Bundesliga Match of the Week 8: FC Bayern München vs SC Freiburg

Match: FC Bayern München (Schuster OG, Coman, Thiago, Lewandowski, Kimmich) 5-0 SC Freiburg


Bayern München’s first game under Jupp Heynckes went according to plan. The Bavarians thrashed SC Freiburg in their return from the international break. After the frustration building up under Carlo Ancelotti, Bayern looked refreshed under a familiar face, Jupp Heynckes. Heynckes’ return to the Allianz Arena was met with a warm reception. Winning a total of eight trophies during his previous tenures at Bayern München, it was somewhat expected that he would be welcomed back.

After a disappointing draw to Hertha Berlin, the Bavarians were looking to bounce back with a win. The whistle blew and Bayern immediately set out on the front foot. Applying pressure and winning the passing and possession battle, the home side set out to dominate. Pinned back in their own half, Freiburg were struggling. Bayern’s control of possession severely limited Freiburg’s ability to establish an identity of the game. Freiburg had to make the most of chance that fell to them, otherwise this was going to be Bayern dominance. Despite their struggling start to the game, it was Freiburg who registered the first chance of the game. After an error from the home side, Ryan Kent went on the attack hoping to score his first goal for Freiburg. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case after Sven Ulreich saved Kent’s attempt on goal. This ended up being Freiburg’s best chance of the game.

As time progressed, so did Bayern’s control of the game. Continuing the pressure and fluidity going forward, the Bavarians were on the brink of scoring. It didn’t take long for Bayern to be rewarded. Crossing the ball in the box from the left, David Alaba was hoping it would find a red shirt. The ball went towards Thomas Müller who was closely watched Julian Schuster. Unfortunately for Schuster, he put the ball in his own goal. It didn’t go exactly to plan, but Bayern got the goal they were searching for. Full of confidence, Bayern continued their attacking football. Following the Schuster own goal, Thiago had his attempt on goal saved by Alexander Schwolow. The Bavarians were looking good. On the other hand, Freiburg were struggling. Still pinned back in their own half, Streich’s men were lacking going forward. They had to make the most of their opportunities. A great chance fell to Freiburg when Mike Frantz connected with a great cross from the wing, only for it to go wide. The away were slowly getting back in the game, but it wasn’t enough to properly compete with Bayern. The home attack prowess was on display. Yet again they were rewarded for their dominance. The 42nd minute saw Kingsley Coman seize on a save made my Schwolow. After Robben’s shot on goal, Coman was the first on ball, doubling the lead for Bayern. The first half was pure dominance from the Bavarians. They will be hoping that continues.

The impressive display from Bayern in the first half carried on into the remainder of the game. Continuing with the pressure and essentially overwhelming Freiburg, the home side kept looking for more. Freiburg looked to be improving, with positive movement seeing more of the ball. Their issue was they couldn’t do much with it. Much of their attacks were dealt with by the Bayern midfield and defence. Bayern knew exactly what to do when facing Freiburg’s attacks. The away side spent much of the game sitting back in their own half. Due to Bayern’s relentless attack, this was their only option. Flooding the box with white shirts, there was hope that Freiburg wouldn’t be punished further. Unfortunately for the away side, they were punished further. The 63rd minute saw Thiago increase the lead further after a strike from distance. Heynckes almost had his team working like a well-oiled machine. Bayern weren’t perfect, but they looked much better than they have previously. Controlling the game, Bayern were set to get three points. Despite the lead, the home side continued with the pressure and went out on the attack. It was impressive. Finding himself frustrated most of the game, it was time to get Robert Lewandowski involved. Nicknamed LewanGOALski, the Polish striker got his name on the scoresheet. The game was all but over. The final nail in the coffin came in added time when Joshua Kimmich got Bayern’s fifth goal. It was the perfect way to end an impressive performance. Bayern’s dominating display against Freiburg signalled a much needed improvement in their style of play. Bayern weren’t perfect, and they still have areas to improve on, but this was a good sign for fans of the club. Refreshed and rejuvenated, Heynckes had Bayern where he needed them.


