Bundesliga Match of the Week 6: Borussia Dortmund 6-1 Borussia Mӧnchengladbach

Match: Borussia Dortmund (Philipp x2, Aubameyang x3, Weigl) 6-1 Borussia Mӧnchengladbach (Stindl)


Peter Bosz led Borussia Dortmund to an impressive 6-1 victory over Borussia Mӧnchengladbach. Dortmund’s start to the season has gone virtually perfect. Five wins, one draw and a goal difference of 18, the Bosz era has started with a bang.

The Battle of the Borussia’s was a one-sided affair with Dortmund dominating from start to finish. With the Westfalenstadion (Signal Iduna Park) bouncing as usual, the whistle blew to start the game. In the possession based football that has become familiar under Bosz, it was only a matter of time before Dortmund started to win the possession and passing game. Solidifying their style of play, the home side were in a good position. Despite setting the tone in the early stages, it was Gladbach who registered the first shot of the game, an attempt from Thorgan Hazard that had to be saved by Roman Bürki. The home side went forward unfazed, still searching to register their first shot of the game. That didn’t come until the 19th minute. Some opportunities fell to the away side but Dortmund were able to stop them. Time went on and Bosz’s Dortmund was controlling the game and wearing Die Fohlen down. Everything seemed to change from the 25th minute, Dortmund pressed forward and upped the intensity. In quick succession the home side had several attempts on goal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s attempt from close range was saved by Tobias Sippel. Three minutes later and Dortmund got the goal they were looking for. After another attempt from Aubameyang hit the post, it was only a matter of time before the home side score, and they did just that when Aubameyang delivered a cross to Maximilian Philipp who slotted it into the back of the net. Gladbach’s response was limited, unable to establish a foothold in the game, it was very difficult for the away side to have a chance going forward. Winning the battles in the key areas, Dortmund were able to dictate the game. Shutting and closing down spaces, the away side have very little chances going forward. Pressing and dominating possession and passing, Dortmund were in the perfect situation. Die Fohlen were in a difficult situation and it was only going to get worse. The 38th minute saw Dortmund extend the lead after Mahmoud Dahoud found Jeremy Toljan, who drove the ball into the box to find Philipp. The home side extend the lead and it was only going to get better. Half time was approaching and it was dominance from Dortmund. Looking to get one back, Gladbach had two opportunities saved by Bürki. The side continued their dominance and were rewarded yet again. The 45th minute saw Aubameyang get this first goal of the game, more was to some from the Gabonese forward. A commanding 3-0 going into half time was perfect Dortmund, that can’t be said for Mönchengladbach.

The second half saw Dortmund’s dominance continue. Die Fohlen would fall victim to another Dortmund attack. Three minutes into the second half Aubameyang got his second goal of the game after initial hitting the woodwork with a header, following up the rebound with a shot into the back of the net. 4-0 and the home side showed no signals of slowing down. Trying to somehow establish themselves into the game, Gladbach were struggling. When searching for opportunities, the away side were left vulnerable to the punishing Dortmund attack. Die Fohlen had few opportunities on goal but most were from range and could be dealt with by Bürki. Time progressed and so did Dortmund’s dominance. Every attack looked like Dortmund could continue their scoring prowess. The 62nd minute saw Aubameyang get his third goal of the game when Dahoud delivered a beautiful ball to the Gabonese forward, leaving Aubameyang to work his magic. The away side had no answers and Dortmund had all the answers. Gladbach were being punished and they couldn’t respond. Constricted by Bosz’s master plan, it was only going to be a disaster for the foals. Down but not out, Gladbach scored a consolation goal in the 66th minute. Dortmund’s clean sheet streak came to an end. Frustrated by conceding, Dortmund pressed on with the dominance we have seen all game. Their response came in the form of Julian Weigl. Weigl seems to be able to do everything for Dortmund, which means even scoring. After a clearance was made by Gladbach’s defence, Weigl controlled the ball with his chest, only for him to volley it from distance. It was a sublime strike from the 22-year-old. The nail was in the coffin and Dortmund’s impressive start to the season continues. Peter Bosz is working his magic and making Dortmund a legitimate contender for the title.



