Bundesliga Match of the Week 2: Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Hertha Berlin


Borussia Dortmund (Aubameyang, Sahin) 2-0 Hertha Berlin


The end of Matchday 2 means a new Match of the Week column. Yet again Borussia Dortmund proved to be an impressive force in their second game of the season. Despite the poor and frustrating preseason, it appears that Peter Bosz is working his magic in the Bundesliga.

With the Dembele leaving the club, Dortmund were set on a new path. This path was one of victory. In their first home game of the season, Dortmund continued where they left off. The possession based football under Bosz yet again became a prominent factor in coming out as victors. The initial stages of the game painted a picture that may become familiar with Bosz and Dortmund, controlling possession and accurate passing. Applying their identity on the game, it was only a matter of time before Dortmund’s attacking prowess would take over. Up steps Aubameyang to put Dortmund in the lead. A beautiful cross from Nuri Sahin set up Aubameyang to do what he does best. From there it was only going up for Dortmund. Controlling the game, as we saw in their previous game against Wolfsburg, Dortmund were able to establish their presence on the game and dictate how it is played. Their possession based football mixed with short and accurate proves difficult to deal with. Hertha Berlin’s first shot on target didn’t come until the 31st minute when Stark’s effort was saved. With limited chances being created, Hertha were in a spot of bother and needed half time in order to set out a plan for the second half.

Unfortunately for Hertha, but luckily for Dortmund that didn’t work. Dortmund sought out to continue the pressure that had been successful previously. Not letting Hertha Berlin establish a foothold in the game proved to apparent yet again in the second half. It only took Dortmund 12 minutes to get their second goal. A scintillating strike from Nuri Sahin epitomised the type of football on display under Bosz. From Bartra’s goal in the first game of the season, to Sahin’s goal, it sure looks like Dortmund could already have their choice for goal of the season.

Berlin tried to establish opportunities to get on the scoresheet, with a number of chances coming in the final 25 minutes of the game, but the efforts of Stark, Darida, and Leckie, proved to not be enough for the away side. Ultimately the nail was already in the coffin and Dortmund continued their momentum. The relentless football being implemented at Dortmund appears to be one of domination in the opening stages of the Bundesliga. For Dortmund they will be looking to make the most of their opportunities, and despite being the dominant side, they will be looking to be more clinical going forward. Two impressive performance to start the season — you can’t complain about that — especially being at the top of the table going into the international break. Dortmund will be hoping to continue and improve on these performances and cement themselves as contenders at the end of the season


Borussia Dortmund:

  • 66.3% Possession
  • 2 Goals
  • 18 Shots (8 On Target)
  • 51.3% Duels Won
  • 674 Passes (591 Short Passes, 64 Long Balls, 1 Through Ball, 18 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 5)
  • 84.9% Pass Accuracy
  • 848 Touches
  • 12 Chances Created
  • 18 Crosses
  • 23 Take Ons
  • 13 Interceptions
  • 22 Clearances
  • 11 Blocks

Hertha Berlin:

  • 33.7% Possession
  • 7 (4 On Target)
  • 48.7% Duels Won
  • 346 Passes (266 Short Passes, 67 Long Balls, 13 Crosses, Average Pass Streak 3)
  • 67.8% Pass Accuracy
  • 7 Chances Created
  • 13 Crosses
  • 13 Take Ons
  • 19 Interceptions
  • 15 Clearances
  • 11 Blocks

Borussia Dortmund haven’t lost a Bundesliga home game since 4 April 2015

Hertha Berlin haven’t kept a clean sheet in a Bundesliga game in Dortmund since 5 December 1959

(Statistics provided by Bundesliga.com, Squawka, Onefootball, WhoScored)


Borussia Dortmund are proving a point under Bosz. Yet again they put up an impressive display to come out as victors. The opening 10 minutes essentially told the story for the rest of the game.  The opening 10 minutes saw the home side have 64.2% possession and a pass accuracy of 84%. These two statistics in itself prove vital to the new look Dortmund. Dictating and controlling possession is at the heart of Bosz’s system. Combined with accurate passing it allows for Dortmund to establish a stranglehold on the match. Winning the midfield battle is one of the important battles that took place in the initial stages. The role that Sahin plays in this is important. As can be seen in the passing in the opening 10 minutes, Dortmund are controlling the midfield, with the majority of passes being accurate and short.



As a result of battles going in Dortmund’s favour, the attacking prowess that the home side possess, was coming into its own. 2 shots and 1 chance created in the opening 10 minutes was signal of what was to come. Upping the pressure it was only a moment of time before Aubameyang put his fingerprint of the game. Rewarded for their efforts, Dortmund were only going to continue.

Aubameyang’s Goal


Controlling possession, accurate passing, creating chances, this could start to become a familiar story with Dortmund. Despite not scoring again in the first half, Dortmund had a total of 7 shots, compared to only 2 from Berlin. Dortmund also created 6 chances, coming from Sahin (2), Castro (2), Pulisic and Philipp. For Berlin they only produce 2 chances. The touches in the first half provide a picture of the overwhelming nature of Dortmund. A total of 473 touches in the first half, Dortmund appeared to be favouring the left side of attack, with Philipp having the most touches of the front three. Furthermore it can be also seen the important of the important spine between defence and midfield. Bartra proved key in that, having a total of 80 touches in the first half, only 8 touches behind Berlin’s combined total of touches put together.

BvB FIrst Half Touches


Going into he second half Dortmund were looking to continue their possession dominating style play, but to also improve, especially with being more clinical with their chances. As expected, Dortmund came out controlling possession and the passing game. As a result Berlin were yet again with the prospect of not being able to establish a strong foothold in the game. 12 minutes into the second half and Dortmund strengthened their position after an impressive strike from Nuri Sahin.

Sahin’s Goal



For Dortmund it was only going upwards, for Berlin it was only going downhill. Spurred by the confidence of their second goal, Dortmund piled on the pressure, looking to finish the game. The second half saw Dortmund have a total of 11 shots on goal, 5 being on target. Added to that, the home side created 6 chances. Perhaps Dortmund will be looking back on the game disappointment in the fact that they could have been more clinical going forward. Despite this Dortmund yet again came out on top. The style of play being implemented by Bosz is becoming a thing of beauty.

Yet again possession and passing proved to an important part Dortmund’s performance. The positions and passing network provided by 11tegen11 show the very importance of the spine between defence and midfield going forward.

Just like the first game of the season, Bartra played an important role in establishing the spine. 122 passes, 86.1% pass accuracy, the emphasis on strength in passing is crucial. Bartra was closely followed by Zagadou and Sahin. The strength of especially Bartra, Zagadou, Sahin and Philipp proved to be vital attacking down the left, which became the favoured side against Berlin. Dortmund’s attack saw 46% come down the left side, 26% up the middle, and 28% down the right side.

Nuri Sahin produced a man of the match performance against Hertha Berlin. 1 goal, 2 shots, 88% pass accuracy, 71 passes, 85 touches, 1 interception 2 clearances, and being at the heart of Dortmund’s system, Sahin’s performance can’t be underestimated.

Honourable Mention:

RB Leipzig 4-1 SC Freiburg

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