FC Bayern München:

  • 68.1% Possession
  • 4 Goals
  • 24 Shots
  • 56.4% Duels Won
  • 763 Passes (657 Short Passes, 76 Long Balls, 30 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 7)
  • 91% Pass Accuracy
  • 895 Touches
  • 20 Chances Created
  • 30 Crosses
  • 18 Take Ons
  • 8 Interceptions
  • 5 Clearances
  • 9 Blocks

SC Freiburg:

  • 31.9% Possession
  • 0 Goals
  • 6 Shots
  • 43.6% Duels Won
  • 358 Passes (282 Short Passes, 72 Long Balls, 4 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 4)
  • 75% Pass Accuracy
  • 476 Touches
  • 5 Chances Created
  • 4 Crosses
  • 9 Take Ons
  • 11 Interceptions
  • 25 Clearances
  • 10 Blocks

Julian Schuster is the first player since Andreas Gielchen to score an own goal in two consecutive Bundesliga games

(Statistics provided by Bundesliga.com, DW, Squawka, Onefootball, WhoScored, Opta, etc.)


Jupp Heynckes came back with a bang. Coming out of retirement for the Bavarian club, it appears that this was a good choice. Bayern blitzed past SC Freiburg in their quest to get back on the path of victory.

A familiar face brought back a familiar Bayern. Jupp Heynckes had his team just where he wanted them. It wasn’t perfect, but the Bavarians were a force to be reckoned with. Lining up in 4-2-3-1 with Javi Martinez and Thiago in the two, and Arjen Robben, Thomas Müller and Kingsley Coman in the three, and Robert Lewandowski up top. From the get go Bayern applied the pressure and won the key battles passing and possession. The opening five minutes of the game saw Freiburg limited to 12 passes, with only one being in Bayern’s half. The home side had 48 passes, with Bayern starting to show their attacking ability down the left, something that has been limited previously. Kingsley Coman proved an important component of Bayern’s attack. The home side had to wait eight minutes until they were rewarded for their impressive style of play. Looking much more fluid and dynamic going forward. Despite being an own goal, Bayern’s ability to overlap and pull in defenders to create more space was evident. On the edge of the box, Coman was able to pull in two Freiburg defenders, allowing for Alaba to create overlap in space. Receiving the ball in space, Alaba was able the ball further into the box, crossing at the last second. Passed in the direction of an incoming Müller, who was closely followed by Julian Schuster, meant that the ball was going in one way or another. In this case, Schuster was the final player to touch the ball, resulting in an own goal.


It was a good start for the Bavarians. Heynckes was already cleaning up Bayern’s style of play and make them more effective going forward. Despite the improvement, Bayern had a number of errors. Errors and lapse’s in concentration were fairly prevalent under Carlo Ancelotti. They were a problem in their clash with SC Freiburg. One example with Freiburg’s first real opportunity on goal. After an error in Bayern’s half, Freiburg seized on the ball and went forward. Driving down the left, Florian Niederlechner had enough time to make a pass to an incoming Ryan Kent. Receiving the ball from Niederlechner, Kent was through goal, he only had to get past Sven Ulreich. Fortunately for Bayern, and unfortunately for Freiburg, Ulreich was able to make the save. This was Freiburg’s best chance of the game. Going forward, the away side had to make the most of any opportunities that came to them. They didn’t make the most of this great chance to get on the scoresheet. Freiburg had to wait 29 minutes until their next opportunity on goal.


Bayern’s domination was already apparent. Winning the passing and possession battle, Heynckes’ men were pinning Freiburg into their own half. The home side spend the majority of the first half in Freiburg’s half, attacking as much as they could. The free-flowing style of football is something many have become to love at Bayern. It was back under Heynckes. The whole team was working unison. Bayern were painting a picture of dominance. The finished product ended up being just that. Between Schuster’s own goal and Bayern’s next goal, the home side had 78.1% possession, 92% pass accuracy, 6 shots and 6 chances created. Their attack was in free flow and Freiburg were struggling to stop it. In that same time span, Freiburg had 84 passes, with only 18 being in Bayern’s half. In the first half altogether, Freiburg had 126, with only 29 being Bayern’s half. This statistics puts into perspective Bayern’s ability to quash Freiburg’s threats, but also how much the away side were pinned back in their own half.

