Match Report FC Bayern München vs SC Freiburg: Things go Better with Jupp

The Bundesliga is back and we were treated Saturday with a clash of Bavaria vs the Black Forest. FC Bayern Munich have been facing some difficulties, resulting in the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti. With an old face at the helm in Jupp Heynckes, the Bavarians were hoping that they could put their problems behind them. For SC Freiburg, coming away from an impressive win against Hoffenheim before the break, Christian Stretch’s side were able to outwit Julian Nagelsmann.

The scene was set at the Allianz Arena. Looking to start with a bang, Heynckes’ men set out on the front foot. From the get go, the Bavarians applied pressure and went on the attack. Pinned back in their half, Freiburg had to withstand the attack of Bayern. It was a good start for the home side. Despite the relentless pressure and attack, Freiburg had the first real opportunity of the game. Coming off an unforced error, Ryan Kent went on the break for Freiburg,but his shot to be saved by Sven Ulreich.

Immediately after Freiburg’s attempt on goal, Bayern went on the attack. Breaking down the right, Arjen Robben took the ball into the box to shoot from close range. Thankfully for Freiburg, Alexander Schwolow was able to make the save. So far, so good for the Bavarians. Bayern were rewarded for their relentless attack in the 8th minute. Driving into the box after receiving a pass from Kingsley Coman, David Alaba passed into the box, finding Thomas Müller. It appeared that Müller was able to get a connection with the ball to put Bayern in the lead, but the goal ended up being awarded as a Julian Schuster own goal.

Heynckes’ Bavarians were looking good and it was only going to get better. The home side continue on the front foot after Thiago’s shot was saved by Schwolow. As time progressed, so did Bayern’s style of play. Looking to punish Freiburg, the Bavarians were looking for their second goal. A number of shots came in quick succession, only for them to be saved by Schwolow. while the visitors weren’t looking good. Streich’s men were struggling against Bayern. Hardly seeing the ball and sitting deep in their half, Freiburg needed to find a way to press forward. Taking advantage of errors made by Bayern, Freiburg looked to go on the attack. After the Kent shot in the opening stages of the game, the away side didn’t see much of the goal until the 35th minute. Mike Frantz received a beautiful cross, only for his header to go wide. It was a great chance for Freiburg, who were slowly getting back in the game.

But it wasn’t enough. Bayern were still the controlling team. The Bavarians were looking good, a few mistakes and errors and a better performance in the final third and the home side had the perfect start for the game. The first half performance was rewarded with their second goal. After a shot on goal by Robben, Coman seized on the rebound to double Bayern’s lead in the 42nd minute.

The second half continued with Bayern leading the way.Heynckes’ side’s threatening nature was truly on display at the Allianz Arena. Applying pressure and going on the attack, the Bavarians went on the search for their third goal. Freiburg gradually improved in the second half. Attempting to sit higher forward, especially when obtaining the ball, Freiburg saw themselves going on the attack more. Going on the attack is good, but Freiburg were lacking the extra creativity needed to get shots on goal. The away side were still being pinned back, especially in defence. White shirts flood the box. As a result of Freiburg sitting back, Bayern found themselves frustrated.

Despite dominating in attack, Bayern were searching a dangerous opportunity on goal. That came in the 63rd minute. Finding himself outside the box, Thiago saw his sumptuous strike find the back of the net. It was all smiles for Heynckes and Bayern München. It was going to get better for the Bavarians and worse for Freiburg. Despite looking better in the second half, the away side struggled, especially going forward. Yet again they were punished. Robert Lewandowski, who was lacking opportunity in front of goal, put the Bavarians further ahead. Give him the ball, Lewandowski is surely going to score. Bayern’s dominance was epitomised when Joshua Kimmich ended the game perfectly for the Bavarians. Five goals and three points, happy days for Bayern. A familiar face called for a familiar Bayern. The Bavarians from the get go applied the pressure and went on the attacking football, something many have become to love. It was far from perfect, but it was a reassuring  improvement on previous performances.



It would be difficult to pick a truly defining or game changing moment in the game. From the get go Bayern dominated and controlled the game. Their 5-0 win against Freiburg was fully deserved.

Man of the Match

Thiago (1 goal, 3 shots, 3 key passes, 122 touches, 95% passing success, 2 interceptions, 1 blocked shot)

Key Stats


  • Bayern: 68.1%
  • Freiburg: 31.9%


  • Bayern: 24
  • Freiburg: 6

Chances Created:

  • Bayern: 20
  • Freiburg: 5

Talking Points Bayern

  • First Half – It was a tale of different performances in the first half. For Bayern it was positive, for Freiburg, not so much. The Bavarians were immediately on the front foot in the first half. Relentlessly attacking and applying pressure on Freiburg, the home side were looking good in their first game under Heynckes. It was almost a perfect first half performance for Bayern. Nothing is perfect in fact, but Bayern found themselves with a number of errors that on some occasions allowed for Freiburg to gain possession. As well as this, Bayern will be hoping they will be a bit more potent in the final third. Thankfully for the Bavarians, they were able to get two goals in the first half. This would help propel them forward in the second half.
  • Attack – Bayern’s attack looked refreshed in the first game under Jupp Heynckes. Lewandowski spent much of the game frustrated. Lacking opportunities in front of goal, he made the most of it when he had a chance. This was seen inBayern’s ability to score four goals with Lewandowski limited, shows how good Bayern can be going forward. Arjen Robben, Thomas Müller and Kingsley Coman combined for an impressive display in front goal. Supported by a midfield of Javi Martinez and Thiago, the Bavarians looked good in their first game under Heynckes. It wasn’t perfect but it was an improvement.
  • Errors – Despite the impressive and solid performance against Freiburg, Bayern had a number of errors, something which was prevalent under Ancelotti. In their first game under Heynckes, this is somewhat expected. Heynckes will be hoping these errors can be ironed out going forward. Consistency is the key for Bayern and I’m sure Heynckes will work his magic.
Happy Jupp, Happy Bayern

Talking Points Freiburg

  • First Half – Freiburg’s first performance wasn’t pretty. Bayern were on the front foot, pinning Freiburg into their own half. Sitting deep, this made the situation difficult for the away side. Allowing for Bayern to get space, resulted in numerous attacks for the home side. Having only 22.4% possession, 5 shots and creating 4 chances, Freiburg were struggling in the first half. Ultimately, Freiburg were punished for their first half performance. 2-0 down at half time, it was always going to be a difficult task to get back at Bayern in the second half.
  • Ryan Kent – Ryan Kent was put in the deep end in his first start for Freiburg being against Bayern. Overall, Freiburg’s attack was severely limited. When the away did have an attack, Kent looked to do as much as possible. His shot on goal in the first half was Freiburg’s best chance of the game. Despite the disappointing attacking display from Freiburg, Kent showed the only spark for the away side.
  • Creativity – Creativity has been the height of Freiburg’s problems this season. The loss of Philipp and Grifo was always going to cause problems. Freiburg performance against Hoffenheim looked to bring positivity going forward. This was not the case against Bayern. Freiburg’s lack of attack was clear. Six shots (two on target) and five chances created, Freiburg walk away with a disappointing performance and a 5-0 thrashing at the hands of Bayern. Streich will be hoping he can solve Freiburg’s creativity problem otherwise is may signal trouble for Freiburg.
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