Justin Bieber – The latest cause for a red card

Players insulting the referee are always in danger of getting a card. From time to time threats or rather harshly worded insults can even be punished by a sending off. In the Landesliga Berlin match between Fortuna Biesdorf and Concordia Britz one such card was handed out to Cocordia’s reserve keeper Özkan Akdogan. What had happened?

In the 44th minute Concordia managed to unlock the Fortuna defence to open the scoring between the two sides, but the joy on the pitch and the bench was short lived as the linesman decided to lift his flag for an offside position. Protests arose and in the heat of the moment Akdogan decided to yell the ill-fated words “Justin Bieber, what on earth are you whistling for?” in the direction of the linesman.

Both the reserve keeper and the 35 spectators watching the 7th division spectacle must have been surprised when referee Lutz Meyer-Raschke decided to hand out the red card to the keeper sitting on the bench.

Akdogan himself was rather shocked about the ref’s decision, he told FuPa.de:

“I don’t know if calling somebody Justin Bieber is an insult. We all know what an insult is and what not. I would have hoped for a bit more sensitivity. These days one can’t talk about a refereeing decision without getting booked.”

The keeper went on saying:

“I’ve been playing football for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve received a red card and only because I yelled Justin Bieber. I was thinking I could get a yellow card because I was bleating. A red card for a perceived insult, which I really wouldn’t consider to be an insult, is a bit too harsh for my liking.”

As long as one doesn’t think that Justin Bieber is simply an overprivileged brat who is ruining music for everybody by producing some of the most shocking sounding stuff the world has ever had to live with one can completely get where the player is coming from.

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P.S: If you wondered, the match ended 2-1 in favour of Fortuna Biesdorf. Concordia are currently occupying 9th position(mid table) whilst Fortuna are in the 3rd, only 6 points behind table toppers DFJK Schwarz-Weiss Neukölln.

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Niklas Wildhagen

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