Borussia Dortmund 2 – 0 FC Porto: the Dragons Never Had a Chance


It was one of the most exciting moments this evening.

Norbert “Nobby” Dickel announced the starting line-up and welcomed back Borussia Dortmund’s number 18 – Nuri Sahin.

The thrilling moment made two things clear. Yes, Thomas Tuchel has a new alternative in central midfield. And yes, the possible Good-Bye of Ilkay Gündogan (a Barca blogger on twitter said that he will join Guardiola’s ManCity) won’t cause any headaches.

After about 60 minutes, Nuri Sahin integrated himself in the play of Borussia Dortmund and acted like he was never away. After 355 days his time of suffering ended. It could not have been better. Borussia Dortmund won 2:0 and showed the rest of the Europa League: “We will do everything possible to win the title.”

Before the kick-off the famous south-stand presented a fantastic choreography – a photo album with one missing picture. The missing picture was the cup of the Europa League. FC Porto never had a chance.

They disappointed.


Porto never had a chance, except for the 89th minute. Roman Bürki was the one who saved Borussia Dortmund the 2:0 against Hyun-jun Suk. Borussia Dortmund dominated the match almost 90 minutes without allowing any attempt on goal for FC Porto. After the 2:0 FC Porto tried at least to participate in the offensive-play. The substitute Hyun-jun Suk had the only yet very dangerous attempt for the Portuguese club. In minute 71 Marco Reus scored the 2:0 after a cross of Kagawa to Mkhitayrian. The Armenian had the eyes for the better position – Marco Reus – and passed. It was the decisive moment.

Man of the Match

Henrikh Mkhitaryan almost gilded his performance with a header in minute 84. The Armenian winger used his speed and agility to advance to a constant source of danger for FC Porto. One assist, being the booster for Dortmund’s attack play and his will to be part of the defensive are reasons to be “Man of the Match”.

Thursday's Man of the Match: Henrikh Mkhitaryan.
Thursday’s Man of the Match: Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Key Stats

Check out the full set of match stats here. The ball possession after 90 Minutes was – Dortmund 63% – Porto 37%. Before the match we expected two teams balanced. But FC Porto did not want to take part at all. For a team that normally is a regular participant of the Champions League and reached the quarter-final last year it was not suitable. Not at all!

Talking Points

Borussia Dortmund underlined the fact that the German club may be one of the possible cup winners. They dominated the match. Borussia Dortmund hat 21 attempts (six attempts on goal). The so-called magic triangle – Reus, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan – worked brilliantly together. The only weak point, although he gave the cross before the second goal, was Kagawa. The Japanese midfielder is a ghost of himself and once again did not reach his top level. About one hour Nuri Sahin had fun as a partner next to Julian Weigl and showed that he did not forget everything. The central defenders had a calm evening while Schmelzer and Piszczek (scored 1:0 in minute 6) acted more like wingers.

There were two moments of danger for Borussia Dortmund. In 60th minute Varela tackled Reus hard that the Dortmund-midfielder had to be treated for a while outside. In 89th minute Bürki saved the 2:0 against Suk. FC Porto must question the appearance in Dortmund and will probably show a different performance. Dortmund could have scored one goal more. But they avoided the important away-goal for FC Porto. Everybody knows that there is barely a match in which the “Schwarzgelben” miss to score at least one goal.

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