The Bavarians were in control and it was only a matter of time before they doubled their lead. Swarming all over Freiburg, Bayern got their second goal in the 42nd minute. In typical Robben fashion, cutting in from the right, he took the ball into the box, leaving Freiburg players in his wake. Finding space in the box, Robben takes a shot on goal, only for it to be saved by Alexander Schwolow. The Freiburg keepers save was parried into the air, hoping for a clearance to be made by a white shirt. Unfortunately for Freiburg, Coman was in the perfect place to receive the ball. As the ball came down, the French international waiting for the perfect opportunity to score. Leaping up, Coman struck the ball with a diving header to put the Bavarians further into the lead.


Halftime couldn’t come soon enough for SC Freiburg. Struggling to get into Bayern’s half, and being pinned back by the home side, it was grim outlook for Streich’s men. Limited to only 23.7% possession, 5 shots and 4 chances created, Freiburg were hoping the second half would bring some form of improvement. That wasn’t the case. The second half saw Freiburg only have 1 shot and 1 chance created. Bayern’s domination of Freiburg progressed further as time went on. 8 shots, 3 goals, 7 chances created, and 60.8% possession in the second half, Bayern brushed Freiburg aside. The away looked for some improvement after a team talk from Christian Streich, but it simply wasn’t enough. Freiburg spent most of the game on the back foot defending, with limited opportunities going forward. Their only shot on goal came from Christian Günter, whose shot was saved by Ulreich. Creativity is becoming a problem for Freiburg.

Opportunities and creativity was in abundance for the Bavarians. Continuing their relentless pressure, Bayern showed no signs of giving up. Their individual brilliance was on full display. The very essence of individual brilliance came in the 63rd minute. Receiving a pass from Mats Hummels after a clearance was made by Freiburg, Thiago found himself in space outside the box. Leaving Thiago in space is dangerous. Sitting back on the edge of their box, the Freiburg defence allowed for the Spaniard to make his move. A sublime strike outside the box put the Bavarians at a three goal advantage. A mix of individual brilliance and Freiburg’s lack of pressure became a deadly concoction.


Bayern were in the driving seat and the pedal was to the floor. The Bavarians were hungry and it was showing. Full of confidence, they pressed on.

Christian Streich’s team were left trying to limit the blow caused by Jupp Heynckes and Bayern München. The nail was already in the coffin but Bayern haven’t ran out of nails just yet. Robert Lewandowski was limited in his performance against Freiburg. Due to Freiburg sitting back, Lewandowski commonly found himself surrounded by white shirts, leaving for Bayern’s attack to go through other means. Before his goal in the 75th minute, Lewandowski was limited to 2 shots, 2 take ons, and 30 touches. Never count the Polish international out. Arguably one of the best in his position, he made sure take any chance that came at him. Dispossessing Söyüncü, Müller found himself and Lewandowski in enough space to take advantage of the Freiburg defence being caught off guard and out of position. Predicting a pass from Müller, Lewandowski put himself in a position to receive the pass. Working through the remaining Freiburg defenders, the Polish international found himself in the perfect position to slot the ball in the back of the net. He did just that.


Freiburg’s poor defending and Bayern’s ability to seize on the ball put them further ahead. Bayern were on fire and Freiburg were certainly terrified. The away side from kick off struggled to compete with the might of Bayern München. Bayern’s ability to pressure and pin back Freiburg was impressive. The action zones provided by WhoScored shows 17% in the home third, 45% in the middle third, and 38% in the away third. Thiago, the man of the match, especially stood out in this case.


Jupp Heynckes had his team working like a well-oiled machine. The flow in attack and discipline in defence overwhelmed Freiburg. It wasn’t a perfect display from Bayern München, but it was an improvement on the frustration that occurred under Carlo Ancelotti. It was exactly what Bayern needed. The Bavarians put the final nail in the coffin when Joshua Kimmich saw his clever flick go in the back of the net.


Bayern were back to winning ways in their thrashing of SC Freiburg. The appointment of Jupp Heynckes is already showing positive signs, something Bayern fans will be happy about. Bayern were impressive, but not perfect. Going forward, Heynckes will be looking to iron out the issues that occurred in this performance. With Dortmund losing to Leipzig, this made Bayern’s win against Freiburg even more important. It was a happy return for Jupp Heynckes.

Honourable Mention:

Borussia Dortmund 2-3 RB Leipzig

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