Which Game of Thrones Character Does Your Bundesliga Club Resemble?

The hit HBO TV series is back! Game of Thrones made its long awaited return on July 16 with the first episode of season 7 and it has been a hot topic these last few days. While we eagerly wait for the return of our favourite league, the Bundesliga, why not point out the similarities between these two shows.

Before jumping on to the list I would like to thank Borussia Dortmund fan@ironicguerreiro for inspiring this article and allowing me to borrow his work. You can follow the original thread on his twitter account:

Here are the 18 Bundesliga teams and the GOT character they most resemble. However, before I share the list I need to warn you that this list contains spoilers. So SPOILER ALERT! You’ve been warned.

1. Bayern Munich – Tywin Lannister

The similarity between these two is pretty much straight forward. Both are always in control and on top. They are very rich, well respected and one way or another always get what they want. They probably won’t care about those who hate them.

‘The Lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep.’

2. RB Leipzig – Cersei Lannister

Both are hated by everyone. They are both very smart and have everything planned out. They both find comfort in the arms of their brothers, Jamie Lannister for Cersei, and RB Salzburg for RB Leipzig.

3. Borussia Dortmund – Daenerys Targaryen

After their throne (Bundesliga title) has been taken by Tywin (Bayern) they seek to take it back with the help of a new advisor (Tyrion/Bosz).

4. Hoffenhiem – Lyanna Mormont

They are not a big club (house), but they are a proud one. Their young leaders’ command respect despite their age and are loved by many. They have big goals and dreams.

5.   1. FC Köln – Bronn

They know how to fight and how to have a good time. Their motto is ‘It doesn’t matter how you play but that you get the job done.” Plus, Both have overachieved.

6. Hertha Berlin – Stannis Baratheon

You kinda feel sorry for both, because they have to carry big names on their shoulders, which at times weighs them down.

7. SC Freiburg – Podrick Payne

They tend to surpass expectations and are easily likeable. Everyone seems to root for them. Both are young and have a lot of adventures ahead of them.

8 . Werder Bremen – Jorah Mormont

The glory days are behind them, but they haven’t given up hope altogether as they are striving to get back to where they belong.

9. Borussia Mönchengladbach- Robin Arryn

They haven’t lived up to their name just yet despite having great resources. They are patiently waiting for their moment.

10. Schalke 04 – Theon Greyjoy

They both have seen so many ups and downs, when things seem to go their way they immediately find themselves in bad situations, both looking forward to a better future.

11. Eintracht Frankfurt – Petyr Baelish

Both are full of surprises and very hard to predict, but you wouldn’t put your money on them for anything.

12, Bayer Leverkusen – Oberyn Martell

Stylish, good looking, fights well and at times really well but at the end of the day they seem to bottle what you might think is already in their hands.

13. FC Augsburg – Mace Tyrell

The only thing you can say about these two is that they are uninspiring, despite their best efforts. No one seems to care about them much.

14. Mainz 05 – Meera Reed

Kind-hearted! Meera has been helping Bran because she has to, and Mainz tend to help the Bundesliga big boys — be it by handing over their best players and managers, or, because well, … they kinda have to.

15. VfL Wolfsburg – Robert Baratheon

Both of these two have seen better days. They were ruling at the summit once, but not anymore.

16. Hamburg – Beric Dondarrion

Let’s just say you will never see the last of these two. Just when you think they’re dead they get back up again. Nothing seems to stop them from survival.

17. VfB Stuttgart – Jon Snow

Episode 5 “Kill The Boy”

Jon Snow was lord commander of the Nights Watch before he was murdered. Stuttgart were also one of the top clubs in the league before their relegation. But both are back and ready to fight again in their new roles.

18. Hannover 96 – Edmure Tully

You thought they were gone for good, but No! They are still here. And prepared to take any opportunity that may offer itself.


What do you think of the comparisons? Do you agree with them? Let’s hear your suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Brook. Funny! All imaginative entries, except for one… FC Augsburg may not inspire you, but as a perennial underdog they are incredibly inspiring to me! With their lack of assets (money and the best players), they remain overlooked, but survive via cohesive teamwork and scrappy action. Much like Samwell Tarly, aka “Sam the Slayer,” they are likable and in an odd way inherently skilled as they continue their search for ways to survive and maybe bring down the big boys threatening them (dragonglass…).

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