Bundesliga Weekend Wrap: He said what?

The final whistle has blown, the heat of battle has just abated and the Bundesliga trainer is quickly thrust in front of a microphone to give his take on the action.

Whether his side have won, lost or drawn, whether a controversial incident is still seething inside, he gives his reaction and we bring you the best of the Bundesliga trainer soundbites.

Mainz 1-0 Borussia Mönchengladbach

Martin Schmidt: “You always need a bit of luck, we always need to be on form and to cover a lot of ground. I always say, you can plan performance, but not success. I am very pleased with the way in which we won, taking the lead through a wonderful Clemens goal.

“We knew we were going to have to defend well, and wanted to hit them on the break a couple of times. I thought we would win after that incredible Karius save!”

Andre Schubert: “Congratulations to Mainz for the win! We had to change things up a bit, and it worked well. We lost the ball a few too many times for my liking. There was a phase in the first half where we weren’t on it, and conceded the goal. We reacted well though and were able to carve out a few good opportunities.

“I think we were deserving of at least one goal today, but am glad that we were able to create so many opportunities. Big compliments to Mainz, they fought hard to win the match.”

Darmstadt 0-2 Schalke

Dirk Schuster: “Our defensive performance in the first half was solid, but unfortunately we conceded the opener from Schalke’s first clear chance. They scored their second goal right after the restart, again in clinical fashion. It’s testament to Schalke’s quality, although we made one or two mistakes too many today.

“We weren’t able to turn the game around after conceding the second goal, as we rarely managed to win the second ball and lacked precision in our passing game. In the end we even got lucky not to concede a third goal.”

Andre Breitenreiter: “We knew that it would be a hard-fought match. Our plan was to put up a fight and the boys executed that perfectly today. The situation going into this game wasn’t easy. Our defensive transition was superb and we rarely allowed Darmstadt to any free space, while also taking advantage of our own opportunities. This was the right response following the Bremen match where too many chances went begging.

Werder Bremen 3-3 Hertha Berlin

Viktor Skripnik: “We played against a very good opponent today. Hertha deserved to be in third place, which is why I’m satisfied with the result overall. Coming back from a two-goal deficit at half-time is very positive. There was no frustration at half-time or shaking heads. Everyone was dissatisfied with their performance, but they were still fired up for the second half.

“The team showed a lot of morale today. We were even looking to score a fourth goal in the closing stages. I hope that we can keep this attitude going and that it will play a decisive role in our season. This team is not going to be relegated.”

Pal Dardai: “For the fans it was a cool game. At 2-0 we were a little too comfortable and the penalty was then the key. We’ll take the positives and the point.”

Augsburg 0-0 Eintracht Frankfurt

Markus Weinzierl: “We were well organised in the first half, and Frankfurt were better in the second half. It’s a shame that we lost Daniel Baier and Philipp Max to injury, as I think it caused us to lose a bit of our organisation. It wasn’t our best game, as we didn’t play enough with the ball at our feet. We will have to live with just the one point, a point that was earned by a very, very good goalkeeper.”

Armin Veh: “Augsburg pressed us very high for 50 minutes, and we wouldn’t have been able to complain had we gone behind during this period. We then improved and had three golden opportunities which were all saved by an exceptional goalkeeper. That’s why we didn’t win here today.”

Bayer Leverkusen 3-0 Hannover

Roger Schmidt: “We played a good game. That was necessary because Hannover were a good opponent. At the start we had to be careful and the 1-0 from a great set-piece was valuable. In the second half we played well for the second goal and were rewarded. At 3-0 the game was decided, but only then. Overall, we were dangerous in front of the opposition goal and secure in front of our own.”

Thomas Schaaf: “We played better than we did against Darmstadt, even if that sounds stupid today. Naturally we are disappointed with the result, but the development is there.”

Borussia Dortmund 2-0 Ingolstadt

Thomas Tuchel: “I believe that the referee did not see the replay of our first goal, but he is not able to change his decision retrospectively anyway. I am very much an advocate of reviewing all goals.”

 Ralph Hasenhüttl: The offside goal was the final straw. Everyone could see that it should not have been allowed. The referee needs to be able to rely on his assistants in such situations. The fact that we take no points from this game really angers me.”

Stuttgart 2-1 Hamburg

Jürgen Kramny: “There were two winners here tonight – firstly my team, who deservedly took the three points and secondly the supporters, who fantastically got behind our lads right through to the final minute. Following the equaliser, Titi made an exceptional save. In the move to make it 2-1, we switched the play very well and the rest was then a perfect cross, a perfect header and a perfect end to the game for us!”

Bruno Labbadia: “It was an undeserved victory for Stuttgart. We invited Stuttgart onto us too often and we must work on that. We know our situation. Anxiety doesn’t come into it.”

Wolfsburg 1-1 Köln

Dieter Hecking: “In the first half we were very slow in our approach and made too many errors. In doing that, we showed Köln that there was something in it for them today. Up front we failed to make use of the chance that presented themselves. The list of deficiencies was considerably longer than in the game against Frankfurt – particularly when you take a look at how easily we lost the ball. Having taken the lead, we stopped attacking altogether and signalled to our opponents that they had a chance. If you keep a clean sheet in this one, you take the win and maybe build on your self-confidence, which is something we are lacking at the moment.”

Peter Stöger: “We are very happy with how we played the game today. My players implemented what we set out to do very well. When you go 0-1 behind in Wolfsburg and then manage to take a point, that is proof that the moral is correct and that the team is intact. I am delighted that we rewarded ourselves for our efforts today. We can live with the point and travel home satisfied.”

Bayern Munich 2-0 Hoffenheim

Pep Guardiola: “We attacked well and our positional play was good. It is not difficult when the opponent defends with ten players in the penalty area. The game out wide was very good above all from Arjen Robben. A big compliment for this victory.”

Huub Stevens: “It was difficult, but we knew that. I am happy with our defensive organisation. When you have the ball, you have to do more. We did get through, but when you don’t take your chances, it is difficult to take anything from Munich.”

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Mathew Burt

A year spent living in Bremen got Mathew hooked on the Bundesliga with regular visits to the Weser Stadion getting in the way of his studies. Back in the UK now, he still keenly follows the Grün-Weißen and German football in general. Follow him on Twitter @matburt74.