Better to be a mercenary – Hummels is just an ex-player


Suddenly it came out of nothing and the press went nuts. Thomas Müller wants to try something new. Finally he wants to play in a real stadium and not in an atmosphere compared to a graveyard. Müller expresses his wish to join Borussia Dortmund.”

Okay, time to wake up.

Time to write something that can be based nearer to realism.

Thomas Müller never would join Borussia Dortmund. On the one hand, he earns so much money that there is no need to leave Munich. On the other hand, Dortmund would not be a better option. Finally, he is an “Ur-Münchener” who probably would rather kill himself than move to our ugly town.

The scenario above will never happen.

However, my dear fans of FC Bayern München, please try to consider this situation and imagine what you would feel, because this is what we BVB fans must endure right now.

Something New

After 78 minutes of the 2016 DFB Cup, the era of Mats Hummels found an abrupt end. One of the best defenders in the world leaves Borussia Dortmund to join FC Bayern München. The reasons continually are discussed and will always be somewhat controversial.

Yes, he wants to try something new. Yes, he wants to prove that he is worthy of wearing the jersey of Bayern München. And, finally, he just wants to go home.

Money was not important, at least this is what they (the clubs and Hummels himself) try to tell the fans.

Actually I should end this article with the following lines . . .

(Hummels homecoming -- he came up in the Bayern system, and was with the club from 1995-2009, seems inevitable)
Once Again – FC Bayern München

Thanks and Bye-Bye

Thank you, Mats Hummels.

Eight years is a long time in modern football. We went through very few lows and many highs. You were one of the players that really gave more than just performance. You made it very easy to build-up identification. You are one of the reasons that I (and many others) will always talk about “our team” when referring to the Klopp-Era.

But you must know that it is not that easy to let such a player, such a figure of identification, and such a signal just go while saying nothing. I am sad to write these lines. Mats Hummels is a player who deserved a different sort of “Goodbye.”

There is a filthy aftertaste to this transfer, and it has nothing to do with Bayern München or the fact that they buy players from competitors (we do that, too). The whole transfer-farce is – from a BVB point-of-view – just bitter. Hummels openly talked about Mario Götze following his transfer to Bayern in 2013 and did not avoid criticizing him very harshly. He could have been a club legend like Kohler or Dede. The fact that he chose to be one of many in Munich, the specific date before the Pokal Final, his “Anti-Bayern-attitude” from the past, and the fact he moves to our biggest rival all just make things uncomfortable.

Of course, insults and such things are even worse, but seriously, what did Mats Hummels expect? Cheering and applause for joining FC Bayern München?

Key Player, Identification Figure, Captain – and now just an ex-player

Now . . . just an ex-player 

Mats Hummels will be nothing more than an ex-player. Of course, these are the words of a disappointed fan and blogger, but I am not the only one using them and there are certainly more than “300 fans” in Westfalenstadion who have shown their disappointment.

Ultimately, there is one major mistake Hummels made: he thought rationally.

Football has nothing to do with rational thinking. He should not have presented himself as something like a loyal player. Take Robert Lewandowski, for example; there was not a single whistle before and after his “Goodbye.” Now, Ilkay Gündogan will end his time in Dortmund as more popular a figure than Mats Hummels.

What can other players learn from the “Causa Hummels”? It’s better to be a complete mercenary than to break the hopes of fans after giving unstable promises.

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Dennis Liedschulte

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