Did Borussia Dortmund do enough this summer?

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Borussia Dortmund has changed. Under the supervision of Thomas Tuchel, the team changed not only priorities, but also its composition. For one window between seasons, the coach of the yellow-black has spent in the transfer market 110 million euros.

Previously, even the Bavarians in Munich didn’t spend so much. But don’t blame Tuchel, because he faced with a very difficult task – he had to help the team to survive without their leaders: Hummels, Gündogan, Mkhitaryan. Whether his club will cope with will be clear only at the end of the season.

After a year of work and thoughtful transfers under the new style, BVB has become Thomas Tuchel’s project. All last year, he taught his players to hold the ball, roll out the opponent, and squeeze the most out of the control of the ball.

So how did Thomas Tuchel and Borussia Dortmund spend its summer?

This summer he decided to make a shopping spree, of which there are 4 elements.

1. Young Projects

the young people taken to enhance the depth of the bench. This is, firstly, Mikel Merino, who’s been following by “yellow-black”” from the the winter. Secondly, Emre Mor – the one who played half a year in the Danish championship and was the only reason due to which the Turks could be at least a little sympathetic to the neutral spectator on the Euro 2016.  More information about wins you can get here online casino list by Casinority

2. Role Players

the players of the top clubs. Sebastian Rode came from Bayern, who had a lot of promises of mountains of gold and a place at the base.  With the same situation came Marc Bartra from “Barcelona.”

3. Young Stars

two hits the bull’s eye. Rafael Guerreiro and Ousmane Dembélé can can become the foundations players of “yellow-black” already this season. The Portuguese won Euro 2016, being a major player in the national team. And Dembélé was the most important discovery of French season-2015/16: daring, going to the stroke with an incredible ease using both feet.

 For this sweet couple of players, in whose rise to the category of “top” can not be doubted, BVB has paid a total of 27 million euros. Given the realities of today’s crazy market, “price – quality” is the top transfers.

4. Established Stars

risk. Players with names that degraded over the past two years. Mario Götze and André Schürrle. The first returned home, where he was loved, hated, burning his shirt, and now love again. Second back to the coach, in which flared up in the “Mainz”. If you combine them with Marco Reus, you can get potential winners, but only if Götze will return its speed, and Schürrle, who has never been a leader by nature, will keep the bar stable all season and score as best, as he can.  A lot will depend on Thomas Tuchel. Just he can to prevent their final fall, with help of his words and his love to football.

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Maximilian Jones

Maximilian is a Berlin native with a German mother and English father. Raised in Germany and studied in London, Maximilian grew up to love football from an early age but his early exposure to the Bundesliga honed his passion for all things German football.

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