  • 79% Possession
  • 6 Goals
  • 18 Shots (9 On Target)
  • 60.7% Duels Won
  • 948 Passes (879 Short Passes, 45 Long Balls, 3 Through Balls, 21 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 10)
  • 92% Pass Accuracy
  • 1064 Touches
  • 12 Chances Created
  • 21 Crosses
  • 16 Take Ons
  • 8 Interceptions
  • 2 Clearances
  • 9 Blocks


  • 21% Possession
  • 1 Goal
  • 8 Shots (5 On Target)
  • 39.3% Duels Won
  • 250 Passes (198 Short Passes, 49 Long Balls, 3 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 3)
  • 70% Pass Accuracy
  • 381 Touches
  • 6 Chances Created
  • 3 Crosses
  • 13 Take Ons
  • 13 Interceptions
  • 18 Clearances
  • 20 Blocks


Borussia Dortmund’s 6-1 thrashing of Borussia Mӧnchengladbach was nothing short of impressive. From start to finish they controlled the game. One of only three teams in the Bundesliga to remain undefeated, Bosz’s Dortmund are on the path of dominance. Sixteen points, five wins and one draw, the team from the Ruhr proudly sit top of the table.

In what is becoming the norm under Peter Bosz, Dortmund was soon as the whistle was blown looked win the battle in possession and passing. This battle proved to be important in their domination over Die Fohlen. The opening 10-15 minutes saw Dortmund do what it does best under Bosz, dominate the midfield and establish possession based football with accurate passing. Passing maps provided by Squawka show the extent of Dortmund’s control.

As can be seen from the image above, Dortmund were controlling midfield and limiting Gladbach’s potential to attack. Even when the away side looked to attack, they had to resort to long balls and passes under pressure, resulting in a drop in passing accuracy. Die Fohlen had a pass accuracy of 70% in the opening in 15 minutes. Dortmund’s win in the passing battle in the opening stages can be seen in Gladbach being limited to only 40 passes, with 11 passes not reaching their intended target. In comparison, Dortmund had a passing accuracy of 94% in the opening 15 minutes and didn’t show any signs of slowing down.

The home side were winning the battles that are key in dictating the flow and intensity of a game, Dortmund were in control but were yet to register a shot on goal until the 19th minute. It was Gladbach who registered the first shot of the game after Thorgan Hazard broke free down the right, resulting in Roman Bürki being forced into a save. Everything appeared to change in the 20th-25th minute. All of sudden Dortmund had a flurry of attacks. The home side were getting very close to scoring, an example can be seen in well worked play that set up Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, only for his shot from close range to be saved by Tobias Sippel.

Turning up the intensity, Dortmund put the pedal to the floor going forward. Five shots on goal and three chances came between the 20th and 25th minute, the sixth shot on proved to be the deadly one. Julian Weigl’s first start of the Bundesliga season since his injury became one of positivity for the home side. Passing a perfect through ball to Aubameyang, the Gabonese international took the ball down the wing, crossing it into the box to find Maximilian Philipp. A deserved goal for the home side. The intensity would continue.

Six shots, four chances created, 93% passing accuracy and 82.7% possession in 30 minutes, Borussia Dortmund were out to dominate. Gladbach were limited to one shot, one chance created, 65% pass accuracy and 17.3% possession in the same time frame. The home side sought to overwhelm, dominate possession with accurate passing, exploit space and be effective at creating goal scoring opportunities. Die Fohlen couldn’t handle the relentless pressure from Dortmund, resulting in the team from the Ruhr taking the game in their stride. Looking to keep their advantage, Dortmund continued on the front foot. They didn’t have to wait long for their second goal. In the 38th minute, Philipp got his second goal of the game after receiving a pass in the box from Jeremy Toljan. The rest was simple for Philipp who slotted it into the back of the net. 2-0 and Dortmund were in control.

