Copa America Promo Offer for God Is Round

As the Copa America Centenario will begin to enter the knockout stages, take advantage of a promotional offer on Juan Villoro’s remarkable new book, God Is Round (Restless Books, translated by Thomas Bunstead).

The Publisher, Restless Books, is offering 20% off the book’s price ($16.99 paper; $14.99 eBook) during the remainder of the Copa America tournament, which ends on June 26th.

Juan Villoro, author of God Is Round.
Juan Villoro, author of God Is Round.

Garnering rave reviews, God Is Round is likely the best football-related book to be published this year.

The author, Juan Villoro, dubbed Mexico’s “football philosopher,” is a celebrated author, journalist, and essayist. His work has appeared in a variety of significant outlets. During his celebrated career, Villoro has won numerous awards for his work.

God Is Round, translated by Thomas Bunstead, is Villoro’s first work to appear in English.