, all Yarmolenko had to do was slot the ball past a keeper caught out by the Dortmund attack. Yarmolenko sent it high and wide. The Ukrainian should be doing much better from that distance.


So far, much of the game had seen Dortmund gain the upper hand in terms of possession. Despite this, the situation regarding passing was poor. Bosz prefers to implement accurate passing in order for his style of play to come to fruition. BvB  struggled in completing passes, leaving for limited chances up top. It wasn’t much better for Hannover. When on the ball, a lot of their passes were inaccurate. The game was still wide open. Both sides had to make the most of their chances, otherwise this would continue to be a frustrating affair. Seizing the initiative, Hannover found themselves in an attacking situation. Receiving the ball from Klaus, Jonathas drove the ball forward, taking it down the right. The well placed passed from Klaus left Dortmund’s defenders out of position. Seeing the incoming run from Ihlas Bebou, who was in space, Jonathas offloaded a pass to the Togolese forward.  Bebou slotted the ball past Bürki, giving his side the advantage going into half time. It was a well worked goal from the home side, they would be hoping more would come in the second half.


The first half was a story of inaccurate passing. Both teams were struggling to string accurate passes together, leaving for limited opportunities going forward. With low passing accuracies of 54% for Hannover and 68% for Dortmund, it comes as no surprised when both teams had 4 shots. Dortmund took the upper hand with 3 chances created, but unfortunately for the away side they were unable to convert these chances. Hannover proved to make the most of what they had. Resilience going forward, despite the sloppy play, spurred them to a one goal advantage at half time.

The second half saw the continuing of Dortmund’s possession, but still lacked the much-needed accuracy. There was an improvement for the away side compared to the first half. In the second half Dortmund had a passing accuracy of 81%, which saw them take six shots and create five chances. Despite their limited possession and limited accurate passing, Hannover were able to get more shots and chances created than Dortmund. The home side did what they needed to do when it matters. Bosz and Dortmund we rewarded for their improvement on passing and possession. The 52nd minute saw Yarmolenko make up for his missed chance in the first half. Hannover cleared the ball after a Marcel Schmelzer cross, unfortunately for the away side the clearance found the foot of Yarmolenko. An impressive strike on the volley, there was no stopping the Ukrainian’s rocket into the back of the net. Drawing it level, the away side now had the chance to take the game to Hannover.


Hannover showed plenty of signs of fight, proving that the newly promoted side can perform against the best teams in the Bundesliga. The home side responded 8 minutes after Yarmolenko’s volley. Fouled as the last man, Jonathas was brought down outside the box by Zagadou. As a result, the French defender was sent off, leaving Dortmund down to 10 men. With the free kick in a perfect position, up stepped Klaus. Striking the ball perfectly, the German sent the ball over the wall into the top left corner of the net. It was the perfect free kick.


In the lead with their opponents down to 10 men, there was hope for the home side that they could finish the game with three points. Hannover had to deal with a frustrated Dortmund, who were still putting on the pressure despite the disadvantage. From Zagadou’s sending off in the 59th minute till the end of the game, Dortmund had 71.6% possession, 82% pass accuracy, 5 shots and 5 chances created. The away side weren’t giving up and were showing a fighting spirit. Soon after Hannover’s goal, Dortmund forced Philipp Tschauner into action. Unfortunately for the away side, only 2 of their 5 shots after the red card were on target. Despite their attacking ability, Dortmund were lacking clinically. When it mattered they couldn’t do it. That’s where Hannover took the initiative and led their team to victory. Already wounded, Dortmund received the final blow in the 86th minute when Bedou scored his second goal. Receiving a pass on the break from Martin Harnik, Bebou was left in open space to drive the ball up the pitch. Getting to the edge of the box, the Togolese forward cut in, leaving Bartra in his wake. In position, Bebou rallied of a shot that sealed the game for Hannover.

The disappointing performance from Dortmund will leave Bosz with a task on his hands. Known for his possession based football mixed with accurate passing, the fulltime passing map provided by Squawka tells a grim story for Bosz and Dortmund.


An ugly performance from Borussia Dortmund meant success and smiles for Hannover 96 and their fans. Taking three points and moving up to 4th in the Bundesliga, the home side can be proud of their achievements so far this season. It wasn’t always the prettiest football from Hannover, but they scored when it mattered.

Honourable Mention:

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim 1-3 Borussia Mönchengladbach

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