It’s Showtime for Borussia Dortmund’s Marco Reus

This is what I wanted to see. This is what I have been looking for. This is it. Marco Reus in back, scoring game-saving goals, it’s showtime again. and I hope that he will avoid any kind of injury in the next few years.

Time goes by very fast. Yes, in a couple of days Santa Claus brings presents. That is one sign of time vanishing like sand in our hands. Another almost insane sign that time keeps on running is Marco Reus. For me it feels like he still is one of those talents who still has years to play on a high level. But seriously – he is 27 years old. With his condition, his shape and his ability to attract injuries like blood attracts mosquitos he has five, six or seven seasons to play.

There is no doubt that Marco Reus is one of the best players in the Bundesliga. But he must be in good shape. That is, that was and that will be his biggest problem. He missed the World Cup 2014 and is not allowed to call himself “Weltmeister”. He was sent home on his birthday before Euro 2016. Until now he was not able to win one title with Borussia Dortmund. 2012 – when Borussia Dortmund won the “Meisterschaft” and Pokal he still wore the jersey of Mönchengladbach.

I do not want to discuss the one-sided attitude of today’s society that only a player (or a club) with a trophy is worth something. That is from my point of view not true. Nevertheless, the German Media here and then asks the question – “Will Marco Reus ever win a title?” It is a pity, but in a way a tragic truth. His time for winning one is running out and even though he plays for two promising teams – Germany (Die Mannschaft) and Borussia Dortmund – it will get harder and more complicated. It is very unlikely that Germany will repeat the success of Rio in Russia 2018. And in France 2016 we saw that the European competition is just like the lottery.

Will Dortmund win titles? It is – and this is a good thing – hard to say. The “Meisterschaft” seems to be more attractive this year than the last couple of seasons and even though Dortmund seems to have some problems, the chances are still there. It is very unlikely that RB Leipzig will keep up this pace and even Bayern, as we could observe recently, can be beaten. The situation against Mönchengladbach and Real Madrid was obvious. Borussia Dortmund can play at the highest level possible and Thomas Tuchel is thrilled to have him back. Who? Marco Reus!

He was the key player against the other Borussia. He was the decisive player in Madrid and he saved Dortmund against Köln on Saturday. The only problem is his body. Such velocity combined with a physical sensitivity is always a dangerous mix. His history of injuries is not only tragic for himself but also for Borussia Dortmund. Reus has demonstrated recently (and has done it before) that he can make the difference. But he is often injured.

There was another player who seems to have the same physics as Marco Reus, who had to endure some setbacks and who came back several times highly improved. His name is Arjen Robben. He was forced to leave Real Madrid, where he was given the inglorious attribute “glass bone”. He started again in Munich and left his mark on one of the most successful eras in the history of the club. He still is one of the most important players in Carlo Ancelotti’s squad, as the last couple games showed.

Marco Reus is well advised not to give up. He showed his potential against the Foals and in Madrid. He was the decisive player. Yes, he is yet 27 years old. But there is still time. Time for him to win titles. Time for him to play at the World Cup or the Euro. Time for him to leave a mark on the pitch and not only as a cover model of a famous computer game. Arjen Robben by the way was 29 years-old in 2012/13 and had one of his best seasons and (sadly from my point of view) crowned his performance with the decisive goal against Borussia Dortmund in Wembley.

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Dennis Liedschulte

Dennis works as a journalist and author of fictional novels in Germany. He is a regular visitor of the German Bundesliga. He worked for several newspapers and online magazines and reports directly from Germany for Follow at @NummerSieben7

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