The away side were struggling. Lacking possession and the ability to influence the game, Dieter Hecking’s men were left fighting an uphill battle. When things started to click for Dortmund in the 25th minute, the away side were severely limited. Between the 25th and 40th minute, Gladbach were unable to register a shot or create a chance. Die Fohlen haven’t had a shot on goal since the 10th minute. The Dortmund domination pressed on while Gladbach’s grave was getting deeper. As half time approached, the home side were relentless in their attack. Not slowing down until the whistle was blew. Aubameyang made the most of every minute. On the brink of half time the Gabonese forward dug the grave even deeper for Gladbach. Starting from a Sokratis long ball, Philipp took a fine touch in the box to set up Aubameyang who makes it 3-0 at half time.

The first half paint a picture of Dortmund’s dominance. In 45 minutes the home side were able to win the battle of passing and possession, create opportunities and dictate the flow and intensity of the game. The game was essentially their oyster. Statistics show Dortmund’s prowess. 13 shots, 78.3% possession, 93% pass accuracy, 9 chances created, 12 crosses, 6 take ons, and 5 interceptions. When compared to Gladbach, it looks even better. The away side had 4 shots, 21.7% possession, 68% pass accuracy, 3 chances created, 2 crosses, 5 take ons, and 8 interceptions. Peter Bosz was working his magic in the first half and that was only going to continue for the remainder of the game.

It went from bad to worse for Gladbach. The second half saw Dortmund cement their dominance against Die Fohlen and continue the impressive style of play we had seen in the first half. It was only four minutes in the second half when the home side got another goal. Receiving a perfect free kick into the box from Mario Gӧtze, Aubameyang headed the ball only for it to hit the post. Thankfully for the Gabonese international, the ball rebounded back to his feet where he slotted it into the back of the net. Dortmund’s dominance continued.

There was no stopping the home side. Gladbach were struggling severely and they couldn’t do anything about it. Aubameyang’s ability to find space and get behind the defence was proving to be deadly weapon. Time progressed and so did the home side’s ruthless style of play. Bosz had his team working like a well-oiled machine. Pressing for his hat trick, Aubameyang was awarded his third goal in the 62nd minute when a perfect pass from Dahoud put the Gabonese forward through on goal. Fifth goal of the game and a hat trick for Aubameyang, the game was over.

Despite being punished during the majority of the game, Gladbach didn’t give up. This was epitomised when Lars Stindl got a consolation goal for Die Fohlen. Caught out on the attack by Thorgan Hazard, the Dortmund defence was left open allowing for the Belgian to find space driving into the box. Once in the box, Hazard passed it across hoping to find a Gladbach shirt. Taking a deflection on the way through, the pass found Stindl who was left in open space to score Die Fohlen’s only goal of the game. Dortmund’s clean sheet streak was over.

Frustrated from conceding, Dortmund continue the intensity which saw them dominate. The return of Julian Weigl can clearly be seen in today’s game. The role he roles he plays in midfield and his importance to the team can’t be emphasised enough. Looking at the passing map provided by Squawka, it shows how vital Weigl is to Dortmund. He is only going to get better under Bosz.

Weigl’s performance was rewarded with his first goal in the Bundesliga. A sumptuous strike. This video does all the talking:


The whistle blew and Dortmund came out as dominant victors. A 6-1 thrashing of Borussia Mӧnchenglabach keeps Bosz’s men top of the league. This game saw Dortmund dominate from start to finish. 18 shots, 79% possession, 92% pass accuracy, 12 chances created, 21 crosses, 16 take ons, 75% aerial duels won, 8 interceptions, 2 clearances and 9 blocks, the black and yellow of Dortmund put in an impressive shift. The whole team deserves man of the match.

The Yellow Wall will be thrilled with their team’s performance and will only hope this continues under Peter Bosz. Let’s just say that the bookmakers didn’t see this one coming.



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