Wolfsburg sign Englishman… to Play FIFA

You didn’t think an Englishman could make it with a Bundesliga club, eh?

Well, German club Wolfsburg have signed 22-year old English man David Bytheway … yes you heard it…. to play FIFA!  Blytheway has been a professional gamer for five years.

Why would the Volkswagen club sign a gamer?  Easy answer, according to the young Englishman

“It’s a new market for them. E-sports is growing so much every year with all the viewers it’s generating. Wolfsburg can see the potential and so they want to be the first to do it.”

FIFA game play

FIFA was the top-selling game in the UK in 2015

The Wolverhampton born professional gamer has been signed up as a pro FIFA player. He was spotted representing England at the FIFA Interactive World Cup last year and FIFA is now his job! He has travelled to Las Vegas, New York and Rio De Janiero to compete.  FIFA was the top-selling 2015 game in the UK.

Wolfsburg have signed him as one of two e-gamers – designed to represent them online and play in tournaments against fans. He started playing the game when he was 17 years old.

It is understood David will have to “train” at least four or five times a day but says e-sports will only become more popular and Premier League clubs could soon sign players.

He was quoted in a BBC Newbeat article as saying: “I wouldn’t call it a training schedule, but I always try to get in at least four to six games in a day.” He says that he only plays a few games each day because “you have to play people around your own skill level”.

butheway 3Wolfsburg’s new number 53 also added: “It just started at home with me, just playing against friends but suddenly I’m part of this football club. E-sports is growing so much every year with all the viewer’s it’s generating and Wolfsburg are only the first club to do it.”

“E-sports is growing so much every year with all the viewers it’s generating. Wolfsburg can see the potential and so they want to be the first to do it.”

Bytheway (@DavidBytheway) can now claim to be part of the team just like Julian Draxler, Dante and André Schürrle, but it doesn’t mean that he’ll be turning up for training every morning. He says: “I wouldn’t mind doing that, but at the moment I’m still living in sunny Wolverhampton.

“You don’t want to play too many people because then you give away your secrets. So you stick between one or two and then you have to wait for them to come online”, he added.

“Right now it’s not exactly historic, but in five years’ time when we look back at this we’ll think, ‘Wow they really started something here”.

Perhaps it’s not a good idea playing FIFA when you have work and exams to revise for, but if you have time to spare – you may find yourself landing your dream job.




In other news, Wolfsburg women’s team midfielder Lena Goeßling was voted the 2015 National Team Player of the Year.  Her Wolfsburg teammate, Alexandra Popp, finished third in the voting.  The VfL Women are currently in training, having defeated Arsenal LFC and Huelva SC in their first two test matches.

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